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Friday, March 23, 2012

Service Quality

Dr Og is still a bit sore over the fake 20% pay rise saga. You see, in a recent wedding I went to, a IT friend exclaimed loudly, "Wah! 20 % pay rise ar!!"

I took great pains to explain that "no lah", its at best 5% per annum, lest the bride and groom expect a corresponding increase in the ang bow!

Another issue that arise during the recent saga was the introduction of the Service Quality Komponent. Lets just say Dr Og is a great proponent of solid service. Some doctors don't seem to realise or they die die don't want to believe that medicine is basically just a service industry. Yes, doctors (of all grades) tend to have a messiah complex and think that they are doing what they are doing to save lives. But honestly, even saving lives is a form of service, is it not?

And it is not only the patients we are serving. We also serve our Bosses. These days things may have changed with Residency but when I was a Houseman, I was the biggest service provider since I served all the patients and was at the beck and call of everyone else in the team from the Medical Officer to the Senior Consultant. We had to buy coffee, run errants and play flower pot during meal times with Senior Cons who needed his ego soothed with a big entourage. More often than not, we also tio raped and kennah bwat guyou on our gluteus region by our seniors. At times, we had to go karaoke and it is rumoured that some female HOs also provide extra service. Hahaha...

You wouldn't blame me if I were to tell you that I felt like a prostitute as a HO, the similarity in that we had to service anyone and everyone, being the lowest life form in the hospital food chain. And when I became more senior, I often had to use this analogy to correct the attitude of some yaya papaya HOs or interns.

But on deliberation with one of my senior doctor one day, he concluded that the term prostitute may not be most appropriate for obvious reasons. He reckoned, "I think we are more like...... Geishas!"

 不卖What wisdom :)


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Lokun, dun quite agree leh...HO always bin chao chao one...

  2. nowadays like that loh, they BCC everyone so dun worry, its not personal.

  3. Dancingbunny3:21 PM

    Geishas got sponsors one leh.
    They only 卖身 to the highest bidder and then after that 不愁吃不愁穿 for the rest of their life as Geisha.
    Doctor got sponsor boh? hahaha :P

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    got one dr said drs are the pimps and therapists are the prostitutes lol