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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why They So Like Dat?

Last week got many holidays, so Dr Og managed to steal some time off and go out with friends.

We were at a HiFi exhibition when my friend made unsubstantiated statement no. 1:

"They say this HiFi set sibei solid."

When I probed further about who they were, he could not tell me and this lead to unsubstantiated statement no. 2:

"I read about it from somewhere"

Of course anal retentive me cannot let it just go down like that so I asked where was this somewhere? This did not lead to anymore statements. My friend got angry with me and left.

How often it is that we hear people telling us that "they tell us this treatment good" or "read somewhere that this was useful". How often it is that people get angry when we tell them not to trust they.

The big question is really how can we become they and spread some correct messages for once.

Who are this people making irresponsible, unsubstantiated and evidenceless remarks?

And why they so like dat?


  1. future aussie med student11:30 AM

    finally got update wor!

  2. People say certain things to break the "ICE". Loosen up. You lose more friends than make, if you always want to be potitically-correct. Sometimes, these type of superifical friends are good for passing time, and offer a consult to the soul that there's always someone more stupid than yourself.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    shhh, don't tell anyone else, but I'm part of the "they" and actually we get instructions from higher-ups to spread these remarks.. they don't tell us that such remakrs are irresponsible, unsubstantiated and evidenceless though.. so don't blame "they".. =P

  4. salute3:59 PM

    often this "they say" is baseless conjuncture and hearsay when people wants to appear more knowledgable then they really are.....

    Lim Peh know also dun say "they say".... it will be "Lim Peh say".. Can?

  5. wife.of.an.un-doctor4:18 PM

    There was a tv commercial which ran on UK telly a few months ago which actually answered the question you asked. "Who exactly is THEY?"

  6. wife.of.an.un-doctor4:20 PM

    "They" in the above referring to a singular. They (the ad makers) might have used "are" but I can't remember. Pedantic me.

  7. oxoxo: just trying to illustrate. of course dr og won't go around offending his friends. i know when to gag myself.

    it becomes a problem when someone hears something, believe it totally, forget where he hears it from, still believes it wholeheartedly.

    "they" say medicine take too much no good.....

    what "they" say can sometimes kill you......

  8. hahaha... i think this is the effect of 'EBM'...

    must know who the 'they' is... and then see if THEY are credible...

    but if u dun want to 'gek' yrself too much. u could say: 'but i heard it from somewhere else... THEY say this one's better...!' :)

  9. Anonymous9:31 PM

    so dr blog finish studying? why suddenly appear again?

  10. Anonymous9:32 PM

    ya lor, where did you go last few weeks??

  11. Dr's wife10:46 PM

    THEY according to my mother is a medical specialist, banker, army general,expert on nutrition , computer expert, overall kaypoh who seems to give her a lot of advice.. Basically this know-it-all Super Being...

  12. i say, they digest, i become the they, they are the best!

  13. Anonymous7:44 PM

    u're becoming boring and predictable it started after u came up with the monkey republic crap.

  14. Anonymous9:29 PM

    u cb! cannot talk about work lah! knn! say so many times liao u all so stupid!

  15. The 'they' is always there somewhere, very gosu one.

    Anyway on serious note, that's how the rumours of contraceptive pills gave it SUCH a bad REPUTATION. How about HRT? Not to mention BLOOD DONATION?!!!

  16. Anonymous5:17 PM

    standard of dr blog articles dropped again. surely it can be better than this? and where is mao mao episode four!!

  17. yah hor, hifi equipment also should do randomised controlled trial, double blinded study, meta analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis!

    nowsaday got HDCD, DVD-A, XRCD, SACD, SMLJ CD, also got silver cable, gold cable, platinium cable - i think all is cheet money one!