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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hello Kitten...... The Aftermath

"Here comes another composition."
Humans are forgetful beings. In the recent years, many tragedies and diasters played themselves before our eyes. Many were medical in nature. Many have been forgotten
The Hello Kitten debacle does not rank anywhere close to many of these disasters in terms of casualties. However it was tragic to see grown ups fighting for toy dolls.
Recently, Dr Og went to the home of a friend. He had broken up with his girlfriend (Yes! Another single & eligible male doctor!) of many years and wanted some help in disposing what she had left behind.
There in one corner of the room was a complete set of Hello Kittens. Still in their wrapper. Still in prestine condition. I picked up the pair in Japanese costume, this was the last set released in the series.
"I remember this one! This was the one we couldn't get that night." I recalled having to wait outside a fast food restaurant from 9pm the night before til 8am the next morning and having to leave empty handed.
In the queue that night were the most unusual suspects:
1. Aunties with their market trolleys. These women were easily in their fifties and sixties, I'm sure they don't go to sleep hugging their soft toys. I overheard one of them saying,"Die die must get the whole set for my granddaughter!"
2. Bangladeshi workers in their PCK yellow boots. Obviously just off work in all the glory of sweat and mud. Overheard their foreman shouting at them before leaving in his pickup, "I die die must get the Kittens, queue here, I come in the morning."
3. An unkempt vagrant with a beer bottle in his hand. At one point he shouted loudly, "Must get those Kittens or wo see liao (i die already)!!" Wondered if he was despatched by his loanshark. Can just imagine the ah long telling him," Get me those kittens, I count as interest! OR YOU DIE!"
4. Maids, like the workers were made by their employers to queue for the Kittens. They were busy chatting amongst themselves in their foreign tongue.
But the really spoil market people where the pre-university students who were queueing right in front. They expanded from a one man show to a carabet of forty. The Aunties naturally became quite angry and started yelling at them. They reckoned that since the students can cut queue, so can they. There was mayhem once the restaurant opened for business. The riot police had to be called in.
In the end, the Aunties were the first to fight their way in (YEA Aunty Power!). They got their Kittens, da bao the meals and went happily for their morning marketing. The vagrant was next to walk in. No one dared stand in his way (the stench maybe). He got his Kittens, gobbled down the meals and went off in the direction of the kopitiam, possibly for an eye opener. The students got their Kittens, threw away the meals and made their way to school (or to the computers to blog about their teachers). The foreign workers didn't get no Kittens but they probably got pussies of another kind making friends with the maids. The rest of us were dispersed by the well meaning law enforcing officers.
Like my friend, I ended up having to buy the last Japanese set from the black market (the set did smell of alcohol, maybe my imagination). Like him, I have parted with the girl whom I gave the set to. Unlike him, she took the Kittens with her.
"So what you going to do with these?" I asked him as I went through the sets. Jap, Chinese, Space, whatever......
"They are really worthless now. Sell on Ebay also no one wants." He lamented.
"Like that I take lah, throw away so wasted!" Dr Og is uber cheapskate.
Ok, ok the part you all like best!!!! Moral of the story:
Dr Og has a set of Hello Kittens gathering dust at home, anyone interested to buy email me can?? Highest bidder wins!!!


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I tell you what. How about you put up your "single & eligible male doctor" friend for bidding? Heh. Heh. Heh.

    ~ x.

  2. anon@2:27: You are willing to bid? ha! Only girls can bid ok!

  3. can i bid? what's the opening price?

  4. dear geno, autographed or not autographed? price very different hor :P

  5. autographed? err......i thought bid for "single and available male lokun"?

    still have to get autograph photo meh?

    give me their birthdates la! i go fortune teller and see if we match. better right?


  6. if you look like the hamster in the pic, its a NO GO!

    but i suspect you are a pretty gal? :P

  7. Like I said, I am not into bestality.

  8. pretty ah?....er....see how look at me lor, i definately not Michelle Reis, but definately not Patricia Mok!!


    of course, not hamster la!

  9. Michelle Reis was pretty and rather hot. Unfortunately... she's not anymore.

  10. opps.....anyway, i meant the "was" Michelle Reis la(though i still find her hot...maybe it's gal's perception).

    and...WHAT IS "bestality" LEH? i couldn't find in the MS Words dictionary.....

    u put up your photo here? and let me see? then i email mine to u?


  11. btw, i not soft toy freak, will NEVER ask bf to go line 4 stupid stupid stuffs for me.

    maybe i old liao, so not interested in these.

    but i still take roses......


  12. Og, you insult Michelle Reis somemore, I kick your backside and evict you from your lousy dustbin!

  13. How can I post up my picture here? Tsk tsk...

    Like this good what... shroud of mystery...

    Anyway, maybe go eat wonton noodles at Suntec also. =P

  14. Bestality also known as zoophilia

  15. no, no, no. Suntec one already cannot make it liao. dun waste money. find somewhere else. i dun know where la.

    maybe need to buy latest Makansutra edition....hahahaha....

    wat is "zoophilia"?! my MS Words generate nothing also! give me direct answer la!

    type too much shoulder will "sng" leh! then i need to go for massage again!

    u very bad ah.....

  16. spelling salah, beastality

  17. or use google to find.

    Typing and shoulder "sng"? Then the ergonomics of it is all wrong... =P
    Are you sure your table is of the right height?
    And "bad" good what? Bad guys get good girls.

  18. "beastality" also no have la! sala masala ah!!! wa lao....tell me direct la.

    "ergonomics of it is all wrong", yes, very wrong, and aircon strong some more, blood circulation lagi worse. and i not exerciser some more.....

    sorry, i go for wise ones, not bad ones. spare me the heart ache darling! i'm too old to go for such cheap thrills liao! only ah lians and young chicks go for them.....

    me not very spring chicken, hor!


  19. I like the ending of this story :)

  20. "beastality", now i know liao....

    eee.....poor animals.....

  21. zo·o·phil·i·a

    1. Affection or affinity for animals.
    2. Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with animals.


    So, Dr. BL Og confirm (chop stamp somemore) dun have erotic attraction to animals, including hamsters or chickens.

    Unfortunately, Dr. BL Og wanna be bad also cannot. Just a "wise" doctor.

  22. oohh.....some loud signal out there, 'ey?

    good, good, i like wise men. but not smart alec, though....

    so how? meet up for wanton dinner?

    kekeke....wait till my brother hears it, he'd flip! from laughter.


  23. wanton dinner? That's supposed to be a pun yes?

    So how do u define smart alec?

  24. u so free now meh? not on call?

    i tot lokun need to shot some anti-allergy serum for peanut sufferer?



  25. wanton dinner, as in REAL wonton noodles la! read so much into it for wat?

    see! watch too many porn liao ah!


    S.mart A.lec

    1. Dun know say know, know say he's guru

  26. huh? who watches porn?

    Anyway, I think the wonton noodles at Eminent Plaza is one of the best.

  27. aw....COME ON! who dun watch porn before?

    where is Eminent Plaza?

  28. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Let's see the 'goods' first. Post his vital stats and photo first then say.


  29. xiaoming5:05 PM

    hey.. isnt this suppose to be a bidding thread? why the loctor is flirting here?

    tell ur wife ah!

  30. watching porn and watching animal porn are two very different things.

    Eminent Plaza is near Singapore Casket. Food there quite good. Chicken rice, Wonton mee and beef noodles...

  31. anon @ 5.05pm is right...hmm....

    anyway, "watching porn and watching animal porn" all porn mah!

    ya hor lokun! i report to your wife ah! then u know!!

    btw, Singapore Casket(?!). so good food there?! the food there not use for praying meh?

    sorry ah, "brothers and sisters"!

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. sorry ah, Blogger "soct" already, can post, 1 post turn 3 post!

    tsk, tsk, tsk....

    must be the "brothers and sisters" i offended....

  35. lokun really go give anti-peanut allergy shots liao....

    oh well, the fun's ended....

  36. Anonymous5:39 PM

    By the way doctor, do you have any sons? :P..

  37. Hmm..de flirting is much more interested than the main story..

    btw, i also keen to bid 4 de 'goods'...

  38. hee....hee....yup, i admit it's great fun. but too bad the lokun on-call to give shots liao.

    otherwise i can continue the fun till boleh tahan.


    opps, competition....ey meowmeow! we tag team la! and exchange info?


  39. dun worry, Catherine *MeowMeow*, i flirt in good fun, u go get the best catch.

    remember the red bomb for all of us here ah!


  40. All the kitties look odd (or maybe that's the intention). Only pair I found decently cute were the millennium ones.

    Digress a wee bit... I have 3 female colleagues who are mad about Powerpuff Girls. Their cubicles' totally pink and full of Powerpuff stuff... very OTT.

    Oh yah, anyone wanna bid for 76 pieces of Smurf figurines?!?!?

    P.S.: It's spelt "beastiality" and "bestiality" lah... which means, to be like a beast (for the former term), and the ability to be the best (for the latter). Combine the two and you'll have best of of beasts lah. LOLOLOL!

  41. thank you the poor traveller. once again it is proven that doctors cannot spell!

  42. dr, you trying to be modest only riiiight? no lah, how can drs not be able to spell... it's just a ploy to fend off women right? LOLOL!

  43. no, no, no, spelling capability is not needed to surf these sites mah!

    open eyes big big and watch can already liao! oh, and the drool...

    hmm.....porn.....(Homer style)


  44. Anonymous9:12 PM

    any biodata info available from dr bl og. like height, weight, fat, thin... great before going for wanton mee mah.

  45. Anonymous9:13 PM

    i think your doctor friend very childish leh. so big still love hello kitty

  46. Anonymous9:24 PM

    girl wanted to break up or the guy want to break up? how long is the relationship?

    sorry very kpo but interesting to know about love stories...
    esp have been through the same process also but from a girl perspective

  47. Anonymous9:33 PM

    dr blog @2:38pm: i bid i bid...
    and i am girl.

  48. Anonymous9:33 PM

    geno don't fight with me...

  49. now now... there's no need to fight.
    But I must emphasise... ONLY girls need apply.
    Not that I am sexist... but a matter of preference.

  50. anon 9.33pm: i dun fight with people, darling....i conquer...."I see, I go, I conquer...." Muahahahaha....

    anon 9.12pm: have biodata also no point, if have wife already, i still "holland" mah! so if the Dr Bl Og has got kids already, the wonton mee dinner will be "meet the Godma dinner", taht time ah, i still have to "bao ang pow" leh!!!

    tsk, tsk, tsk.....what waste of money....

  51. Anonymous10:14 PM

    anon@9:33pm: i am definitely girl lah. don't try to think there are many gay man in monkey republic.

    what is your requirement for your girl leh?

  52. I like the wanton mee at Lavender food court.. and the prawn mee too. Shiok!

  53. Anonymous10:16 PM

    don't think that bl og is married lah. dr bl og is a team of doctors mah. wonder how many? enough for all the girls here?

  54. wa lao, Dr Bl og, u think i really fight for you ah?

    you "bin per" very "gao" hor?

    wat makes u think i will really like u?

    scarly u are hair curly, breath smelly, everyday jiak loh ti's si bak kao.....

    wa lao, i "holland" liao ah!


  55. Anonymous10:18 PM

    anon@9:33pm: if dr blog is a play boy or someone who treats love frivolously, pls do not try to deceive the many innocent girls here hor.

  56. Requirements? I don't believe in this anymore.
    Chemistry, the ability to click is most important. Of coz I must like what I see, she must like what she sees.

  57. anon 10.18pm: dun worry, can't cheat "dio" one na. now the girls stupid one meh?

    a lot of doctors look like si bak kao one, the girls run fast fast, 1st on the agenda liao!

  58. Anonymous10:22 PM

    i have a question for dr blog. your non married doctors friend, do they have a personality problem or are they not handsome? considering that being doctor is a good profession, must be easily able to attract girls mah. don't understand why so many doctors are unmarried leh.

  59. i really like to talk like Rockson liao, so fun.

    san vulgarities.....


  60. i guess i too chor lor liao...chor lor till jiak lor mee liao....



    time to be a bit more demure(sic)or else my mom "ka" my head


  61. Anonymous10:28 PM

    anon@9:33pm:geno, don't like your vulgarities though.

    it is not cheating sometimes. just that some guys are unwilling to commit themselves and yet can easily let the girls fall head over heels in love with them

  62. Anonymous10:29 PM

    and the change girlfriends like changing clothes.

  63. ok, ok, i demure(sic) a bit...


  64. i agree with Dr Bl og....



    the girls act demure(sic) one! dun be fooled, darling.

  65. Anonymous10:31 PM

    anon@9:33pm: any chance of meeting dr blog?

  66. Anonymous10:33 PM

    anon@9:33pm: innocent as in sincere in friendship.

  67. Anonymous10:35 PM

    anon@9:33pm: one don't have to act demure. just speaking from heart.

    anon has fate of dr blog friend. cos guy is too uncommital.

  68. ey, lokun on-call to give shots again?

    so many people allergic to peanuts these days ah?


  69. i neber act one, darling! language to me is like multi-level of fun.

    it's like describing faeces: u can say shit, or simply poo.....but it's still the same thing.

    so many people here, i can't be too rude mah...


  70. Anonymous10:42 PM

    geno you must be very young. teenager? or less than 25?

  71. i'm 27 liao....still no boyfriend.

    a few more years down the road still the same....

    i'm lao zar bor liao....


  72. Anonymous10:46 PM

    ok lah. i am older than you. boyfriend broken off for some time liao. sad for some time but treat it in stride.
    life still goes on.

  73. hey, form a "Dr Bl og Single Ladies Club"?


    and we all go out have matchmaking sessions wif the lokuns?

    and give It's Just Lunch a run for their money?


  74. Dude i remember waiting outside that macs with you guys.

    Can't believe we did that.

  75. Anonymous10:53 PM

    geno , suddenly we beome friend ha

  76. Anonymous10:56 PM

    well, if we really form the club, i will not fight with you anymore cos you are younger than me and i should lang ni a bit mah like my small sister

  77. cranium: eer....are u talking abt what we talking now?

    anon 10.56pm: ai yo, why say fight so violent? tsk, tsk, tsk, if u chio-er than me i still....u know? no need "lang" la, sister. when yuan fen comes ah, steel door also can't keep it at bay....


  78. Anonymous11:08 PM

    hmm geno ,do you consider yourself pretty? are you tall and long hair?

  79. i only 1.6m, hair till shoulder(still cultivating it) only.

    i not pretty. but most people dun forget me....

    not becos i ugly ah!

    but i'm not pretty, for sure.

    people's comment of me: sunshine, positive, cheerful, energetic....

    so i become unforgettable to many people.....


  80. Hmm.. anon@11:08: Er... how come u are asking that kinda question? So this anon is ger or guy?

  81. Anonymous11:17 PM

    i agree. yuan fee is really funny. sometimes it also depends on maturity. when you are young, two person can easily break up, but on looking back and meeting new male friends, you still find the inital one is the best.

  82. Haha..cultivating?? u think growing rice ah?

  83. Anonymous11:18 PM

    anon@11:08pm: girl lah but not lesbian. cos girl a bit inferior complex. not because girl is ugly but not too pretty also. just a sincere and innocent person.

  84. 'ey brother.....dun be so protective of your turf mah...

    finished your anti allergy shots already ah?

    or toilet break?


  85. Anonymous11:19 PM

    want to know geno pretty or not mah. so that can know whether anon still got chance in this world.

  86. no, no, no, i'm cultivating wheat grass....


  87. ai yo.....i already say i not Michelle Reis, or Zhu Yin(sizzling!) liao.....

    girls out there have plenty of chance one....

    tsk, tsk, tsk....

  88. hmm... all these kinda confusing
    like irc like that

  89. isn't it fun?!

    tsk, tsk, tsk....lao lokun la!

    i dun understand old people more and more.....

  90. Anonymous11:25 PM

    go chatting on yahoo chat lah. just geno, dr bl og and anon for a start.

  91. well... tell us more.. why no boyfriend then? spending too much time online?

  92. eer....i dun know how to play that leh....

    i only know icq, msn....

    ok, ok, ok, i also lao liao...

    u also come join the fun la!

  93. i spend too much time WORKING.


    it's true. sumpa.

  94. Dr Bl og: come! high five here!

  95. Anonymous11:29 PM

    anon already invited dr blog and geno liao. come join the fun .

  96. anon: how to play? how to register? i mean, yahoo chat.

  97. Anonymous11:32 PM

    download yahoo messenger or use the web one. login using yahoo id and you will see my invitation.

  98. ai yo....so complicated, no la. i hardly do this anymore. we just stick to this la....

    sorry ah, sister.

    ey, Dr Bl og go toilet break again ah?

  99. Just reading the entries/comments....
    Meeting people kinda tough when I am in Monkey Republic.

  100. Anonymous11:37 PM

    what job you holding?

  101. Anonymous11:39 PM

    dr bl og@11:37pm , why you say that????

  102. Anonymous11:41 PM

    geno, cos when you post in public, you have less privacy. and what is your chance of meeting dr bl og if he is so much into protecting his identity in public space?

  103. "...DR. BL Og now works in State General, a hospital in the island of Monkey REpublic. His clientèle consists of mostly the inhabitants of the island, monkeys. He is strictly an animal doctor..."

  104. sales.

    but designation will be revealed soon.

    i now going for interviews.

    Dr Bl og: tough, also have ways mah....dun be disappointed ah

  105. Anonymous11:44 PM

    anon feel i am in the plight of dr bl og, who is too shy to reveal identity in public space.

  106. anon 11.41pm: my main concern is not to get a boyfriend when i post my comments here! if he want to meet, then meet lor, if not, then no lor. my main aim is fun.


    but not the kind of "heartbreak hotel" fun, take note.

    i love the idea of participation-fun only....

  107. wat's participation fun?

  108. dun want to reveal then dun lor...it's fine mah....

    u won't get a fine for this, i'm sure, in Monkey Republic.


  109. "participation fun"

    1. Join the crowd and have fun.
    2. If like, join, if dun like, leave.
    3. Complete freedom and democracy

  110. Anonymous11:49 PM

    hmm kind of fun loving girl. i you haven't been through a relationship before?

  111. Rejoice!

    broke the comment volumn of "The end of the beginning/the beginning of the end"

    Woohoo! (Homer style)

  112. can say have 1/2 time before.

  113. Anonymous11:50 PM

    dr bl og seems to be interested in geno liao. ok let you two continue your chatting. i got to go liao.

  114. yeah... can be fun.
    have a beer, some nuts...

  115. anon: dun leave leh! why?

    Dr Bl og: no, no, no, beer must go with "hang hee". sting ray, or bbq chicken wings. nuts? ai yo, not sian meh?

  116. wat is "hang hee"??

  117. u read my blog, lokun?

  118. "hang hee"

    1. Sting ray fins cooked in Singapore style. Can very very spicy, or not spicy.
    2. Local term for spicy is "pedas"
    3. Monkeys are advised not to consume
    4. Will cause brain melt-down

  119. Dr BL og,

    may I suggest you put up profiles of your unmarried colleagues and let us girls bid for a date for the one whom we think we will like to date.

    dun have to give actual names... just a brief writeup.

    and girls to win the bid must submit a 400 word essay to state why they wish to date so-and-so doctor

    so how does it sound?

    Cheerios ~ would-be-bidder LOL

  120. pretzel10:34 AM

    Oscar has a gf.
    Her name is Grungetta.

    They look like a Perfect Match. :)

  121. Hey Dr Og, first time here.. like ya humor, will drop by more often... btw, my daughter will like those kittens.. how much are u selling?


  122. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I'm nowhere as hot as Michelle Reis. But look like Xuan Xuan can anot? Laugh.


  123. Anonymous11:36 AM

    sigh..this is really very pathetic. why do everyone want to date doctors? is it juz coz of the profession so they can show off to others? really think this is pathetic and lame. if they are so superficial, not a wonder they are still single. besides, is this an auction house, abeit a bit like a slaughterhouse, to put up all the singles .. isn't it a bit way off ridiculous? besides, one loses one's privacy online, mebbe only those real desperate ones might advertise themselves. but then again, if they are so eligible and good, would they need to resort to this to advertise themselves? come on, think again!

  124. Anonymous11:36 AM

    sigh..this is really very pathetic. why do everyone want to date doctors? is it juz coz of the profession so they can show off to others? really think this is pathetic and lame. if they are so superficial, not a wonder they are still single. besides, is this an auction house, abeit a bit like a slaughterhouse, to put up all the singles .. isn't it a bit way off ridiculous? besides, one loses one's privacy online, mebbe only those real desperate ones might advertise themselves. but then again, if they are so eligible and good, would they need to resort to this to advertise themselves? come on, think again!

  125. Anonymous11:38 AM

    sorry but i think those who want to date doctors (perhaps because it is a nice profession) are quite superficial... perhaps that's why many of them still single.. heh do u wanna date someone superficial and shallow? then again, enough said.

  126. anon@11.36am

    I'm speaking behalf of the 'eligible & good' ladies out here.

    We are not pathetic brunch of gals but just are there in blogging world having fun n making frens, and wat do we got to lose by 'advertising'.

    If Luv dun come knocking at our door, w should be initative enough to start looking for it!

  127. I do agree... not everyone who comes online are trying to hook up somebody. We are not a bunch of 16 years old chatting on IRC trying to get attached.

    Just a bunch of responsible adults making friends.

    (I am speaking for the responsible adults out there. The 16 years olds just keep quiet for now. You can have your say when you are a responsible adult. Go do your homework now. =P)

  128. *meowmeow* & Dr Bl og: hear! hear! geno agrees with all limbs up! ju shou ju jiao agree

    (looks like i'm giving birth like tat with all limbs up....)


    anon 11.25am: look like xuan xuan? i answer for the lokuns: yes! yes! yes!

    for that anon 11.36pm who-do-not-understand-people: Go To Other Blogs And Have Your Own Idea Of Good Fun! Farewell!


  129. seems like people here are more interested in the issue of love than the lokun leaving! look at the amount of comments generated!


  130. Well... love is all around, just like that Wet Wet Wet song says.

  131. great! we need more good quality love these days! so many deaths and heartaches around!


    sorry, i've Wet lips....pun intended.


  132. To : inex

    a brief writeup of 400 words may not be convincing enough for some (esp 4 me)...

    y dun we hav sth like de one at radio station program,
    'Blinddates' and got the listeners to vote the winner instead...

    Cheerios, your contender

  133. Anonymous1:37 PM

    geno, anon back. to those who think people who like doctors are shallow ,come on we are not necessary like doctors, just that because of the publicity given to this blog, we came to meet each other.

    dr blog, still awaiting you to accept my invitation.

  134. Anonymous1:56 PM

    wah so scandalous?! ;)

  135. huh? what invitation?

  136. I love og2:09 PM

    I wan to date doctors too.

    Never dated one before.

    Are they normal human beings???


  137. very very normal human beings. i should know, i've 1 at home. sorry, but he's taken, and very much in love with his girl. very very commital guy.

    my brother.

    hope he dun read this. he'd mince me. he's a very private person.

    he already warn me never to mention him or say family matters in my blog.....


  138. *meowmeow*: wah lao, u very hiong man...

    the more scandalous, the better!


    hey...feels like back to school days, so fun.... =)

    dun u all agree?

  139. hmm... interesting.

    Perhaps he knows us! =)

  140. definately! he said u married, work in State General, deals with peanuts and monkeys.....


    btw, he'll graduate next year.

  141. I love og2:26 PM

    How come the doctors I know not that normal ??!!

  142. they're not lokuns la! so easy....

    ok, to be serious, the world of medicine is just like any socitey, there're good people, bad people, sane ones, insane ones. Buayas and Jon Arbuckle.....


  143. To : Geno,

    I'm DEFINATELY not hiong... just a meek little kitten waiting for some prince charming to rescue her from her monotonous life :p

    no lah... de idea just another fanatical thoughts of mine :)

  144. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  145. Well, I believe most guys do wanna rescue the damsels in distress...

    But again, the prince and princess must have chemistry. Otherwise, slay how many dragons, eat how many poison apples also useless.

  146. *meowmeow*: ok, ok(2 hands up), i got it, i got it....

    just kidding!

    dun angry ah! =)

  147. i agree with Dr Bl og on this.

  148. Anonymous2:37 PM

    some how .. Dr bl og sounds quite normal ..

    That;s a good thing .

  149. Dr BL Og IS normal

  150. Dr Bl og: hmm....living in a "sup suay" can, playing with "sup suay" everyday....hmmm.....normal meh?

  151. I love og2:45 PM

    er .. but hello Kitty ?!!


  152. Dr. BL Og has Winnie the Pooh collection too. But will be keeping it for someone lah. Not for sale. =P

  153. To Geno:
    No lah... life is too short to be angry. U need alot of energy to hate someone, u need alot of energy to love as well... i rather choose the latter :)

    we'r friends forever.. muahahaha...

    To BL Og:
    Beside chemistry, there is also another important ingredient call fate.

    So wat the hack if they ar not meant for each other even though they have the greatest chemistry...

  154. Sometimes, fate is also what we make of the environment, the situations. Dr. Og is not so fatalistic.

  155. *meowmeow*: YEAH! u're a worthy friend!

    Dr Bl og: I love Winnie the Pooh! ok, ok, must be for your wife right/

  156. I love og2:52 PM

    Mickey Mouse! Very hot now! YOu have?

    DOggie even better! LOve dogs!

  157. Dr Bl og: good for u! no wonder u got your wife!

  158. Yeah. For my future wife. =)

    Mickey Mouse? No lah. Dun like rodents.

  159. I love og2:57 PM

    *sob sob*

  160. Dr Bl og: Hey! ;-)

  161. I have Snow White & 7 Dwarfs complete set @ hm.*Grinning*

  162. Erm... hey? What's with the Hey! and the wink?
    And why you cry, i love og?

  163. i mean u dun like rodents, my Million Dollar Hamie is afterall, a kinda rat....no worries, i didn't mean anything one. a lot of people hate rats also.


  164. Hahahaha
    Forgot hamster is a rodent too.
    Dr. BL Og is obviously not a vet.

  165. hahahaha....forgiven!

  166. I love og3:16 PM

    COs you say Mickey mouse a Rodent lah ...

  167. But... Mickey is a mouse. And a mouse is a rodent, just like a hamster.

  168. ok, ok, ok, guys(and gals). lets not fight over a mouse!

    peace ah, peace.

  169. stuck in sci3:23 PM

    you should set up a forum.. waaay too many comments to read.. hahah. i love this blog :D

  170. Why are you stuck in sci?

  171. I love og3:30 PM

    ya lah .. I know Mickey mouse = Mouse = Rodent.

    By right, it's correct.

    By left, not correct.

    But It's MICKEy mouse. Different.

    Like Dr Og = doctor

    But also can be Dr Bl og = blogger

    So mickey mouse = cute disney character..

    kekekeke ....


  172. MICKEY is still M-O-U-S-E

    A rose by any other name will smell just as sweet.
    A shit by any other name will smell.

  173. No offense to Mickey... he can be cute at times... but that voice!!!
    Esp. when he speaks in Cantonese...

  174. ok, ok, have a candy each ah, i treat u all. and go eat it. dun fight kids! opps, people!

    peace ah, peace....

    wa lao! this comment's suppose to fun leh!

    make love, not war =p

  175. I love og3:56 PM

    I never hear him speak cantonese before leh ...

    No wonder you have cow, donkey, dog in your blog .. but no mouse! Guess u really don't like them lor.. too bad.

    And btw, shit nowadays also can have no smell ..

    Shit water now can be NEWater ok! Can drink somemore.

  176. I love og3:58 PM

    going for meeting now ... argue later .. bye !

  177. i love og: hahahaha....u very funny. bye!

    Dr Bl Og: the message board down liao! save it!

  178. ok, the msg board back to normal liao. sorry for the false alarm.

    stupid board....

  179. Anonymous4:10 PM

    anon: dr blog, invitation to join yahoo chat lor.
    very sad, you got a future wife in mind liao. otherwise will love your bears.

  180. Well, u'll hear him speak cantonese if you go to Disneyland Hong Kong. =)

    I mean my future wife, whoever she is will get the bears. If she dun like then keep until the year 2347 and see what's their value.

  181. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Love winnie the pooh, got one set too.

    Nice to know doctors have such soft spot too.

  182. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Doctors are humans too.
    Without such soft spots inside them, it will be hard for them to be good doctors.

  183. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Well, not all, some are very boring and cold towards their patients.

  184. LOLOL... i just read half-way thru this... and i got a headache.... old already...