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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing Compares... to Paper

As you get older, its sibei jialat. Things that you like and are familiar with become obsolete.

Pager long obsolete liao...

Blog obsolete liao (though got people scold me why I so long neber write blog...)

Facebook obsolete liao (now chow ginnahs only use Instagram... Dr Og also try to use but old people more long winded and my tremulous hands take picture is all blur blur one)

J-Pop, long long time obsolete liao,  even for K Pop, G Dragon and Big Bang people all forget. Only remember BTS!

Actually sometimes, LAW also can become obsolete!

In Medicine, it is obvious that there are people trying to make paper obsolete. Now, it seems like we are all going to enjoy paperless wonders in the form of National Digital Electronics Unhealth Recordings. Actually, Dr Og very support this move. Now I can know the entire history of my patients! They like or they don't like, I can see when they last kennah STDs, had piles, cannot pass urine or kennah TB. More info is always solid. Like these days before driving, you can see which road got jammed so you can decide should take KPE ECP AYE CTE or mebbe PIE CTE AYE BKE. It really doesn’t matter that information overload sometimes get me stunned like vegetables especially when all the roads are jammed up on Friday evenings. Sigh, if only the last patient came on time...

Of course Dr Og only exaggerating la. I’m sure any International system will be sibei secure one! There will be layers and layers of passwords required before you can see all these sensitive info. It will be like a peekaboo striptease type of thing lor. 给你一点,不给一点 hahaha. Only sometimes like playing strip poker, you get bored liao when the computer keeps winning, you still cannot see the 两点 and give up altogether.

Now obsolete - In the days of 286 CPU and CGA, it WAS literally 2 dots!

But hor to utilize all these IT stuff means we have to make paper obsolete and use some sort of  IT system. Those already using probably know the frustration of going through this warning and that confirmation before you can get to any real stuff.

Paper is still the best! It smells good! It feels good! Can practice my wonderful calligraphy and sign off signature big big like a big boss. While computer can crash, what can happen to paper? The worst is kennah coffee stain. (coffee very important for lokun to survive so don't you judge!)

Alas, paper will become obsolete like it or not. End up we spend more time trying to enter data than actually seeing (or talking to, or examining)  patients. But hor, given that all the data in the cloud now, maybe what doctors in the future need to palpate are not patients but data.

PS: Song tribute to paper. Nothing compares to you... we will miss you when the day comes...


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Walau lokun, how come your mind so 'dirty' one huh? I enjoy reading your blog, but please hor avoid... you know lah hor. Terima kasih hor.

  2. Now you make me paranoid!

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    "Dirtiness" is in the mind of the reader.

    This post proved lokun is STRAIGHT & unpretentious. Brings back sweet memories of GIFs.