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Sunday, May 29, 2011

When the Fat Lady Sings

Recently (ex) MM and (ex) SM stepped down. This triggered me into thinking about retirement. Many patients I have seen do not seem to understand that retirement needs to be planned and we need to learn how to slow down and relac lah.

Doc: Uncle you got any hobbies?
Ah Pek: Simi Orhbeee???
Doc: no, no uncle, not guiness stout. What you do when you are free?
Ah Pek: Feee? I work work work then go home jiat bah, koon la.
Doc: Er, what do you like to do when you are not working huh? Things you like.
Ah Pek: Don't haff.
Doc: You listen to music?
Ah Pek: No
Doc: Watch TV
Ah Pek: No, I work so hard everyday to support children, family. Where got time?

I used to think that these Ah Peks were just having me on. I imagined that they were having lots of fun in Desker Road on weekends distributing their CPF payouts. But having spoken to many over the course of years (plus they never asked me for viagra), I realised that the generations born prior to 1960s had it ingrained in them that the only route to success was hard work. They sloughed their life away for their family and did nothing for themselves.

The problem being when they retire, they suddenly find themselves with no work to do, no hobbies and having absolutely no idea how to pass the day. The children are busy with work and their spouses may find them to be a nuisance at home since they are not used to having them around. They find themselves irrelevant and becoming a relic more than anything else. The loss of role can lead to much stress and many psychological woes.

So what should Dr Og do when he retires from blogging (medicine being only a delusion of mine)? I was thinking of politics but gave up the thought as I don't fancy sweating in a blue shirt shouting to a crowd of 30,000 in a stadium. And honestly, you will never see me in a red shirt coz the only time I'll wear one, if I ever do, is during Chinese New Year.

Indeed sibei cham if you cannot find something sane to do!

Next up, Dr Og's (patented) Preparation for Retirement Programme ... Akan Datang

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