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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

TCM Exposé!

Stop looking at the legs and focus on the Leng Yong drinks!
(Source: http://christallehuang.blogspot.sg)
Patients always ask Dr Og about TCM, aiyah very pek chek lah. All I know about TCM is last time small I fever, my mother give me leng yong drink. End up I my fever never subsided for one week. Now I smart, just take panadol and pour whatever tonic my mother gives me. hahaha

But the most irritating thing about traditional medicine is this scenario:

Ah pek: "Lokun, why cannot recover one. You no good la"

Lokun: "Ah pek you got take your meds boh?"

Ah pek: "No leh, I am taking herbal medicine to adjust the Qi. The sinseh say my body too cool liao."

Lokun: "Alamak, just take both lah."

Ah pek: "Cannot! Take Chinese meds cannot take Western meds. Will cheong!"

(Disclaimer: no ah peks were ever hurt or injured in the making of this blog. Though sometimes there is an urge to knock their heads.)

In any case, Dr Og did some investigative journalism and here are some photos of Traditionl Chinese Medicine made the most traditional way. You decide if these are things you like to ingest, ok?

Wah, another innovative use of children's playground! Air dry TCM!

TCM medications processed and made the most traditional way. No western factories or industrial manufacturing! Just leave on the ground for extra ingredients!

A closer look. Just hanging around, hanging around...

Wow, pigeons all around the area. Mebbe they need to put up a scarecrow!


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Lokun, I think ze Minister heard your lament and take action liao. Give grant to TCM practitioners to do research ...maybe can see whether added ingredients got use or not also ... hahahaha

  2. Good lah. TCM do research, get patent, sell in pills and tablets by pharma...

    Transform into western medicine liao!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Chinese herbal medicine generally consists of roots, grass, woods, furs, animals and stones, which was/is retrieved from nature. In the woods, there probably will be be bird droppings too. Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. If your ancestors hail from ancient China, be grateful that because they most likely took Chinese herbal Medicine when they were ill, you the descendant exist and are ironically mocking us.

    "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

    If you do not understand TCM or Acupuncture, do not criticise in public. Just share your prejudiced views with your chummy fellow snobs. Because, disparaging us will only reflect how small you really are.

  4. Funny post! Guess the Ah Pek came to you eventually, so I'd say yes your medicine *may* clash with the Leng Yong, and to be safe, don't take the mystery stuff.

    If they declare they want to continue the Leng Yong they will leave without their bag of medicines and it is very Bo Hua.