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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Long?

Duration of illness is often an important part of history taking when we see patients. I am not sure if it is a local phenomenon but patients tend seem to have difficulties with this all the time...

Lokun: "So uncle, how long have you had this symptom?"
Ah Pek: "Wah, very long...". He goes into deep pondering...
Lokun: "How long is very long ar?"
Ah Pek: "So long, I can't remember.. you know, it's not like some other long part of my body that can be measured, hehe."
Lokun: "Ok, long as in 5 cm 10cm or... See, now you confuse me! I mean days, weeks, months, years?"
Ah Pek: "Ya, very long liao......" And he continues his deep pondering.

To be fair, its not just the elderly gentlemen who frustrate doctors, many young people can't seem to provide proper duration of their illness. We don't need to know the exact number of days, but roughly, can or not?

Buay tahan.....


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  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    How long ah?...About 2months of waiting for this post doc. :-)

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Ya lor doctor, wait for very long Le. Finally Leh...
    Wah doc, your blog is mentioned here...

    Doctor, I didn't know You were so popular... =P

  4. This is the first time I am reading your blog... one word ...superb.! My sis is a doc too she said Doctors have to entertain themselves to relief stress... otherwise they will ki siao .. but I like the method ylou choose. Keep it coming... Long Long..LOL

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    How about asking the same "how long" question differently? How many months have you had this?

  6. Anonymous5:07 PM

    As an EMD nurse, I can totally relate to this when we triage patients. haha!

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  8. Anonymous1:43 PM

    How long do I have to wait until your next post ... arghh...grrrr...
    - Loyal fan

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  10. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Doc.. where r u? waiting for your new post.

  11. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Are you getting too tired to update frequently:(?

    -your #1 fan

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM