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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Seems like the Pokemon Go craze is gone as quickly as it came. Dr Og was for a while playing quite a bit and life seemed to have some meaning again. But after a while become a bit sian also hor... everyday catch Rattatas and Pidgeys. What so fun about catching rats and pigeons. In real life catch rats can earn more money than being a doctor. Pigeons last time young catch using the box and a stick method liao.

When Pokemon Go was at the peak of its popularity, people were cheonging around like crazy to catch Snorlax, Lapras, etc. Few times Snorlax appeared near Dr Og's clinic and caused jam in the roads. Heng, Dr Og did not get trapped.

But a patient I was seeing stopped the consult halfway to cheong for the Snorlax. He then proudly told me he managed to catch it when he came back.

"Doc, my friend halfway at work all stop their work and go catch. I bet you don't dare ar. Hahaha...", he said.

This somehow lead me to a distant memory.


The Registrar hung up his handphone and returned to the ward round. I was a medical officer and those were the days when consultants only came by two to three times a week. Most times they would hear that "everything is ok" and they disappeared as quickly as they appeared (in all fairness, when they are needed they will miraculously appear like fairy god mothers). The Registrar lead the ward rounds on most days and made all the calls.

The round that day went on uneventfully with the usual careful history taking and physical examinations. When it was time for the traditional after round kopi break, the Registrar told me, "Bro, I need to take urgent leave. Daughter just had a fit."

With the round done and patients taken care of, he ran off.


The patient is right. I don't dare to leave my clinic halfway to go catch pokemons. It is not because Dr Og is too proud to do so. Trust me, I ran and squeezed and cursed and screamed when I caught my Lapras and when my Lickintung ran away. 

But... if my Registrar did not just run off on hearing that his daughter just had a fit for the first time and left us junior doctors in the lurch and if he continued to complete the round calmly and carefully despite the anxiety that must be going through him, I don't think I would dare leave my clinic or my patients unless life and death.

Pokemons? No, I wouldn't dare.


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