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Friday, November 04, 2005

小明的日记簿 Episode 3:

小明的日记簿 is an epic novel which depicts the ridiculous life of a medical student. The characters of this epic novel are fictional. Any similarities with person(s) dead or alive is purely due to your own imagination

In the last episode of 小明的日记簿, Jassie commented:
"HAHAHA kinda reminds me of harry potter though... tom riddle's diary... "
Just wanna say that my story is on a hairy doctor..... not harry potter!
And there ain't no magic in medicine........

Mao Mao was hairy even as a little boy. He especially hated it when those ugly aunties with their curly hair and acne cratered face came over and pinch him on the cheeks saying "wah boy boy so much hair, soooo cute!" He was worried that they would infect him with the acne germs. Being hairy was bad enough, protect his complexion he must.

Mao Mao would later learn in microbiology classes that the germs he was so afraid of was Propionibacterium acnes, a skin bacteria. For now, Mao Mao was just a freshman not really enjoying his orientation.

He had no idea what the hell they were doing. Apparently it was a float like those in Chingay. As with the tradition of the medical faculty, the theme of the float was some Disney cartoon.

"Wah lau, sibei embarrassing...." Mao Mao thought. The other faculties were making cool stuff like dragon with coke cans or some post modern structures. "Disney cartoon..... sigh....."

At least tonight was the last night of orientation. But tonight they can't go home. The float had to be perfect! They were making the final touches for the judging tomorrow morning. Just as Mao Mao was relaxing one corner, Meng Kee appeared all excited. "Heh we've got allocated a good job tonight!"

Before Mao Mao could protest they were driven by a year two senior in his BMW 5 series to the carpark where the float presentation would take place the next day. A pretty fresh(wo)man in supermini mini skirt was in the front seat. The castle part of the float had already been transported to the carpark.

"Ok dudes get off here, you guys jagar the castle. be careful the law people come and vandalise!" The senior than drove off with the pretty fresh(wo)man and the mini skirt become more and more mini as they disappeared into the night.

"Wah lau, drive us here also need to have female escort meh?" Mao Mao complained. Plus he had heard from his friend in law fac that they were going to boycott the entire float thingie since they lost every year anyway. They were probably getting drank in someone's hostel room tonight. "Jagar simi? Think I security guard......"

Meng Kee took out a green groundsheet from his bag and laid it on the floor. "Good mah, volunteer and get in the good books of the seniors! Somemore here no need to do anything, can sleep!" He proceeded to lie down to snooze.

Before Mao Mao even sat down on the ground sheet, Meng Kee was already snoring away. Mao Mao felt itchy all over. Being hairy, he trapped plenty of heat and those damned insects had a hard time flying out of the hairy maze in his legs once they flew in.

Mao Mao was looking for some cream in his bag when he saw that diary again. He had forgotten all about it after dumping it in his bag that day.

He had the whole night ahead of him, this could prove interesting......

He flipped to page one, "这是小明的日记簿。生人勿进!”

Then he turned the page,
" 七月十五,晴天。



"Wah biang!" Mao Mao thought. "This senior is like some perverted stalker with a penchant for cheesy chinese songs!!"
Before he could read on, he heard a car approaching fast. The car came to a screeching halt right in front of them. The headlights were blaring into his eyes but Mao Mao could make out the silhouette of a girl came out of the car.
"Hi, I'm Julie. I brought you guys supper."
Julie is good. Julie is Mao Mao's favourite brand of biscuits.


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  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    wou, great mao mao appears again!!!

    hmm, mao mao likes julie wor.

  3. future aussie med student9:12 PM

    i also like julie peanut butter biscuit! loLz =) ok lar this comment a bit out of point

  4. Anonymous9:15 PM

    dr blog has been mysterious lately.

    must be busy concocting the xiaoming episode three!!!

  5. make it like "Zhen Qin"!!!

    300 episode!


  6. Anonymous9:21 PM

    at this rate of writing,( not even one episode per day), cannot be 300 episode lah. otherwise 3 years also cannot finish leh.

  7. but my plan was 6 years leh

  8. Anonymous9:47 PM

    6 years man. by then, too old to read mao mao liao lah.

  9. xiaoming9:54 PM

    forget about xiaoming.
    i more interested did mao mao eat julie up ?


  10. loves lokun! smart man!

  11. future aussie med student10:44 PM

    lolz. xm v funny =D

  12. medstudent12:13 AM

    wth..hhaha..who is julie??? the reg at TTSH?

  13. Anonymous12:46 AM


    very cheesy meh?? hahaha

  14. 无言的结局!!!

    but lokun... not exactly similar to the lyrics though lolz!

  15. hum sak blogger9:56 AM

    haha..last time the mini skirt can be how mini? heh

  16. Anonymous11:06 AM

    medstudent: dun be lame la the reg at ttsh...

  17. med student3:51 PM

    i love xiao ming's diary! Should post it more often..it's my source of entertainment..away from my guyton and moore. bleah. Studying rocks!

  18. Anonymous8:18 PM

    jia you!!! episode four please!!!!

  19. yll med student12:03 AM

    cliffhanger! episode four!!

  20. hey! nice post! Epi 4!!! :)

  21. Anonymous11:50 PM

    doctor, finished studying this weekend? more articles soon?

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