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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Faster and Furiouser!

So Fast and Furious 7 cheong pass $1 Billion liao. Dr Og played a part in that by having watched the show one week ago. Fast and Furious is one of Dr Og's favourite movie franchise (after Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avengers, LOTR, Transformers, Ironman, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Toy Story, The Hunger Games, X-Men.......) There are bromance, fast cars and the Rock. Really, whats there not to like.

If anything at all to criticise, the screenplay writers got lazy and copied the plot of Avengers (who copied the plot of Transformers). It is basically about some people wanting to take over the world and these dudes with super fast cars stopping them and in between some buildings and cars get blown up. Like the Avengers these dudes have super power. They can jump in, out, down, up vehicles without falling by altering the law of Physics, they have invulnerability and can survive car crashes and falls from height without any substantial injuries, and their cars can even fly from one building to another. Unlike in Transformers (another movie about saving the world while destroying some cities along the way), the cars do not transform and start talking rubbish, which Dr Og feels is a good thing actually.

Dr Og also think Vin Diesel got lazy. This dude won some acting award last time tio boh? Why now he like only got one buay song face and one ya ya papaya expression?

The Rock (sorry dunno his name) was not bad in the show. He fell off a building and managed to hope  the char bor in his arms. After that he went hospital still alert and GC well! Only break a few ribs bones and had a cast over his arm. He later summon super power and break the cast by flexing his arm. So un un un believable, I tiok stunned like vegetable lor. But he redeemed himself immediately in the next scene by driving an ambulance to go help fixed facies Vin Diesel. An ambulance in fast and furious wor!

The Rock say he wants to do a spinoff for his character in Fast and Furious. I think Dr Og can contribute the plot:
The Rock after falling from so high and breaking this and that bone. And also anyhow AOR from hospital without proper treatment, was downgraded to PES C9L9. So he cannot work in the dunno simi government agency liao coz he fail medical board.

He retires to become an ambulance driver and learns to drift ambulance at the hill behind MOH which used to be KEVII. Because of his extraordinary driving skill and speed, unhuman strength to pick up any casualty without a stretcher and ability to bump off all the slow coach cars jamming up the road to SGH A and E, he manage to improve our national ambulance response time single handedly! Complaints such as this totally disappears as the Rock can get you to TTSH and KKH at the same time with his doppelganger super power (how can this be a Fast and Furious movie without some ridiculous right?)!

Also SNEC can sponsor all their doctors' lovely sports cars (which would otherwise be just parked there anyway and never see the real speed they were built for). The name of the movie I also think swee swee liao, call Faster and Furiouser: Ambulance Cheong No Enuff. In line with our Singapore motto of Faster Better Cheaper... for SG50 Swee la!




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