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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

National Day Parade 2016

Wah, time flies. SG50 came and go and we have celebrated yet another NDP., SG51 liao A new citizen recently asked me excitedly if I would be going to the national stadium to support the NDP. I can understand that having just obtained his red i/c, he was excited about NDP, but having watched the same routine every year for as far as I can remember, Dr Og was just not going to get all gaga about it.

The last time Dr Og actually went to a NDP was many many (many x many)  years ago. We were providing medical coverage and even simulated the worse case scenario of carrying an injured VVIP on a stretcher from the VVIP box down the stadium steps to the evacuation point. At the end of the day, the exercise proved to be futile as the NDP that year (like every year) was uneventful.

The only injuries incurred where likely the ones sustained by the poor medics who had to carry the 0.1 ton kilo medical officer (simulating the heaviest VVIP there possibly could be) on the stretcher. Trust me it was hard and dangerous work! I'm sure some of the medics can still feel the stretcher slipping out of their hands and the aches and pains sustained that day every year when they watch the NDP.

Yesterday's NDP took place at the new stadium and Dr Og heard that now stadium got to pay alot of money then can use. This is also same like hospitals, programs upgrade liao, patient gotta pay extra. Patients always complain, why need to pay more? Come on leh, you get new stadium, sibei solid new grass for the soccer pitch and stadium roof can open and shut like Transformer, of course pay more right? Same thing mah, new program, new admin staff (sorry always no chiobu one, if you need to know), protocols so complicated that reads like the inner circuitry of  a Transformer, so pay more lor... Even though the end results to end users still the same end of the day, the stadium seat still looks hard and uncomfortable like before...

Sadly, Dr Og missed most of the NDP yesterday and cannot give you a good review of it. I was celebrating NDP by wearing red and white, walking along the streets and throwing red and white pokeballs at virtual monsters. I'm sure Niantic like very pro Singapore gahmen and launch Pokemon Go over national day weekend for all to celebrate!

Also, actually Dr Og hasn't gotten over the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of falling over the stretcher from on top the stadium steps that faithful day!!!!!! Darn, those medics!!!!


  1. Hahaha. But Wahh... doctor finally blogged again, its been so long!

  2. Its the seventh month, so time to come out again!

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    That's a gd one!;)