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Monday, May 23, 2011

You really want to be a doctor???

I hate to say this, but I am getting more senior aka lao liao :( And throughout the years of my practice I have been called upon by some relatives, friends, aunties or uncles to advise their relatives, friends, sons, daughters, nieces and nephews who aspire to be a doctor.
So I am writing this such that next time anyone ask me for an opinion, I will Ctrl C and Ctrl V this. Before I become demented...

You think being a doc is cool like in House MD, can any old how scold patients or like in Grey's Anatomy all pretty girl and handsome docs sleep here sleep there? Better wake up your ideas!

Ok, lets be objective and list down the pros and cons.


  1. Job stability. And I am saying rock stable! How many drs have gotten sacked from a public hospital? This is like what durian sellers say "Bao Jiat!" Only that in our case, it is real.
  2. Not Bad Pay. Mah hiam buay pai. You can well afford a 2 litre car, place your little one in a Montessori and bring your family for a holiday once a year.
  3. Job stability. I still see those koyak Drs walking around after donkey years! You can't lose your job!
    No such thing as retrenchment :)
  4. Good leave entitlement. Lots of leave, 24 days or more of annual leave, additional conference leave, blah blah.
  5. You get to be called Dr. And can hao lian.
  1. School Fees. Would have set you back by ??100,000k before you even start practising and that does not include your bond!
  2. Pay Not Bad? Ai hiam kennah sai! Trust me, you will be frustrated as your Sec, JC classmates out earns you. As a successful Dr, you will be earning what your friend the successful banker pays for income tax, unless of course you are into the business of overcharging royalties of some banana republic. But heh! that banker dude was an asshole from your class who could not string two english sentences together. Can't take that? Well, he is getting all the girls too! Be consoled, the bankers will always tell you that you have Job stability (see Pros 1.... and Pros 3 also lah).
  3. Long hours. Longest I have clocked was 36hrs, without food and just some sip of water. I have been told that things have since gotten better for junior Drs. But the work still has to be done right? Who does it? Yes, me! And you the junior Dr when you become senior. Doh!
  4. No time to take leave. Not uncommon to see Senior Drs burn their leave coz there is just no time to take. Even if you do claim or your leave, you will die clearing your work before and after.
  5. Transport claim still at 60cents/km.
  6. Most likely, you will be unhappy. Ever seen a happy Dr? If you do, you better double check you bill
  7. You think you can hao lian??? You will hate being addressed as a Dr. Insurance agents, sales people, real estate agents will assume you are very rich and you will not ever get any special discounts! When someone shouts for "Dr Dr", its to get you to do work or to attend to some emergencies...  
In short, don't be a doctor unless you are into the business of healing or helping people and you are overwhelmed with altruism and self sacrifice, or you are so narcissitic that you are deluded into thinking the above.

Just my take, don't flame but you can add to the pros and cons if you like!

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  1. i really wanna be a doctor in life now i m in tennager age... in future is surgeon

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Not bad . Yoy are young but you plan your future already. I believe you can do it. Just work hard answer smart

    2. Anonymous3:07 PM

      I want l be a doctor too. But it's quite hard. Those who want to be a doctor, jiayou !!

  2. being a doctor is not easy it take lot of hard work and believe and i am totally agree if yo doing this business only than you need to think twice.
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  4. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Hi, I'm taking 'O's this year. I interested to be a doctor, to hold the scapel and all, but I don't think I'm intelligent or capable enough to be one..

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  7. I'm embarking into the path to become a doctor... I'm 35 now.... doing dip in nursing and than wanna take up medicine... Will I die fast?