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Saturday, August 03, 2013

IT sibei Ho!

Recently my friend who was in charge of the IT implementation of his department told me that the new electronic medical record system is sibei solid.

Well, Dr Og suay suay kennah do IT systems in hospital many years. All I can say is that my youth was wasted (sob sob...) and the time spent evaluating IT systems for the hospital could have been better spent surfing the net for boh liao things (at least that would have brought me some joy tio boh?).

Anyway, since we good friends, I entertain him and ask him why so solid leh?

"You know ar, this time the system hospital want to buy is very customisable. Last time all the systems have to input this input that but this one no need! Means ar the old old lokuns who only want to write a few words in the electronic notes can be easily done. So the lao lokun can just type 'NAD' for notes can liao wor!"

Apparently, this current system costs a few million bucks unlike the cheap cheap ones we evaluated in the past. Understandably, it is more time consuming to be typing notes rather than writing them on paper when seeing patients.

Hmmmm, but to pay few millions so that we can over ride the system to type less...

Hmmmm, nothing that can't be done with simple paper and pen...

IT sibei ho ar!

I rest my case.

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    Welcome back to blogging hehe :)