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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4ever Young

When I was a Houseman, I often see the fear in the eyes of the patients I treated.

The nice patient would say: Lokun you look so young... (then shiver)
The nasty one would say: Lokun you real one or not, now they let teenagers into med school meh???

Ok, the truth is I DO look young but I feel that looking young is better than being mistakened for your balding Professor. Tio boh?

A word of advice for patients, don't make your doctor kan cheong la. Wait he aim buay zhun, who suffer you tell me?

It has been ten years down the road and with the receding hairline, the complaints have been less. But recently I got one from a female patient.

Pt: Dr Og, you had a hair cut. You look much younger than the previous times I saw you...
Dr Og: Real or not?
Pt: Seems like you are younger than me right, I thought you are older...
Dr Og: Isit? Lemme see your ic number starts with what. yah... I abit younger la.
Pt: Like that I cannot see you anymore!

I can understand if someone goes to a nightclub and insist on someone younger. But I'm your doctor can? You think matchmake isit????

And I don't get tips ok!

Solid song from a forgotten era!


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Wear a pair of fake specs, Lokun.

  2. Yoursecretblogmirer9:54 AM

    I juz discovered that u have continued blogging after some yrs? n revamp ur blog to be so beautiful. So entertaining to brighten one's day! Hope u keep blogging.. i like humour or any wuliao stuff. (like wat hobbit writes). no comment doesn't nobody reads lah..

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    maybe doc, the pt playing hard to get leh...

  4. Anon@11:20am - okie, next time I wear two pair of specs to see patients!

    yoursecretblogmirer - thanks for the encouragement, cannot be compared to Hobbit! I'm not worthy!

    Anon@4:25pm: playing hard to get or not, dunno la but glad she is not on my list now hahahaha

  5. today kennah another "医生你很年轻!" pek chek! like that how to go private???