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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bandwidth No Enuff & The Many Ills of the Social Media.

Ok, so things have changed since Dr BL Og last blogged. I mean honestly, who reads blogs these days? The world has since moved on to facebook, twitter, video blogging, vodcast blah blah blah. Even Blogspot is no longer the same... Now there is this thing called followers on the right side of my blog and I don't know how to get rid of it.... Machiam kennah trailed and makes me paranoid. Lucky only four nia... hahaha

1 thing I really hate most is video blogging, vlogging, watever they call it. These dudes need real flogging if you ask me. Most of these vloggers are butt ugly. Not that Dr BL Og is a looker or what, but I dun subject you guys to having go thru the torture of having to see me just to hear what I say. Yes, podcast will suffice. Or at least use a surgical mask.

The other terrible terrible thing about vodcast/vlogging is that it is bandwidth intensive. Yes, its like a black hole sucking in all the available bandwidth there is leaving none for poor guys like us who like to actually write. Plus, bandwidth is the ultimate bad word in the public hospitals. In fact, the IT committees of hospitals take the stand that "No matter what, Bandwidth will never be enough." And as with all good public servants will do in difficult situations, they opted to do nothing.

And then there is twitter. I mean seriously la, how to fit so much angst and so much emo (see Dr BL Og still connected ok, know how to use emo haha) into 140 words??!!! How to? For someone as long winded and loh soh as me.

BTW, a recent research showed that the new social media is causing our youths not to sleep and consequently getting insomnia. Even TV also cannot fight. So if you cannot sleep, log off, switch off your iMac and hide your iPad under your bed lah! Don't ask me for sleeping pills ok!!!

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