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Sunday, June 05, 2011

10 reasons why your Dr so BCC (Bin Chow Chow)

Ever kennah black face by your doctor? Well, being a loctor is a very very pek chek job. Ten reasons why your doc so buay song during a consult....

1) He hasn't had lunch becoz patients like you tend to oversleep and all come just before lunch time.

2) He hasn't had lunch and becoz u decided to have your hair done first ( since you were late anyway) he is not gonna make it home to watch 爱 on Channel 8.

3) You were already late for your appointment but when you were called you went to toilet pang sai.

4) Even though you were in the midst of kegg sai (bowel output), you got your maid to enter the consult room so that the lokun cannot see the next patient.

5) You remarked that he looked too young (thereby insinuating he is not experienced enough) and caused serious ego injury.
Or you remarked that he looked very old (thereby insinuating that his self injected botox treatment failed) and caused serious existential anxiety.

6) You ask for MC but did not even bother to read wiki to at least get some symptoms correct.

7) You asked for sleeping pills, cough syrup, pain killers (when you have no insomnia, cough or pain) becoz your source in Geylang in hiding.

But of course it's not always YOUR fault!

8) His wife found out about the drug rep / clinic assistant / nurse.

9) His new Porsche kennah drowned in the flash flood.

10) He is just born that way with a buay song facies... Dun be so sensitive la!

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