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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sunday Morning

I can tell you all for a fact (cross my heart) that the following event did NOT happen in the country with SG as its initial.

It was just another day in the life of Ah Seng the hospital cleaner. He has been assigned to clean the operating theatres (OT) since the beginning of last year. He hated his job. The OTs were always so cold and he was just wearing this thin, filmsy OT baju, not unlike the on-call bajus that doctors wear (which you can sometimes see their underwears in). But looking at the other cleaners, some stuck in the hot and humid "C-Class" wards, he felt slightly better. What else can he do? He was already 60+ years old. He needed a hearing aid. He did not know any computers. Who would want to hire him?

It was a Sunday, and in this hospital, they did not do any operations on Sundays, unless it was an emergency. And Ah Seng knew that there were hardly any emergencies in that region. Not on a lazy, quiet Sunday morning.

Ah Seng was cleaning the OT when he saw light coming from one of the windows on the OT doors. He heard the all too familiar sounds of a procedure going in there.

"Must be another road traffic accident again.." Ah Seng thought to himself as he tried to remember whether he saw anything on his way to the hospital that morning.

Ah Seng peered through the window. He saw the surgeon (who was one of the consultants)hard at work, beads of perspiration on his forehead. He saw the scrub nurse busy with her hands as well, helping the surgeon along.

Yeah, you guessed it. They were having sex. On the OT table.

Ah Seng quietly left the OT.
He told Ahmad, his supervisor.
Ahmad told his friends during one of the smoking breaks.
A junior doctor was near the smoking break.
Yadda Yadda Yadda

A couple of weeks later, the surgeon and his wife moved to another part of the country. The scrub nurse also changed hospital to work in.

And no, they did not move to the same hospital.


  1. future aussie med student1:05 PM


  2. australian med student2:07 PM

    Hey bring back the doctor who writes all the insightful, yet funy entries....The newer entries are not as nice.

  3. Erm.. Dr BL Og was never gone. How to bring back? Bring back from where? Bring back to where? Unfortunately, on Monkey Republic, what you see is what you get.

  4. pretzel3:12 PM

    Cheyyy.... for one moment i thot u gonna write some spooky stories... :P

  5. Erm... I think it is "spooky" that they are doing it on the operating table. I suppose it should be rather sterile. I wonder if they draped before doing it.

  6. pretzel3:38 PM

    Silly Ignorant Layman Qn:
    Is there any particular reasons why the operating table has to be made of stainless steel?
    Makes the OT look and feel very cold blooded.

  7. james3:41 PM

    Aren't they afraid of MRSA? 'Hard at work' LOL!

  8. xiaoming3:51 PM

    wah liew
    the loctor see too much japan AV liao issit.

    if can i also wanna be doctor leh.

    nono.. be japan high school student also not bad :)

  9. Why doesn't it happen in SG ?

    Doc's there not as adventurous?


  10. pretzel: Hmm.. what other materials can you think of that can be used to make the table that will be sturdy, easy to clean, won't rust etc etc?

    james: yeah.. the fact that they came to work...

    xiaoming: Er..those AV got do in OT meh? You want to be the girl high school student ah?

  11. Heh... in that country, you do operations all the time. Weekdays, weekends, the OTs are filled. Unless they want everyone to see...

  12. Anonymous4:43 PM

    it must be fictitious right, can't imagine this happening in SG hospitals

  13. er.. "it" did happen, unfortunately.

  14. Anonymous6:08 PM


    healthcare workers taking e lead in spore's declining population eh.

    i tot there were hidden video cams or sth in the OTs.

  15. Dr Oz bloke6:17 PM

    Wah lau!

    Why be so obvious?

    That's your secret fantasy right Dr Og?

    To bang some young nubile scrub nurse on the OT table?

    Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Been there done that. It ain't that great :P

  16. juicy!!

    hee....hee....hee....hee....hee....(Yogi Bear sneer)

  17. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I'm not surprised.

  18. xiaoming7:14 PM

    >> xiaoming: Er..those AV got do in OT meh? You want to be the girl high school student ah?

    Got la! alot lor!

    Girl high sch also not bad. Ger-ger one quite cool ma.

  19. salute7:29 PM

    A very nice story for an Adult Movie must go ask Mr Jack Neo if he wanna produce? Maybe title it as Sex Not Enough!

    Dr Og can be male lead,, now we need to get a nubile female for the nurse. OT Matron can or not?

  20. Aust Med Student Bf7:51 PM


    when our turn to do it?

  21. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Why can't Ah Seng just wear a sweater, just like the anaesthetist?

  22. Anonymous8:25 PM

    can't fall in love with such dr. too liberal for me.

  23. Anonymous8:25 PM

    i thot this kind of thing happen only in country US. i am really shocked.

  24. it'll happen in China too! come on....

  25. Anonymous9:38 PM

    This story is obviously fake! Even sex cannot make someone warm enough to perspire in the OT!

  26. Anonymous10:32 PM

    That means the sex u r having not vigorous enough. =P

  27. it's not as strange as doing it on one's parents' bed yah....

    such things always happen in my office. have colleagues on night shift, who did it in meeting rooms, roof top, etc. there's even a gal who slept with 2 - 3 colleagues and cause them fight over her. sigh...

  28. australian med student11:56 PM

    To Bf,

    Don't be dirty-minded!!! lol

  29. anon 10.32pm: i agree with u!

    the poor traveller: JUICY!!!!


  30. yeah.. if you ain't sweating, you ain't working out hard enuff

  31. And Geno... you sound experienced. Tsk tsk.

  32. dr Bl Og: come on lokun! who dun have access to porn nowadays! and sex info too!

    antique lokun....

  33. geno: You watch porn? *GASP*

    And what sex info talks about sweating during sex? Hmmmm

  34. Dr Bl Og: COME ON! who never watch before? u sumpa u never watch before. and sex burns lotsa calories also! ai....wat era liao?

    ai yo....

  35. But girl girl watch porn one meh? *DOUBLE GASP*

    But where got people go notice if they sweat?

  36. come on lokun! girls also watch porn sometimes liao, ok? but i dun always watch it(actually i stop liao). bad for health. rather find the right person and go DO it. hahahaha.....

    the sweat part is from sex info in mag, web, friends....burns lotsa calories, i say it again-- of course sweat la! unless aircon very strong.


  37. but i haven't found it.

    AND it doesn't have to be lokun!

    i've 1 at home, i no need to go look for another 1.

    i feel the click is very, very, very, impt.

    so u see i don't ask how-to-date-lokun advise!

    i very cool one, ok?

  38. Bad for health??
    In what sense?

  39. u got high, and the fire got no where to go! and what do u do?

    *I am Forrest Gump, and everybody calls me Forrest Gump*


  40. salute1:12 AM

    geno relax...here is the FEB (Fire Extinguish Ball)for you to extinguish your fire hor....

  41. Many things to do what?

  42. salute: i'm not watching any porn now, brother....and i'm refering to the fire from the porn la, not fighting with people la.....

    Dr Bl Og: wat do u mean?

  43. haha... of coz lah. watching porn while reading Dr. BL Og. Kinda odd eh?

  44. God, i won't do tat! i like to focus....


    not saying your blog makes me high! your blog truly lightens my day.


  45. Hmm.. i certainly hope the blog don't get girls (or guys for that matter *gags*) high after they read it!

  46. ho! ho! ho! u'd wish, right?

    i tink the lightening part is far more impt than the high part.

    i saw a book in Kino titled something like "Something Better Than Good Sex", in the background of the cover is a lot of choco.

    i was thinking to myself "wat abt people who dun like choco?"

    well....i dun like choco....

  47. i wish? depends lah.

    Dun like chocolate? Hmm... then just have good sex I suppose.

  48. hahahaha.....good sex? i wished! no "right" person now, how to? i dun believe in 1-nite stand, too dangerous....

    i really wish to have the right man in my life, can eat together, play together, pursue same interest together.....

    i dun ask for the best man(zui hao de nan ren), bcos i know if not suitable, also a regret....

    and so, i also dun ask for man from whatever profession. as long as stable, can click....

    how much more can i ask for already?

  49. Well, chemistry is important.
    Yeah.. it's too dangerous, those 1-nite-stands. The diseases one can possibly catch is one thing.

    Dun be so discouraged... your man will be the "best" man for you. No doubts about that.

    So I presume u have had bfs before? Or too shy to disclose here? =)

  50. not exactly bf la, we just go on, and i find tat we not compatible, then i din go out wif him again lor....

  51. so only one?
    I dun believe... =)

  52. u want to count those an4 lian4 ones?


  53. no lah. An Lian ones cannot count. Only happen in the mind mah.

  54. hahahaha.....ok lor, then my love experience very very little....