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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tips on How to Make Your Doctor Like You (Part 2)

Last week, Dr Og teach you how to make your doctor like you. If you haven't try better quick quick. There are of course lots of research to show that if your lokun like you, he will treat you better. Even the char kway teow uncle will give you more hum if he likes you right?

Here comes some more tips!

4. Listen (After You Talk)

You are after all C-O-N-S-U-L-T-I-N-G your doctor (and paying to do so), so its only right that you L-I-S-T-E-N to the consult (to make your money worth it). Many patients switch off when they are told things they do not want to hear and when sh#t hits the wall, they will claim "Wah, Loctor why you neh tell me don't take meh-cine will be so jialat."

Wah lau... Dr Og told you so and also judiciously documented it down in the case notes ok. But you weren't listening, were you. Not likable at all... humph.

5. Self Diagnosis and Treatment

Being ke kiang and demanding your doctor to give you treatment for the diagnosis you think you have is not likable at all lah. Yes, you can Google about your symptoms but you did not spend 5 years in medical school, one (tortuous) year as a Houseman and another 4-5 years in specialty training. You did not spend thousands of hours seeing and treating thousands of patients with the same problem.

Even if you more clever than the doctor, pretend pretend a bit. Trust me, when the doctor sayang you, the injection also not so painful one.

Anyway if you really so so clever, you don't need to see and doctor or to have him like you. Press Alt-F4.

6. Assuming Responsibility

And if you so clever and you think you can self diagnose and self treat like taking a selfie on your smart phone, please also take responsibility for the risk you put yourself in hor.

Aunty (from last post): "Lokun I ok liao, the medicine I stop liao, can har?""
Dr: No la, best continue la. You choose to stop anything happen not my pasar ok."
Aunty: "Means I can stop la, can har, you say one har!"

One month later...

Aunty Angry: "Wah lokun you say can stop, see now so jialat, you bluff me ar!!!"
Aunty's Son: "Wah lokun, why you tell my mother to stop medicine??? You sabo ar, I port you to hospital!"

Now even the son is unlikable, hai...

7. Maiming or Killing Your Doctors

If your doctor is dead, he really cannot like you. Attacking him will really do no good to your patient doctor relationship because there will be none left. If you really don't like your doctor just change la and maybe the next doctor same pattern as you. 

In China, doctors are frequently attacked and sometimes killed by buay song patients and relatives. Some of you may say orbid good since the doctors there take bribes and angbaos and some of you may laugh it off since Singapore is like the safest place in the world. But low crime doesn't mean no crime;  being threatened and even actual physical violence are not so uncommon. Nowadays, doctors kennah thrown hot milk and infected needles and even tiok kicked ar!

Why so liddat? The doctor will be so scared that he will be standing at least ten feet from you during consult liao, the stethoscope where got long enough?

Aiyah, its really easy for your doctors to like you. Just be patient, polite and nice (how hard is that right?). Being liked by your doctor will bring unprecedented privileges and extra KY jelly before the fingers do the walking.....

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