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Friday, December 11, 2015

Jiak Kin Jio

When you are a Dr, people expect you to know everything!

Whether traditional medicine is good for them. 

Er, wait ar, Dr Og go call my mother first and ask.

Whether going to work will aggravate their BP... 

ok la, ok la take MC la.

Whether the medicine can take with supplements. 

Wah lau, why you don't ask the G@C salesman who sold you your protein shake whether can take medicine or not?

Whether your son's girlfriend is good for him. 

Ok, aunty I saw your family for a long time now but don't drag me into your family politics leh. Plus, must maintain patient confidentiality and cannot tell your son all the naughty things his girlfriend (whom happen to also see moi the friendly neighbourhood dr) done before right? But thumbs up for the good intuition!

But lately... and strangely... people have been asking me about bananas.

Patient: Lokun, I heard bananas can treat my condition!
Dr Og: Is it? You read from internet is it?
Patient: Wah, you lokun, you don't know ar... I thought lokun should know everything! But its possible right? Banana can cure me.
Dr Og: Er, the only case of banana I have encountered was when this guy thought it was funny to shaft a banana down the wrong end of his digestive tract, hahahha...
Patient looking disturbed. 
Dr Og: Ok, I digress but look here, I really don't know if banana is good for your condition. If you like, eat lor. But please also eat your meds ok?
Patient leaves looking disappointed.

The reality is that a doctor doesn't know everything. We only know what science can tell us. Most of the time the science tells us "maybe" or "it depends (on so many factors that there is no way you can understand what I am about to explain so lets not waste each other's time)". Anyway, before I forget, better take a note to check bloods for this patient next visit, in case he takes banana qds and end up with hyperkalemia!


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Wah Dr Og, you bluff people No. 1 hor. You said you working in govt hospital. How come suddenly become GP leh? You moonlighting, is it?;) Dont worry, I wont say. Hahahaha.

    1. Dr Og is fake one. One day I fake GP, one day I fake gahmen Dr!

    2. Anonymous12:18 AM

      Hahahaha. I guess as much...:P Like that cannot you know...please show your registration number (what is it called??? MCR or what huh???) on your blog...so we can shun bian find out which year you graduate...hahahahaha...waiting for a scanned copy.:p

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I really wonder, how medical students are supposed to react when they see this and imagine that the Con/GP they are following actually write posts like that :D

    1. I fake one leh, don't so serious, I scared...

  3. Anonymous1:32 AM

    My mum use banana skin to rub her arms hear say it'll remove freckles. The only effect it produce so far is smelly arms.

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Hey Dr Og, waiting for new posts from you leh. Need my regular dose, cos reading your posts can really make me laugh...waiting hor...terima kasih hor...

  5. Came across one of you old articles (meet the rockers) on your blog where you and some commenters (maybe like you also doctors) joking diss the concerns of family members. Well some doctors just have an exalted attitude and a lack of empathy. They will fail to see some family members of the their patient is anxious and highly stressed. Their egos also cannot handle it when they are being question and patients or their family members asking for a second or third opinion. For every family member you diss about, there is one doctor who refuses to listen, condescending or even dishonest, my dear doctor.

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  7. Dear Anon@1:12am, we don't diss family la. We need to relay the right message to the right family member. And sometimes doctors being humans we just like to complain a lot like everyone else. I can assure you our Singapore doctors are mostly super on. Updating family members is one of our daily priority. Please do take the materials in this blog with a pinch of salt as its mostly satirical.

  8. Caramel Fairy2:05 PM

    Fellow heroic internet warriors, cut the blogger some slack if you want to read interesting and candid posts. There is a reason why you chose to be on the page. If you dont like the blogger's posts, there is a small red x at the top right corner in case you didnt know :)
    Blogger is so nice to even bother with explanations to self righteous pricks. If you are unhappy with your doctor or think he is "arrogant and lacks empathy", hopefully you have the balls to tell him in his face. In terms of effectiveness and respectability, it beats trying to (ironically in your own words) be condescending to someone who blogs as a hobby in lighthearted good fun, my dear stranger :)

  9. Anonymous1:29 PM

    when will doctor blog again? Its July 2016 already? Doctor busy?

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