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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Never Learn

Some nice reader left a comment that I must be busy as I have not been blogging recently. To be honest Dr Og had been quite boh eng... this game called Candy Crush has been really sucking up all my time.
Since I kennah stuck at some stupid stage now, I thought take a break.

In between games, Dr Og somemore got to go queue up at MacDonalds... at first for Hello Kitty then the Minions. Really sibei boh eng ar...

The worst thing was when queueing up for Hello Kitty some more got haze! It was really terrible queueing up in the N95 mask and having flashbacks of SARs days.

So while I queue here and queue there, a good friend who works in hospital admin called me.

"Eh brother, you got N95 masks or not?"He ask me.

"Yah la, still got some."Dr Og is a hoarder and I still have those 10 year old N95 masks from SARS days.

"Ooi, don't mind pass me some can?"He pleaded.

"But I thought you work in public hospital, how come no mask ar?" I was puzzled.

"Yah la, the hospital short and now cannot sell to staff...." He replied angrily.

"Wah liao!"

In the end I gave away all my N95s and had to use my recycled nuar nuar (rotten) one.

So it seems, always like that loh. Masks no enough, don't take care of own people and panic only when things happen.... what is new.


  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I am stuck at level 79 for days. You?

  2. I stuck at 195. Stop playing liao la.... or not never do anything jialaT!

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Ya lah ya lah, I sort of stopped already. Vomited blood. Once a while just go in use up the 5 lives.

    Say, Doc, take a break lah. You want some chocolates? *wink