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Thursday, November 07, 2013

If THOR Works in a Hospital...

Over the weekend Dr Og managed to catch Thor in the cinema. Rare occasion for me coz it takes all the stars to align for me to able to go to a movie.

[MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Incidentally, in this episode of Thor, the nine realms align. That is really besides the point coz the movie is about a goondu bad guy (as usual) trying to destroy the world and THOR (as usual) saves the world. Yah, usual stuff. In between all that, there are lots of flying, fighting and some romance. 

[SPOILER ALERT ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Well, this doctor enjoyed this movie. Honestly, as a lokun, you just wanna chill and watch something brainless. No gore and blood (lots of those in the OT), no family drama (lots of those in the general ward), no political drama mama (lots of those in the pantry). 

But I was just thinking, Superman saves the world, the Avengers saved the world, Thor saves the world... surely these superheroes must all have messiah complex! Surely, they belong in a hospital right??!!!

But what can Thor do if he works in a hospital? His super power is basically swinging that hammer of his in his enemy's face. Now, how many times can he do that to the CEO, tio bo

I think Thor can be a orthopod (orthopaedic surgeon). Orthopods are probably the only doctors to wield a hammer in their practice. The way Thor whacks through enemies with his hammer is really without any finesse and very chor lor (coarse). No way he can do microsurgery lor. But hammer and chip bones like our ortho friend, I think he still can. His strength will help too! Try assisting in an ortho surgery and holding up the leg of a 0.1 ton uncle! 5 minutes start sweating and 10 minutes back pain starts! With Thor, there will be no such problem! He can relac jac hold the leg and still flirt with the pretty OT nurse (hopes he brings along Natalie Portman ahahaha).

Thor will probably not do well as a physician or in internal medicine where more brain juice is needed. I mean look at how he kennah bluff by Loki time and again. Sibei kum gong.......

Whatever discipline Thor goes to in the hospital, I'm sure all the female doctors will go swarming to join that speciality, given his good looks. So, which department do you want Thor to be in? 

Thor is screening in cinemas now. Wah Natalie Portman chio le!


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    He will be a forensic Pa-THOR-ogist, busy solving mysteries and helping his patients find the killer

  2. only everytime i go mortuary, I want to thor...

  3. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Exactly, becoz THOR is always busy working hard there...

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