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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Boogie Man

Have you ever dreamt that,
you were chased
by a boogie man.

And you were running,
and running
and running

Down the staircase
which seemed
to be never-

But if you had
stopped to take
a peek,
you would see

the same eyes,
the same ears,
the same nose,
the same mouth,

The same face.
The boogie man was you.


  1. can have lighter topic or not.. heheee..

    but the boogie man.... is you 心魔 ba..

  2. teerex1:58 AM

    yes.. so scary.. my face.

  3. happy child8:36 AM

    its tragic if u cant face yourself in the mirror and u have to run away from yourself all the time. just like if you ever want to run away from your past it ll always come straight back at ya eh?

    dr blog going through some kinda introspective crisis? =)