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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Doc...Kao Ying Buey? (Are you married?)

I have been asked this question on how to tell if your doctor is married.

1. Ask

a. The doctor himself/herself
DR: Hello. (Looks at clerking card) Miss Tan right? What brings you to the clinic today?
Miss Tan: Doctor… are you married?

DR: Hello Mr Tan. You look so tired today. What happened?
Mr Tan: Doctor… how many children do you have?

b. Other doctors
DR: Hello Miss Tan. How are you feeling today?
Miss Tan: Hi… do you know if Dr. Ong from Ward 45 is married?

c. The ugly, old clinic assistant (UOCA)
Miss Tan: Eh…ask you hor… your Dr. Ong… is he married?
UOCA: (without even looking up) Yes. To me.

d. Other patients
(In waiting area)
Miss Tan: Hmm.. just wondering if our Dr. Ong is married.
Miss Ang, Miss Lim, Miss Tay, Miss Chen, Miss Lee: (in unison) That’s what we want to know too!

e. The internet
You can always google. You may be surprised at what you might find. E.g. Using google to check for this doctor called Dr. BL Og will link you to his blog. However, you will still be unsure whether he is married or not.

2. Check for pictures

- Look out for photo frames on his desk, his wall. For many married doctors, apart from their degrees, they usually frame up some family pictures on the wall, the desk etc.
- Use the photos to ask more questions.

- Check his wallet! Creep silently like a ninja behind him when he is paying for food in the canteen. Then it will be revealed that...

- If little girl, likely his daughter or he is a pedophile.
- If sweet young thing, likely his girlfriend is still a university student (HEH!) or he still has not grown out of a certain phase in life yet
- If mature, gorgeous babe, likely his girlfriend/wife/mistress
- If more mature, slightly plump lady, likely his wife. Well, it may be his mother. But you sure you want to be with a guy who keeps his mother's picture in the wallet? If keep family picture I still can understand...
- If his own photo, he is likely to be narcissistic and won't be interested in you. Maybe if you are his twin brother. But then again that is another story for another day
- If little boy, likely his son or he is a homosexual pedophile
- If sweet young male thing/hunk/elderly man, he is likely gay. And you won't stand a chance. Unless you think you can convert him.
- If picture of a sheep/goat....... well......

3. Check the clinic room to look for circumstantial evidence
E.g. Are there any lunch boxes lying around? If there are, it may mean a few things.Examples
“…hey, I am happily married and this lunchbox is the evidence of my wife’s love and devotion to me…”

“…hey, I am married and my wife is controlling my finances. No choice but have to eat from lunch boxes...”

“…hey, I am not married but I have this love-hate relationship with my mother. She prepares lunch for me to symbolise her control over me…”

“…hey, I am not married and I am too stingy to go out for lunch…”

You may not want to know him better. Period.
4. Check his fingers
- Are there rings there?- Well, many surgeons I know don’t wear their wedding bands because it is rather troublesome to have to take off/put on in the OT. For operations I mean. Not for er….other things like what they may do on Sunday Morning. So it may be a bit harder if you intend to chase a surgeon. But then again, why do you want to be with a surgeon? =P- Some of them wear the rings on their necklaces. Can check the neck as well. Can also check for love bites at the same time.

5. Stalk your doctor

- Highly effective but also highly illegal.

The above methods can all be tried, apart from number 5. Unless you want to be arrested and get sent to a mental hospital for evaluation. Unless your target is a psychatrist.


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Nice one, but i doubt it's of any help. doc status still unknown. ;P

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    come on, if i am not a patient unlikely to apply 1. for 2 and 3, my doc do not have a permanent room leh, so method failed. that left four, but did not see a ring leh.

    I will not apply 5 because i am not interested in going to mental hospital.

    I got his hanphone no though, cos he asked me to call him directly to provide some info. better tips pls.

  3. Provide some info?
    You are
    1. Pharmacist
    2. Someone from QIU
    3. MSW
    4. Hospital security
    5. Hospital canteen operator? Heh

    Anyway, call him to provide him with the info that he requires... and then make small talk lah?
    Are you the kind of ger that insists that the guy must make the first move?
    Small talk...ask about gerfriend, ask about kids etctec
    Hmm..you think he have kids?

  4. simple lah. get doc's full name, then check with rom LOL. mystery solved.

    would you like to volunteer your full name Dr Og?


  5. Anonymous9:53 AM

    whenever we talked it is always on work. cannot divert to other things leh cos got colleagues in my office.

    do not insist guy make the first move but too shy to make the first move. ai, social stigma.

    if i know he is married or attached, then will have already given up lo.

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    aiyah, i already know his full name. but rom need payment. don't want to leave trail behind.

  7. Another Doc9:57 AM

    What you have say are so true ? but the male doctor are the one who get more attention from their patient.

  8. My full name?
    Dr. Bo Liao Og
    of course not.

    Anyway... whether can divert to other thing or not is a skill that can be mastered. Really.
    Social stigma? Hmm.. well, it is to know him better yes? It is not as if you are going to propose to him. Are you?

  9. Dr Bl Og: hey, the blog looks, no, reads better now!

    keep swimming! keep swimming! (Nemo's Dad)

    hey...inex going full speed ahead liao! kekeke......

  10. future aussie med student10:01 AM

    mmm...i think not v accurate one leHz. my doc is married with 3 kids but 2, 3, 4 absolutely reveals nothing about that. lolz. and his car also looks as if no passengers ever rides in it cos he has his books and other stuff strewn in the back seat and sometimes the front too.

  11. Anonymous10:02 AM

    wow looks like i must build up my socialisation skill liao.

  12. Hmm.. i think it is hard for male patients to approach their female/male doctors. Perhaps it is a social thing.
    Have you heard this Chinese saying,
    "For a girl to go after a guy, it's like a silk veil in between.
    For a guy to go after a girl, it's like a mountain in between."

    And man, being man, are more visual creatures. They love pretty, hot things. And females doctors? Hmm... please refer to much earlier posts about criteria for medical school. Can't remember if I covered this part. HAHA...

    Anyway, that was a joke. yes?

    Everyone is beautiful.

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    it will be very obvious to show i am interested in him if i ask him if he has kids, is married etc.

    and he is always so busy with the cases that keep coming him.

    problem becomes don't know what is a good time to approach him without disturbing his work.

  14. Future Aussie Med Student: That's why for some doctors, you have to ask them.
    I find it surprising that they don't have a photo here or there. Even if they don't like their wives' face, will usually still keep the kids' picture, since their DNA's in the kids too.
    Books strewn everywhere... what kind of books? My colleague's car also has books everywhere. Occasionally, you see a book about Barney etctec. And no, she don't read Barney to herself.

  15. Well, ask him out for coffee/tea when he is free or something after work. If he says no,
    1. He is too busy
    2. He has to go home to family/meet girlfriend etc
    3. He is not interested

    If it is 2 or 3, then you'll know the answer to your heart's question.
    If it is 1... well, it can't be 1 all the time.

  16. Well, if you ask him if he is attached/married as a matter-of-fact, there is no harm.
    What can possibly happen?
    1. He says that he is. (That'll hurt for a while but at least it's clearer)
    2. He says he is not. (Then we can all hear your heart go "HOORAY!!!!" and see how to take it from there)
    3. He says he is not, and starts to avoid you. (That'll hurt too. But it's better yes?)
    4. He says he is not, and he asks you the same question. ( BOOM! Can talk liao!)

  17. Anonymous10:12 AM

    when to pop up that question. you know consult room so open, don't when the other staff will start broadcasting the story lo.

  18. I love og10:13 AM

    Dr Og,

    It's rare, But I seen pretty female doc.

    Really, very elegant and pretty ok.

  19. future aussie med student10:15 AM

    dr bl og: porn! no lar just kidding. normal fiction books la. sometimes he has his running attire, towel, shoes in the backseat too

  20. anon@10:12: Huh? Consult room doors can be closed. =) Otherwise how to protect patient's privacy?

    i love og@10:13: Definitely! I have seen my fair share of REALLY pretty, gorgeous female doctors. But they are rare. Just like an albino panda. Already so few pandas... to find an albino one... hmm...

    FAMS: Er...so you check out his car on a daily basis??? Tsk tsk...

  21. Anonymous10:19 AM

    i am curious.
    if you are the dr and i pop u that question, and unfortunately u are attached or married, do you go to tell other colleagues that this person is interested in u?

  22. future aussie med student10:21 AM

    dr bl og: no la...but i run with him about once a week. seems like i'm his only passenger. haha.

    i love og: yup yup i've seen pretty female doctors too. though one of them i noe is quite bimbotic. lolz.

  23. Anonymous10:25 AM

    dr blog @10:19: they draw curtains lah when need to examine.

  24. I love og10:26 AM

    But so far , I didn't see really really cool and good looking male docs around leh ?!!

    Where are they?

    Are they as rare of Albino Panda?

    Please don't suggest Cali fitness again hor. Or is there one in SG Monkey republic ?

  25. Anonymous10:27 AM

    hey beauty is in the eyes of beholder. i wouldn't consider my dr as handsome, but he just looks good and decent to me. and i definitely like his professionalism at work.

  26. future aussie med student10:28 AM

    i love og: have have! my doc lor. he's really charismatic and good looking and looks much younger than he really is ;)

  27. Well, Dr. BL Og is *ahem* not ugly also mah. Unfortunately, he's stuck in Monkey Republic.

    Hmm... if the doctor involved starts to tell others that the girl is interested in him when he am already married or attached, then it reflects his maturity level. Or rather the lack of it.

    You are merely asking him about his family. If he takes that as you being interested in being his gf/wife, then something is wrong!
    Maybe the way you say it? You're not going to go "..Eh Doc.. are you married? Because if you're not, I am taking you right here, right now!" No way yes???

    So dun worry k?

  28. Hmm.. you're his only passenger? Tsk tsk.. u interested ah?

  29. I love og10:39 AM

    You run with your doc? Tot no Patients-doc relationship??

  30. future aussie med student10:43 AM

    it's not only one-way it's two-way. *wink wink ;)

  31. Hmm.. go for it man!

  32. future aussie med student10:45 AM

    i'm not his patient la. i used to work with him. den i stopped work cos i thot i was starting school in NUS. den later my letter from aussie came so i'm now back in the workforce but somewhere else cos my ex-manager dun need staff there anymore. but i still keep in contact with him lo.

  33. Anonymous10:45 AM

    hmm, i hate this. he is married with kids. you want to be third party? i rather retreat in your case

  34. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Future aussie med student: sounds like your Dr is a GP?

  35. Who's married with kids? How many anons are there?

  36. Anonymous10:52 AM

    anon@10:45pm: that remark is for future aussie med student lah. she says her doc is married with three kids mah.

  37. Dr Bl Og: ai yh! want to know people, dun keep saying u stuck in M.R mah. you can cross country also mah.

    or else, why so many ang mo marry thai gals?

  38. future aussie med student11:08 AM

    anon @ 10.45am: i'm not becoming a third party lar. we just go running together, occasionally go for some drinks. i wont go and break up someone's family. besides he's 21 years older.

  39. Anonymous11:18 AM

    you guys training for marathon??? Met his wife n kids before?

  40. I love og11:22 AM

    It sucks big time when you thought the guy is single, no sign of him being married. He is nice to you. Went out a couple of times, and then, you realised that he is years older and already married.

    so better get things straight first lah ...

  41. Anonymous11:23 AM

    geno@11:01pm: i understand dr blog feeling. like me interested in dr, but so many researvations.

  42. future aussie med student11:24 AM

    eh nv met before. i tried to ask bout his wife and kids before but he seemed reluctant to talk much...mmmz~ eh not able to run so far yet la...haha...

  43. Well... sometimes, you may feel good about the person. Does not necessary mean you have to be romantically attached to him or her.

    Yeah... breaking up families no good. Sorry. Mixed up between iloveog and FAMS. tsk tsk. Heh.

    And again, going out with someone can just be a very "fun" thing. Get to know each other first. =)

  44. Anonymous11:29 AM

    yes just like me feeling good about that dr.

  45. Well, why is he reluctant to talk about it?
    Be careful nonetheless. It is not healthy if he runs to you (forgive the pun) when he has problems with his wife/kids etc. But anyway, it's just Dr. BL Og's cynical side talking.

    geno: Want to know people? Get to know monkeys at Monkey Republic also not bad.

  46. anon@11.29: Yeah. Whether he can be your boyfriend, your husband etc should not be the issue at all now. Just be friends. You may end up finding out something about him that totally disgust or freak you out! Well, life is usually not so dramatic. But after spending time with him, that "special feeling" may very well just fade away. Then you'll look back and smile to yourself. =) Remember to smile yes?

  47. Anonymous11:32 AM

    i agree. the more he refuses to talk about it means something is wrong with his marriage. you should try to avoid falling in love with him hor.

  48. future aussie med student11:33 AM

    mm dunno. as in like just dun wanna talk about it. i dunno if he has probs or what la he nv say. he did tell me b4 the person he loved most is not his wife.

    eh but ya la...going out with him is fun :)

  49. Anonymous11:35 AM

    dr blog@11:32am: what you say is really true. but the kind of fantasy will still remain as long as there is still mystery in the relationship

  50. Anonymous11:37 AM

    future med aussie student: this man is a problematic guy. how can he say that the person he loved most is not his wife? if it is mum or sisters, then it is ok. i hope it is not you hor. obviously he is trying to start a relatinoship with you by saying that.

  51. future aussie med student11:38 AM

    loLz. dun worry i'm not falling in love with him lar. i noe it's impossible; i'm not that stupid. and what will he see in a 19 year old gal...haha

  52. future aussie med student11:38 AM

    loLz. dun worry i'm not falling in love with him lar. i noe it's impossible; i'm not that stupid. and what will he see in a 19 year old gal...haha

  53. Anonymous11:44 AM

    FAMS: either your dr's profile is typical, or we know the same person... Your Dr does not work in a hospital right? ... don't worry, i'm not the wife

  54. future aussie med student11:46 AM

    anon at 11.44am: eh u sure? so qiao ah. ya he doesnt work in a hospital. wah this is getting interesting

  55. Anonymous11:47 AM

    i think this dr is a young girl hunter?

  56. Hmm.. so do we see a pattern here? Strange...

  57. Anonymous11:50 AM

    FAMS: he shuttles between 2 clinics during office hours? and on certain days 3 clinics if he works nite shift?

  58. future aussie med student11:52 AM

    eh i dunno if he's a young girl hunter or not la...

    mm i think i shouldnt say too much liao later my doc find out or pple find out who he is then jialat =x

  59. anon@11.47: Or.... the biggest conspiracy is... Future Aussie Med Student is also *gasp* anonymous!!! Did u watch the show staring Richard Gere and Edward Norton? "Primal Fear"

  60. Hmm..why is going out with him fun?

  61. future aussie med student11:54 AM

    anon at 11.50am: that sounded so freakingly familiar. pls dun tell him bout this he'll kill me =x but i think there's a chance he'll read this himself. care to reveal abit about ur identity?

  62. I love og11:54 AM

    Dr og ,

    tell us how old are you?
    Well you don't have to tell us exactly.
    Pick a box! ( like what carrie ask Mr Big in SNTC)

    1) 25 - 30
    2) 30 - 35
    3) 35 - 40
    4) 40 - 45


  63. Eh? I am not the doctor-who-is-21-years-older-than-FAMS. How come questioning me ah?

    And why would he read this himself??

  64. future aussie med student11:57 AM

    dr bl og: i'm the one and only me. i only post comments under this name :)

  65. Anonymous11:57 AM

    FAMS: if we r really talking about the same person, don't worry, he is not in SG at the moment. :)

  66. Anonymous11:58 AM

    dr blog cannot say lah. they are a team. so which one you are asking about the age.

  67. future aussie med student11:58 AM

    coz he noes about this blog too. but i doubt he'll be reading thru all these comments though. and besides he's not in SG now

  68. future aussie med student12:00 PM

    anon @ 11.57am: omg i think we're REALLY talking about the same person.

  69. Hmmm.... so the doc that anon is interested in is also in his forties??
    Well..perhaps just a really coincidental finding...
    There's only 1 Dr BL Og

  70. Anonymous12:06 PM

    so what you say earlier to a lie.
    after all dr blog is not a team of doctors.

  71. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Dear BLUR Dr Og: this is not the anon who was asking you advice to date her MO.

    FAMS: BINGO. :)

  72. future aussie med student12:07 PM

    anon: u think we've met before?

  73. There's only 1 Dr BL Og. Where got lie?

  74. Anonymous12:16 PM

    FAMS: don't think so. Sounds like u r one of 3 gals (same JC) working in that bigger busier clinic where he's based. :) R u the one who sits in the room whole day to observe how he treats his patients so that u get a glimpse of what a Dr's working hrs like?

  75. then can at least put a name?
    Anon123 or something like that! =P

    So you all figured out that it IS the same doctor??

  76. Anonymous12:22 PM

    don't bluff lah. judging from the range of articles , we know this blog is written by a team of doctors.

  77. future aussie med student12:26 PM

    anon @ 12.16pm: how u noe? =x he mentioned me to u?

  78. future aussie med student12:27 PM

    yes dr bl og. he IS the same doctor. cant believe the world is so small

  79. future aussie med student12:28 PM

    oh no i think i have to be more discreet if not u guys will start finding out who i am. oops.

  80. huh? what's wrong??
    know who you are then know who you are lah.

  81. Anonymous12:38 PM

    then why don't you tell us who dr blog is ?

  82. future aussie med student12:39 PM

    scared later i say too much tt doc angry =x

  83. Anonymous12:39 PM

    FAMS: I thot young gals would prefer the cute Dr whose room is nearer the cashier :P That one younger


  84. future aussie med student12:40 PM

    aNoN: younger but rounder ;) he's pretty funny too

  85. sexy med student12:41 PM

    Why so Eng arh doctor? Got so much time to flirt around with a xiao mei mei like future aussie med student?

    Use your time to write more entries lar!

  86. Dr Bl Og: i dun mind knowing some monkeys. but i'm not into beastality...


    see! how to bluff? people already know this blog is run by a team of lao kao lokuns liao!


  87. xiaoming12:42 PM

    i got unrelated question again...

    why all no need to work in the morning one? like irc now.

  88. Anonymous12:43 PM

    FAMS: don't worry, your name was not mentioned in the conversation. Can't exactly remember what we were talking during one of our talk-rot sessions...


  89. future aussie med student12:47 PM

    aNoN: so can reveal if u're his colleague or patient or wat? u're a female i suppose?

  90. future aussie med student12:53 PM

    aNoN: he must have talked bad about me. he's forever niao-ing me :(

  91. Anonymous1:02 PM

    FAMS: hehe... when he's back, u ask him lorr

  92. future aussie med student1:08 PM

    aNoN: then he'll find out i'm gossiping behind his back here. OOPS

  93. future aussie med student1:09 PM

    hmm and actually i could take a guess on who u aRe, but i'm not really suRe ;)

  94. xiaoming, xiaoming: we all do this behind our bosses back! except, i'm at home now...

  95. future aussie med student1:35 PM

    lolz ya...they're paying me to read blogs and chat on msn...better not let my manager find out =x

    aNoN: out for lunch? u're working in a hospital arent u? :)

  96. Hmm... terrible...
    Which hospital then?

  97. Dr (the single one, not the married one) BL og,

    soo what are your requirements for Mrs BL og? lets hear them before me and geno send our powerpoint presentations over chock full of our sexy pics and vital stats... and a bonus clean bill of health complete with x-rays.


  98. I love og2:09 PM

    Dr og doesn't even want to pick a box!?


  99. future aussie med student2:16 PM

    that should be kept confidential =x

    anyway i'm working in a hospital right now :)

  100. Anonymous2:17 PM

    FAMS: Nope. Wrong guess. Ask him when he's back. :)

  101. all the drs i meet are old & married..boohoo...

  102. pick a box? That age thing again ah? Does it really matter how old Dr. BL Og is?

    Requirements? Haha... like i said so many times before. Chemistry. The ability to "click" into place. The key must be able to open the lock and so on so forth.

  103. future aussie med student2:42 PM

    mm ok, means u're not who i thot u were. if i ask him he'll find out wat i said bout him here. =x anyway, from wat i said it's so easy to guess tt it's him i'm talking about ah??

  104. future aussie med student2:48 PM

    so aNoN, u're his patient cum friend?

  105. I love og3:04 PM

    To a certain extent, ya, age is impt lah . .

  106. Og: of coz age is important. too old cannot perform in bed mah. even with viagra its dangerous coz may cause heart attack. see I not med student or doc also know. muahahaha

    I'm right... hor?

  107. Anonymous3:42 PM

    FAMS: Nope. Wrong again. :)


  108. future aussie med student3:49 PM

    aNoN: then wat? colleague? or just a friend? i'm curious to noe how come these lil things i said bout him reveals his identity ;)

  109. future aussie med student3:56 PM

    ok tt's all foR the day. i'm knocking off le. been an inteResting chat all day...hope to catch u ard aNoN :)

  110. inex: Too old cannot perform in bed? U talking about the male or the female of the species? =P

  111. Anonymous7:29 PM

    wah so free to chat during work.

  112. cute med student9:30 PM

    Must be referring to the guy.. after all, it's the guy who usually does all the 'work'... the female just has to er.... lie there. hahaha.

  113. er... hmm... so cute med student is experienced as well. Goodness.

  114. Anonymous11:53 PM

    why so interested in docs??? Can anyone tell me how it is like to be the wife of a doc??? Are we all disillusionised???

  115. shit man u got so many readers. I JEALOUS!!!!

  116. Disillusioned? With what?

  117. Og, dun act blur. you know which gender I'm talking about heh.

  118. hmmm... have to maintain one's rationality while being attracted to anyone lah, and that includes not overanalysing the guy's words and actions. otherwise will get disappointed, hurt, distracted from work...

    m wondering, if anon (who's interested in particular doctor) is attracted to that doctor coz of his professional aura/demeanour?

    No doubt, a doctor (regardless of facial features) who's serious and good at his work, and possesses great crisis-handling skills, is very attractive. Heck, ALL men are attractive if they exude calm professionalism, have admirable work ethics, intelligent, etc.

    So the point is... hopefully, anon and any woman interested in doctors, will see/like the men as they are, without the white coat. the person himself is most important, no?

  119. i agree with the poor traveller, bcos at the end of the day, the fantasy will burst if she knows lokuns are just like any people....

    wat would she do then?

    divorce? if have kids already, how?

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  121. Anonymous6:06 PM

    How about doctors with immediate family members of patients? Any real life examples where it has happened?

  122. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Interestingly, the Singapore ethical rules only prohibit adulterous and improper association with immediate family members of patients, and not sexual relationship per se. Wonder the exact rationale behind this, and the actual meaning of this rule?

  123. there are always grey zones... but I have never come across these situations.

    anyway, family members can also be vulnerable sometimes and we shouldn't be taking advantage of the pretty grand daughter of the demented ah mah you are treating la!

  124. what are some of the things a male doc would do if he is attracted to a female patient? it would be interesting to know... e.g. long consultation time & follow-ups, gives personal contact no, what else?

    anyway i think it's a no no for doctor-patient relationship? wouldn't the doctor risk losing his/her license if he/she is romatically involved with a patient??