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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bird Park II 之鸟中鸟

R RATED, Read on if you are 18 and above.

Dr: Yes young man, how can I help you?
鸟人: Loctor ar, I cannot piak piak...

Dr: Pee-ark Pee-ark? What is that?
鸟人: Aiyah, piak piak loh you know... (moves his right middle finger in and out of his left fisted hand)

Dr: Oh... You mean to have sexual intercourse?  
鸟人: Yah la, sex la. How loctor??? Can help boh? Got medicine?

Dr: So you have problems when you have sex with your girlfriend?
鸟人: No. I no girlfriend.

Dr: Prostitutes?
鸟人: No, my mother say cannot go find chicken.

Dr: Boyfriend??
鸟人: Loctor, you say I homo?? I hoot you understand???

Dr, puzzled: Then??
鸟人: I kaki lai! My left hand! (hand still fisted)

Dr, sighs: so whats the problem?
鸟人: I think I don't last long enough.... Can I have 伟哥??

Dr: But who are you having sex with??
鸟人 (grins): Don't have but I want to be stronger mah!


  1. chaoRP11:59 PM

    hey i like your blog!
    can't stop laughing, can recommend a psy?

    good to see you back

  2. thanks for your kind comments! Er you really need to see psy ar? Hope thats not the reason why you find this blog funny :P

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    why no posts recently?

  4. becoz deciding whether to run for presidency....

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    your surname is tan also?