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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm Back Part 2: Resuscitating Ogie

How do you bring someone back to life after he commits bloggicide??? If not handled properly, readers might think that it was all some publicity stunt.

Here at Monkey Republic, all healers go through accreditations for emergency life saving courses. As the subjects at our small beautiful island are mostly monkeys (and some cows + one donkey), the details of this course is really not of much importance to you. Three things however stays the same: A - Airway, B - Breathing, C - circulation.

Sama sama, the resuscitation of a blogger also follows this universal protocol.

A - Airway
" I need a Yanker and prepare ETT size 7 half!!"

Before resurrecting, Dr Og had to see his lawyer friend to get (airway) clearance......
Og: So how? My blo.... I mean website, ok or not?
Law Dude: Not bad lah, some parts quite corny. Can't see why people say its hilarious.....
Og: No I mean, can revive boh?
Law Dude: Orh..... Nothing written here that reflects the truth? The whole truth?? And nothing but the truth???
Og: No!!! Its fake, all fake, nothing but fake. Like ER and Scrubs......
Law Dude: I guess if you don't cross the line.... should be fine.....
Og: Wah lau, you din tell me anything I don't already know!
Law Dude: But you still gotta pay me.
Og: Any discount brother? Given our long standing friendship.
Law Dude: You're making doctors look cheapo!
Og: Not even if I intro pretty doctor friends to you?Law Dude: Pretty doctor? That's oxymoronic.
Og: Oxy simi?Anyway got any law people blo..... write on the web or not?
Law Dude: NO. We only write if we get paid for it.

B - Breathing
"Connect the air viva to the ETT, get a ventilator!"
If the airway is clear. Can Dr Og start to ventilate again? Everyone needs to ventilate. Finding the right avenue is important or wait your buttocks kennah bua gu you. The safest way is of course to shout into your toilet bowl (please flush first ok).

But since we treat mainly monkeys here in State General, as long as I don't spill their peanuts or wash their dirty fur in public, surely I can breath again??!

C - Circulation "No heartbeat, start CPR!"

Do we have the passion in our heart to write again? Dr Og is downright addicted to blogging writing!!! First the hand itched terribly. Then Dr Og was tremoring. Buay sai liao!!!!! Gimme that computer!

Somewhere along the line, medicine adopted addiction and made it our baby.
Law Dude: Hmmmm, mebbe if you can certify yourself an internet addict, you can get away with diminished responsibility.......
Og: I'm not paying you for that last advice!

"Er, we have a rhythym? One life saved?"


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  2. Welcome back, Dr. BL Og. Now I've to re-link you again... *Big Grin*

  3. Anonymous7:05 PM

    welcome back dude!!

  4. pearlyn8:32 PM

    WeLcome Back. =)

  5. Anonymous8:36 PM

    glad to see u blogging again! :)


  6. WELL this is a miracle and it calls for a celebration !!!

  7. hahahaahah.........yay!!! u back! I don't have to weep everytime I click ur link! I love ur lawyer dude fren!

    and i admit u are both corny and funny! although, i just got to start reading you, welcome back! *hugz!*

  8. Anonymous10:02 PM

    real happy that u're back! i enjoy reading ur blog..puts some fun back into healthcare..esp after a long day of work..=)

  9. Welcome... Welcome back to the bloxxxg err... writing world...

    We know u'll not tat heartless to desert us( your patients in need of ur daily dose of humour)...

    *Grin & Grin again..*

  10. one of the missies11:33 PM

    so happy to haf u back!
    this cpr thing really helps alot!
    esp. when im going to haf my bcls theory tested tml and practical tested on fri!

  11. Aust Med Student Bf1:41 AM


  12. Thanks for resurrecting, and to your lawyer friend for paving the way.

    And glad you didn't become a lawyer :)

  13. Chris-6:40 AM

    Welcome Back!!! :)

  14. Okay. Recovery position now. ; )

  15. Dr Oz bloke11:31 AM

    Wah! You're back.

    Well I guess better be careful ok? Singhealth dun play play.

  16. sexy med student1:57 PM

    Dr BlOg, were you pretending to shut the website to see how sorely missed you will be?


  17. lokun! can take down the "The end of the beginning/the beginning of the end" entry or not?

    whenever I see ah, feel very scary and sad leh!

    u love to scare us, is it?

    ai yah! i very old liao leh, cannot take shocks one u know?


  18. welcome back!

  19. welcome back!


  20. australian med student10:16 PM

    Please continue to amuse us with your funny yet insightful entries.

  21. I'm glad I didn't delete your link from my blog. hahaha

  22. Dr's wife9:27 AM

    welcome back...aiyah listen to us why listen to same advice from lawyer buruk..

  23. I personally know of some lawyers who blog too, but they too are careful with their choice of words & disclaimers are always in sight. So, no worries! Blog on! =)

  24. So glad that ur back :)