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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Kah Leong was awakened by the sounds of thunder. He half-opened his groggy eyes and could see flashes of light from the window slit. The usual monsoon thunderstorm..... Expectedly, he heard footsteps scuffling. Ma always came into his room to close the windows when it rained.

Kah Leong called out, "Ma...?"

"Wake up bro, stop dreaming!" Someone shook him in the darkness.

Kah Leong realised he was not at home. He was not in his pajamas. He was in his long four and his boots were still on. He was at the battlefield.


Kah Leong hated his life when he was a full time national serviceman. What was the point? He liked to give the excuse that he was peace loving. The rifle was too heavy for him. War was never a possibility.

Overnight, things changed. The home that he knew was reduced to rubbles in a matter of minutes. He was spared as he was working in the business district. Perharps the enemy had only bombarded residential areas to instill fear. Perharps they had wanted to preserve the business infrastructure.

Kah Leong's family was not so fortunate. After the bombardment, he went to what was left of his terrace house. He searched frantically for his loved ones. There were bits and pieces of human flesh everywhere. He saw a detached arm and recognised it to be his sister's. After hesistating for a minute, he found a clothe and wrapped the arm in it. He could find noting else.

Kah Leong's legs were weak and he could no longer stand. He kneeled down crying, hugging his sister's remains. Where was Ma? Could she had gone out and was seeking refuge somewhere? But Ma never went out much...... How could this have happened? War was so far away......

The millitary police found him a few days later still ramaging through the ruins. They brought him back to his reservist unit.

Kah Leong was a peace loving man. Now he is filled with anger and hatred. Now he wanted to carry arms. To fight. To seek revenge. To take back the land which belonged to him and his people.


Kah Leong wiped away his tears and picked up his M16. Somehow, he could no longer feel the weight of his rifle. He followed his platoonmates out of the tentage. They were under enemy artillery bombardment.

It was not a thunderstorm.


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  2. Dr Oz bloke11:34 AM

    Trust me if your scenario befell Monkey Republic, there would be no way in hell Kah Leong's unit would win the war.

    Monkey Republic cannot suffer a pre-emptive strike from an invader. There is no hinterland to run to. It would be overun almost overnight.

    Monkey Rep's only hope is to be the ones who strike first, and strike hard. Hence your scenario if it happened would mean THE END.

    On the other hand if there were to be a pre-emptive strike from Monkey Rep, most likely people like Kah Leong would run away to other countries first.

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    This scene reminds me a little of the first episode in Gundam Seed Destiny.

    War. Bah. Sure, we can bite back, but then, other people would be hurt, then will they bite back too?

    I think it's an unending cycle of hate.

    Literature, media can be quite powerful; To stir up the spirits, to uncover emotions that run deep.

    Bite back, at what cost?

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I think the story is an allegorical tale. Kah Leong is a white blood cell, specifically a memory cell/reservist.

    The bombardment refers to viraemia.

  5. med student2:02 PM

    what happened to the sgdr that used to be so entertaining? Apart from xiaoming's journal, it has lost its taste! Maybe change the title of the blog to some really crappy name..then you guys could blog about those "fictatious" hospital stories... =)

  6. Anonymous2:12 PM

    What a morbid entry.. Hope this would nv happen. Violence should nv be the solution to any issues. =) *peace-lovin*

  7. Anonymous9:45 PM

    keep on trying.

  8. Anonymous10:14 PM

    i miss the old dr blog.. its used to be so entertaining

  9. Anonymous10:26 PM

    i agree with anon 10:14. How many dr Blogs are there?? where is the good old Dr Blog who is so entertaining? Pls come and make some noise here, cos we miss u!

  10. it is ok lah. different people can blog about different things mah.

    just that need to keep on writing.
    and one article per week is not enough haha...

  11. Anonymous11:20 PM


  12. Anonymous10:52 AM

    people like dr blog for his stories about his life, his work whatever you want to call it. Nowadays, it feels like we are reading stories about other people. All the entertainment values are simply gone. You might as well shut it down for good as you had once planned to.

  13. Dr Oz bloke11:28 AM

    Well it's really just a pity isn't it?

    A good blogger, blogging about a topic close to his heart, after all it is his life.

    And then the corporation comes in and says you can't blog about your life.

    So the blog changes. I too would agree that I have started to be less than impressed with the blog entries here.

    You guys might want to checkout


    at least it's a REAL medical blog about medicine by a doctor which I dun think is likely to change soon.