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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

An Interview with the...

Dr Og continues with his investigative journalism this week.

He tried to interview several big shot administrators on but they all siam like Dr Og tiok coronavirus. But  don't worry la, Dr Og never go Middle East recently. Admin people don't so scared leh.

Finally, one person agree to talk to Dr Og.

Let me introduce Ah Tiong, The Security Uncle.

Dr Og: Uncle, how long  have you worked in this hospital?

Uncle: Ten years liao lah. (blow smoke out of mouth)

Dr Og: Wow! Thats a long time!

Uncle: Si lor, lao liao. 

Dr Og: So what are your main duties?

Uncle: I security guard lah, just go jalan here jalan there lor.

Dr Og: You mean you patrol the area. What else do you do?

Uncle: Ar. This one important. We catch doctors.

Dr Og: You mean you catch doctors?!!! What do they do? You mean those doctors piak piak in their office with reps kind? (wink wink)

Uncle: You know la, lokuns like to park car any old how. See those lots in front? Only patient can park la. So if the lokun park, I catch them! And sometime also issue summons. Hahahahaha.

Dr Og: But uncle, but don't you think its a waste of your time to be "catching"doctors? What if they are rushing to see patients and cannot find carpark.

Uncle: That's not lim pek problem ok. CEO say I stand here catch doctor, I catch doctor. (Uncle buay song liao!)

Dr Og: But uncle this hospital just build leh, you don't think very stupid they never project properly and never build enough carpark meh? Also, if the doctor not there yet, patients also can't be seen. Can sometimes pang chance boh?

Uncle: You si ginah. What projection? Don't tell me all the cheem stuff. You not happy go see the CEO or COO or CFO or dunno what O. I going to get my ten year service award and best (catch doctor) service award at Dinner and Dance next week liao. I need the NTUC vouchers from the awards to buy hoon kee (cigarettes) can!??!?! Oh yah, I dressing up as policeman in D and D. You leh?

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I like how that uncle talked back.;) Didn't know security guards are allowed to 'catch' doctors. Haha.