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Monday, January 20, 2014

Google is gonna kill you!

Well not really...

Nowadays hor, people really like to google. Even medical students and doctors use google to do research instead of pubmed. Some even quote wikipaedia. Wah lau, to junior doctors out there, if you tell me your reference is google or wiki, I will fail you.

But for the public, they have no access (and no business having access) to professional lokun stuff. So can understand la if they google to find out about their symptoms. But must take what you see online with a pinch of salt or you will sure panic!

Try googling lumps in the stomach and you get stomach cancer from the 4th - 6th results. Surely google can't be wrong!!! (When in actual fact, its very badly sagging breasts we are talking about here. Girls please wear your bra!)

Any way, I'm not trying to criticise Google but the act of irresponsibly googling medical condition. So Google, don't kill me can??

Right on the Spot!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Precious

Dr Og went to watch the recent Hobbit part two a few weeks ago. After a few weeks all I can remember is they all walk here walk there. Yah and sometimes run. Of course this blog is not a review of the movie la. The movie I reviewed with the above one liner enough liao.

Though the Hobbit is suppose to be a gin nah (children) book, the movie had lots of violence. Lots of evil lurking around, including "my Precious", the Ring which is like sibei evil lor.

And I can't help but be reminded of all those precious little bao-beis running around children
clinics, yelling and shouting. The evil is sama-sama!

"I hate the doctor!!!!" wail wail wail

"I cannot wait anymore!!!!" wail wail wail

Some of the more evil ones come into clinic, mess up the whole place and steal more sweets than they deserve to have!

And of course the parents like kennah tiok cursed by the ring, running and pandering after them. So afraid they will lose their precious.

If this lokun has his way, all the naughty little ba*tAr#ds would have a big JAB in their precious buttocks!!!

Disclaimer: This post was written in jest and not to be taken out of context. Dr Og loves children and besides, water for injection is only little bit painful niah.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Best Doctor In The World

It is by the way illegal to proclaim one to be the best of any sort in the medical fraternity.

But when Dr Og saw this pic:

I was inspired to make meself a new name card!

Now I just need to convince my HOD to print the card...

So what do you think you are BEST or MOST in?

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Year Resolution 二0一四 (Part 1)

Wah so fast another year pass.  During the countdown my friend was telling me it's the year 13 to 14 so in Chinese it's 一生一世,which means together for a lifetime. So romantic meh? As a lokun, we know life is not a solvil et titus advert. To me 13-14 is more like 一生一死, one live one die, hahahaha.... (4D also never tiok... chey!)

Anyway, its a brand new year and we are living in uncertain times here in ever changing Singapore. Dr Og has gotta make some new year resolutions to keep things  一生一世 instead of 一生一死!

Resolution 1: Learn Tagalog

Once upon a time, Hokkien was the real lingua franca in Singapore (don't believe what the history book say). Learn Hokkien and you could communicate with 90% of all folks in a hospital (patients and staff included), ar kar jeet (buddy buddy) with the Hokkien beng in your platoon (important coz they intro ah lian to you) and curse in style at the bicyclist who did not keep 1.5m from your precious Beemer! And most importantly, order a proper bowl of mee pok tar mai ter kwa.

Fast forward to 2014, Hokkien now has limited use, especially in the hospital ward. To have the best bang for the buck and for my time, Dr Og has decided that he has to pick up Tagalog. Whilst our dear Filipino colleagues surely speak England, learning Tagalog will allow Dr Og to eavesdrop on the nurses and also make it easier to order chickens... at Jollibean of course. Doing ward round and being the only non Tagalog speaking person can make you feel really lonely sometimes, even if you are the senior doctor leading the round.

Maybe after I learn Tagalog, Dr Og will finally be invited to Christmas party!

Resolution 2: Teach More

It's not like Dr Og don't take tutorials for students and junior doctors loh but now tutorials and lectures are more like infotainment than teaching. Due to 360 degree review, means students feedback will affect even senior doctor's performance. Wah! Like that cannot be too fierce... or stare to hard at some of the inappropriately short skirt and low cut blouse... ahaha. Instead, to garauntee good scores from students, better to allow them to walk in and out of tutorials, take phone calls from boyfriend / girlfriend and entertain them with the latest gossips in the hospital. Gone are the days when the students stand in attention and await with trepidations their turns to answer the tutor's questions. I'm sure the girls always had the easier questions! Damn kelong lor! But hor to all clinical teachers / lecturers out there, these days, must be careful, cannot anyhow be seen with students or chin chai accept their prezzies. Wait tiok lim kopi at Lengkok Bahru ar!

Anyway, for the betterment of medical education, Dr Og resolve to go back to the old school way in 2014. Teach with tough love! So students and trainees watch out!