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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Sound of Music

I was reading blinkymummy's blog and came to know that Jouk was reopening. (Incidentally, I love her blog....... her blog, not her.)

The last time I went to Jouk was many years ago (cannot tell you exactly or you guess my age :P). I was a 2nd year medical student and you know in those days 2nd year med student only need go for microB exam so very free (and happy).

I wasn't particularly enthusiatic about Jouk becoz we usually went on a Wednesday evening. Don't ask me why man. It was like some Mumbo Jumbo night and the queue was like bloody long. Wednesday night! After a long day of lectures and playing with scabies in the lab, go queue up to go Jouk! I suspect I went along because the classmate I fancied went. Though that memory has long been repressed in my unconcious mind.

Another reason why I didn't particularly like Jouk was because I came from an era where Canto Pop reigned supreme. Yes C-A-N-T-O! Canto! Canto! During my army daze, we would hang out with the hokkien pengs and visit karaokes. We usually drank beer and hard liquor, not cocktails with fanciful names like long island tea and tequila. When we were sufficiently drunk, we went to Canto (of course!) and shaked (I won't dare say we danced) the night away in those dui-dui-dui techno music. The fun stopped abruptly one night when I puked coffee ground stuff. The medical treatment for that is another story altogether.

But like they say, in Rome do as the Greeks do. So here I was again in another night spot with my fellow medical classmates, queueing up no less. I trust my gastric linings have sufficiently repaired themselves. When we got into Jouk, I was bloody surprised that the music actually had lyrics! Wah lau! Not the dui-dui-dui kind, but some stupid 80s retro. What the heck lah, just order drinks, down it and everything sounds the same. I decided to get the first round (must be want to impress the ger, but really cannot recall leh) and the group decided on something ribena, music very loud cannot hear. Wah lau, simi lai a?

Don't care lah, just go to the bar counter and order. I looked at the drinks menu and found what my classmates wanted. Vodka Ribena, lame. Ordered 2 jugs. They din even give us glasses. Just dump some straws into the jugs. Sibei unhygienic share saliva. Never mind pass them my H. pylori, hahaha.

I happily carried that two jug of Vodka Ribena to my classmates and they started sipping on the straws. After a while, they looked perplexed, like I spiked their drinks. One of them said, "I think there is alcohol in the drinks."

Yah mah! Vodka Ribena.

"No, we wanted Ribena."

That was the last time I went to Jouk!


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Err...who goes to Zouk and drinks ribena? Its like going to coffee bean and asking for coke. And i still cant understand why they sell snapple. =S

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    this dr blog is not the one who like the poem?

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    how come these few days, dr blog seldom appear in chat box? busy dating ha?

  4. xiaoming12:28 PM

    Canto Pop era?..

    erm can guess he rough age leh..
    around 30?

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    that's why you guys were med students

    drinking ribena at a disco lol....

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Nowsadays 2nd year med students not so free okay... Got MicroB CA, got Neuroanat CA, got Pharmaco CA, got Patho CA, and got blardy COF medicine CA...

    We pak tor in the med library... lol.

  7. but your first year not so siong like us. i use to pak tor over the cadaever.

    I win!

  8. Mad Med7:07 PM

    That always happens to medical students! At least u've been to a club.. i've never stepped in a club for all my 57 years.

  9. Anonymous8:32 PM

    eh.. you forgot the immuno CA =(

  10. Anonymous8:42 PM

    wow dr blog lao shao xian yi leh.
    57 year old dr here also.

  11. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Oy, who say first year not siong. Nowadays year 1 and 2 CA until CA also cannot CA.

    One time they wanted us to have 4 CA in 1 day. (year 2)

  12. aust med student bf10:32 PM


  13. I think they rely on the alcohol to kill off the helicobacter. haha

  14. medical students: complain somemore, wait til u become HO! hahahaha

  15. adventurer8:49 AM

    damn that evil laughter. Nowadays, everyone tries their best to discourage potential med students.

  16. anon one11:00 AM

    i read blog on saturday. Count one.

  17. Anonymous11:09 AM

    dr blog, how many years normally from ho ->mo-> registrar->consultant->senior consultant

  18. Australian med student11:12 AM

    we pak tor over cadavers, over histology slides, in the library, late at night in each other's houses during "anatomy study groups". But a hot favourite is the darkened lecture halls, in some deserted shadowy corner.

  19. I read ur blog on sunday..

    cos I got insomnia last nite.

    I need sleeping pills.. dr!

  20. Pity you man...hanging out at Zouk with guys who only want Ribena!?? Jeez...how deprived they must have grown to be by now??!!! :p

  21. dear anon @ 1109am: almost 10 years to become consultant. SC another 3-4 yrs

    queen: suggest you try to improve sleep hygiene. leave me ur email.

    geraldine: so when you gonna bring us to some cool place to hang out huh?

  22. future aussie med student3:56 PM

    mambo nite fun wat! :) i suppose it depends on the compaNy...hEex

  23. future aussie med student: dont disgrace the aussie med students! Get a life loser!

  24. future aussie med student9:12 PM

    eh disgrace wat? anything wrong with enjoying mambo nite with friends? if u think i cant drink u're damn wrong cos my alcohol tolerance level is higher than u'd expect. so fuck off.

  25. james9:33 PM

    Hes upset that you prefer mambo nite to camping lol

  26. sexy med student10:21 PM

    No lar. I think cAMP meant that you are si bei childish and kwai lan. Not say i want to say hor, but mabbe you are leh. Gives people the impression that aussie med students si bei cannot make it. But then again, you are not really a med student yet...i suppose things will improve when u become one. grow up!

  27. future aussie med student10:29 PM

    and what gives the impression that i'm childish?

  28. err...go mambo so bad meh?

  29. aust med student bf11:23 PM

    dear, u pak tor with who? :(

    Sexy Med Student come here..

  30. Anonymous11:24 PM

    heya i m just wondering how the local med grads feel about the overseas med grads huh??

  31. Harvard Medicine Student1:02 AM

    they feel good because they are all friends.

  32. Not a Med Student6:20 AM

    Same story here... except i never went back to zouk with that bunch of friends...

  33. dear anon @11:24pm, overseas med grads are usually more enthusiatic when they come back. not like us locals already burnt out and everday bcc.

  34. so is zouk fun? sure it is! is camping fun? also fun mah.
    to get the best of both world, why not camp outside zouk? most of us who are not velvet VIP need to queue anyway.

  35. Dr BL og 1.27pm


    popping sleeping pills/ Queen

  36. aust med student bf1:10 AM

    wah DR BL OG sian char bor! Queen obliged!!!

  37. gimme a kilkenny! then wine, then vodka, then long island tea! mixing drinks' more fun than vodka ribena no?

    the singapore doctors really really depressed, despondent, burnt out huh... i feel sorry about that. dunno how to encourage you all. what hope is there if doctors are feeling lousy? sigh...

    let's all get drunk then.

  38. Eh .. hello, I just wan to cure my stupid insomnia lah ..

    Any advise from doc I will take.
    That's why give email mah ..

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