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Thursday, March 08, 2012


Gostun is the Singlay (Singapore Malay) word for reversing.

Eg. Lai. Gar Gar (dare dare) gostun your car!

Gostun can also be used metaphorically to mean a reversal of any kind. Today, Apple made a super gostun! Just as everyone anticipated a iPad 3 or iPad HD, Apple song song released the new iPad as "iPad". Aiyoh, how can???

While analyst confirm that this will not affect the sales of the new iPad, it does pose a serious problem. Imagine this scenerio.
HO: wah Boss, new iPad ar?
Consultant: Are you asking if this is a brand new original version of iPad or a new new version of iPad?

Evidently, when nomenclature kennah gostun, communications can become a problem and our ward rounds shall never end. Of course the only reason why the Consultant bought the new iPad is because he believed he was going to get a pay raise. But as the saying goes, do not count your eggs before they are hatched. In the land of ever changing constitution, it should be "do not count your eggs until the chicken grows up".

Firstly, the lokuns struggling in lokun chu were told they could expect a 10-30% per raise in their basic pay in April this year. Then as announced here, they say and I quote:

"The new framework will be implemented in phases and doctors will, on average, see an increase in total compensation of around 20 per cent by 2014.

Phase One will commence next month, and doctors will start to receive their pay raise according to their job levels.

Associate consultants in hospitals will get an increase equivalent to 20 per cent of their base salary, while consultant family physicians in polyclinics will get a 10 per cent raise.

Doctors will receive further increases when the framework is fully implemented in 2014.

Dentists' pay will also be adjusted."

 Dr Og always readily admit that my England no powderful but I would assume that the passage means that in April, ACs will get a 20 percent increase to their base salary, etc. Dentist of course we don't care la. There are so few in public sector and they are not even real doctors :P

But for those who have been briefed by the men in black from the ministry next to a lokun chu, our pay raise also kennah gostun liao! Apparently, in April, we will only get some funny component which the above said people refuse to commit to. Wah biang, whats this? Early April fool joke ar?

Wei! Don't like that can or not? My lao pek, lao bu, wife and kids all read in newspaper big big that I will get 20% pay raise. But actually boh leh. How I explain to them? Wait my wife think I keep mistress and never bring the dough home how? Wait I really already keep mistress and cannot upkeep her how? Wait I preorder the iPad, engrave name, cannot even sell in eBay liao, how?



  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    So now we noe Dr Bl Og is black tag in monkey republic...

  2. if black tag is what u want, black tag is what u got :)

    see title banner!

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Matches vely well :)

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Thanks for posting your opinions on the local medical scene. BTW i dun think there is any word in malay called gostun. From what i heard,it is actually a derivative of a naval term- Go Astern.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    WAH lokun 7 years neber hear from you associate consultant Liao ah!!! Now can buy big big house Liao

  6. I not AC leh... but even Senior Con also cannot buy big house la!

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Lokun, don't bruff...gahman says $1K salary oredi can buy HDB flat => black tag can build houses, hotels, like play monopoly lidat hahaha

  7. wah u mean i bruff or gahmen bruff.... haha

  8. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Loctor, I only know someone is bruffing, until now I still only got enuff money to buy house at Old Kent Road...

  9. wah u quite rich leh. can afford property in London wor. esp now that it has been redeveloped u probably earned alot!

  10. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Long ago sell oredi...walk every few steps in London oso must pay rent, pay and pay until must sell house, sell everything, banbrupt liao :(