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Monday, November 02, 2015

The Reason Why the Haze Has Ended.

So the haze came back. They say the last time the haze was this bad was in 1997. Sure or not? Dr Og remember 1997, I was still a student. Remember was walking with a girl down the quiet road hazy hazy, machiam very romantic. Like in movie like that. Fast forward to today, no more quiet roads around liao and the haze like got a yellow tinge to it.

And as usual, Dr Og didn't get an air purifier in time when the haze struck. I spent many weekends searching online and offline but everywhere sold out liao! In some online electronic stores, even the category mysteriously disappear. Reminds me on how suddenly before midnight or at rush hours, all the taxi sure pang kee one!

So for the whole duration of the haze, my wife and poor kids have to survive on a single air purifier with a three year old filter. They are of course not very HEPA about it (pun intended hahaha). I was reluctant to clean the filter since that would mean me being hantam not only by the PM2.5 for this year's haze but also those that were collected two years ago when the haze was also bad!

I was trying to convince them that they can wear the N95 masks indoors. There are now huge stocks of N95s around so no scared don't have. Some even got air blowing one, so high tech! The kids of course complain that it is uncomfortable and don't want to wear. Hello! Lim peh assisted hours and hours of surgery in N95 plus PPE (personal protective equipment) also never complain. Remember that time, finish surgery, the scrubs so wet, can see the nipple shape liao!

Anyway, I still try my best to find air purifiers and finally found a few units in a store with real HEPA (and not the bluff HEPA type) filters. The air purifiers like more expansive than usual leh but never mind la... Wife and kids happy most important right?

And then hor, the very next day...

No haze liao.......

Singaporeans, you owe me one.


  1. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Didn't know you so young one?! Still a student in 1997??!! Real or not???!!!

  2. Wah liao.... Not every Lokun is lao kok kok can.... Wait... or was it 1987... Si lang dementia...

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    1987 sounds more likely. :d

  4. Anonymous3:08 AM

    1997 I also student. Where got young this year 35 liao.

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    But I don't think Dr Og that young leh. Anyway, if you were 17 in 1997, then obviously u still student lah. 35, in Singapore, still considered youth, you know?