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Monday, January 20, 2014

Google is gonna kill you!

Well not really...

Nowadays hor, people really like to google. Even medical students and doctors use google to do research instead of pubmed. Some even quote wikipaedia. Wah lau, to junior doctors out there, if you tell me your reference is google or wiki, I will fail you.

But for the public, they have no access (and no business having access) to professional lokun stuff. So can understand la if they google to find out about their symptoms. But must take what you see online with a pinch of salt or you will sure panic!

Try googling lumps in the stomach and you get stomach cancer from the 4th - 6th results. Surely google can't be wrong!!! (When in actual fact, its very badly sagging breasts we are talking about here. Girls please wear your bra!)

Any way, I'm not trying to criticise Google but the act of irresponsibly googling medical condition. So Google, don't kill me can??

Right on the Spot!


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    you ever come across mothers/grandmothers obsessed with low serum calcium in their babies? Anything from fever, little hair, diarrhoea, poor appetite is due to low Ca according to their theories dunno derived from what website

    Giggle maybe?

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    haha... sometimes i dunno what's wrong, i ask my seniors they look blank. I have some ideas and would google search emed/medscape website,,,, did help at times!!

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Lokun, u all so busy, no time to discuss condition etc etc, so we all sometime also no choice go google, google. Actually maybe good idea if u all give patient some good sites to consult then no need to go hunting high and low and then find wrong info, then get scolding by lokun next time we come see you and tell you what we found from DR GOOGLE

  4. anon@11:36 - ask them drink more guni zui lor for calcium.
    anon@11:39 - ok la emed / medscape. but must quote the original paper leh. or not so no pride.
    anon@6:04 - this site the best liao lor. hahaha.

  5. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Lokun, if I is stardying overseas hor then graduate liao, you think should come back Singapore work not? I damn scared they see us no up also no connection hor, then also very hard get into any specialist program.

    Become GP liao okay lah, but pay also after a while stagnate hor?

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