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Thursday, October 27, 2005

小明的日记簿 Episode 2:

小明的日记簿 is an epic novel which depicts the ridiculous life of a medical student. The characters of this epic novel are fictional. Any similarities with person(s) dead or alive is purely due to your own imagination.

Mao Mao as he is affectionately known by his family was borned hairy. His mother suspected that all his body hair probably made up a substantial amount of his birth weight, a hefty 3.7kg, a big baby for those times. A strange phenomenon was to render Mao Mao hairless as he grew. He will later learn in medical school that the condition is called androgenetic alopecia or simply male pattern balding to the lay person.

At this point of time, Mao Mao was a young 19 year old and this dreaded condition had yet to afflict him. His crowning glory was still very much intact and gave him much needed confidence to chase girls. The same cannot be said of his new found friend from medicine.

Actually Mao Mao had not really decided if he considered Meng Kee his friend. As Meng Kee was just one name down the roster, Mao Mao ended up in the same group as him for almost everything.

Meng Kee was the typical on the wrong ball kind of person. At least as far as Mao Mao was concerned.

"Isn't it great?!!! Mao! We are in medicine! We are going to be doctors! I'm so excited"

On the contrary, Mao Mao had wished he did not go for the interview. After big mouth Aunty Lily told the whole clan he was accepted, his lao pek had brought him before the ancestral altar and made him swear he would go through the 5 year course. He suspected his father had connections with secret society, now he confirmed he is right.

"So you read any books yet? I finish reading Ganung liao. Damn cheem!" Meng Kee went on. Mao Mao had no idea what Ganung was.

"And you got your locker liao?" The good thing about Meng Kee was that he did looked out for Mao Mao.

"But the orientation also not over yet....." Mao Mao replied.

"You don't know lah, all the lockers near our lecture hall all taken liao, better go and get one quick!"

Indeed, Mao Mao went to the estate office and was allocated a locker far far away. He searched high and low before finally finding his locker at one far corner in the Science faculty. The locker was terribly rusted and there was a lock.

"Basket! Which turtle senior never remove his lock." He was already frustrated from getting such a lousy location. He went back to the estate office and a young punk was sent to bust the lock.

Mao Mao removed the busted lock and opened the locker. The interior was moist and algae was growing.

"Wah lau this type of locker, kennah sai." He was not going to use it.

Something else caught his eyes. There was a book inside. He took it out and flipped to the first page:



  1. xiaoming8:07 PM


    wait... i have a diary meh?...

  2. docphobic8:10 PM

    hey...don like dat le...y every blog must have chinese writing wan??

    can someone han yu pin yin/translate for non-chinese like me...can? pls pls

    very potong steam le cos donno whats the chinese sentence at the end all abt...haiz

    thanx in advance :)

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    briefly, it translates as this is Xiao Ming's diary. Not for strangers to read .

  4. wa lau....lokun very good at writting leh....

    knows how to sequence at the right stage...

    hehehehe....a budding novelist in the works?

    hurry up and write leh!

    we wait till salivates liao!

  5. HAHAHA kinda reminds me of harry potter though... tom riddle's diary... nice story though! can't wait for episode 3!

  6. future aussie med student8:15 AM

    hmmm...so wat's written in xm's diary?? come up with episode 3 soon ok! =)

  7. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Isn't Meng Kee the name of a satay bee hoon stall at East Coast Hawker Centre?

  8. Meng Kee is not a satay bee hoon stall, it is the satay bee hoon stall!

  9. dr blog so subjectively correct wor.....


  10. Anonymous5:42 PM

    m1s don't read ganong these days leh!

    so maomao is veryvery old liaoz.

    anyway, this is getting interesting! wonder what's inside xiao ming's diary!!!! i want more!

  11. Oh! I like this story, pls keep it coming. I assume got part 3 hor?

  12. hey i know of an alopeciated medical student in monkey republic who is always on the wrong ball!

  13. cranium in his evil mood.....