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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waste Time

So National Day came and went. This year Dr Og so busy, never even watch the fireworks. In hospital, always so many things to do; like change passwords, forget passwords and reset passwords for the various computer systems in the hospital. Plus if you also go to other hospitals to "visit" (means you kennah prostituted to other hospitals), you need to remember extra sets of passwords!

This is no easy feat especially when we get older and your digit span gets shorter! (BTW, digit span is not the length of your finger or any other parts of your body, so don't worry hor!) Now they more kiasu! Must have alphanumeric and capital letter! Uncle sometimes cannot even remember where I park my car you want me to remember so many difficult passwords?

Talking about car parks, the car parks in our hospital are the most jialat. One particular hospital the ramp into the car park so narrow sure scratch if you drive big car ok! Lucky uncle no money anyway so car small small. But the worst thing about the car parks are that there are no space. So if suay suay traffic jam or go out makan during lunch, come back sure no space. Now you know why your lokun always late for clinics huh!

But most times, we doctors always have to go to hospital very very early. Not to start ward round early, but to attend talks. Most times, the talks are irrelevant to your area of speciality but your Boss need to fulfil KPI for attendance. Its really funny to see Operations people working on their laptops in a clinical presentation. Talk about wasting time. Sometimes, the hospital hold talks during lunch and they tell us that's the only time doctors are free. But why they never provide lunch huh? Then when do we get to eat??? Then again, I must really count my blessings if its not one of those compulsory admin talk I have to attend coz unlike the Ops people, I cannot see my patients while listening to them sprout Greek. Mebbe next time Dr Og write blog during these talks! Anyway they are not during the official office hours. Ha!

Ok, I better get back to my work. Dr Og has cleverly written all his passwords on a piece of name card so that I will never get them wrong again.


Wait..... where did I put the name card huh?


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Not even a tea reception (Set A $9.50 per pax for 8 courses (Min:35 pax)) ?! How can liddat?!

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    password never mind,
    computer slow some more! Bo Lat!

  3. Wah lau the computer all old liao leh. worse they put all that screen savers and load silly corporate messages on start up to make it even more slow ar!

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