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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Count Docula

Spotted this article in Tomorrow. jkaiser donated his blood, all 100cc of it.

This really reminds me of the time when I was a lousy HO (lousy not because I was incompetent but because I felt lousy). It was 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon and I was post call. My last job of the day was to take blood for 6 old man in this particular cubicle . And anyone who has any experience with RPG can tell you that your dexterity is ZERO on a Sunday afternoon when you are post call. So, I was missing all the veins and everyone of them I had to try again. No one shot one kill!

As I went around each bed, the ah peks assumed I don't speak dialect and broke into a conversation in Hokkien,

Ah Pek @ Bed 13: Wei, why you think they always take our blood?
Ah Pek @ Bed 12: Yah loh, everyday also take blood take blood.....
Ah Pek @ Bed 15: Mebbe they use it to do experiments lah, we guinea pigs here!
Ah Pek @ Bed 13: Wah lau....
Ah Pek @ Bed 16: I think they SELL our blood. See take so much each time.
Ah Pek @ Bed 12: Like that take, I not enough blood, sure die!!!

6 old ah peks don't make a Zhu Ge Liang...... Actually, Dr BL Og is a vampire who goes around feeding on old Ah Peks' blood with no fear of contracting HIV or Syphillis.

Don't know why, but Asians thinks that their blood is so precious that it is worth more than gold of the same weight. You don't die from the 5-10cc of blood your doctors take. You can't even get anaemia from it! In hospital, we don't sell your blood and as far as I am concern, I have no interest to "do experiments" on your blood either!
So please, if you can, donate blood. The doctors don't need it. The patients do!


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

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  2. future aussie med student3:24 PM

    been wanting to donate but i'm underweight...43kg only :S

  3. xiaoming3:30 PM

    wanna feed also feed on chio bu blood ma.

    ah pek also wan!

    see u no up!

  4. haar.....the real Dr Bl Og is back!


    Ayecarumba!(bart simpsons style)

  5. been there done that6:58 PM

    i think the worse experience i had was taking blood from kiddies..
    when they scream, and the parents rush in looking like they will sue/ strangle the life out of you... i rather be stuck in a geri ward.

  6. yes I totally agree, i was going to kill that #@!#$%, that took blood for my baby daughter!

  7. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Dr Og, you have a daugher? Do you have a son??

  8. haha wah lau i must defend myself here...i dun only sell blood, i have donated twice and platelets once..the latter's a real bitch.. plus the fact the lab is next to sci canteen...

    anyway..peace =) ur post makes me think about blogging about this cmi medic in my unit last time...grr

  9. james8:07 PM

    The MARRIED Dr Blog is back! lol. Btw, why din't you take the bloods yourself? You could probably do it with more tender loving care...

  10. heh man, jkaiser, what you did is great. example for all young ppl to follow.

    james: i have no idea how to take blood from children..... But I can learn! anyone volunteer their children?

    well there is only one dr bl og. but he is a team. the people who wrote the bad articles are exactly the same dudes who wrote the good ones!

    somedays, they forget to take their medicine.

  11. Dr Bl Og: bleah! bluff one!

  12. geno: Think whatever you like.

  13. Anonymous9:37 PM

    yes yes yes

    Patient said same thing to me.
    When I reasoned with him that no one would possibly want to buy 1 tube of blood, he argued that I was accumulating the blood gradually to sell.

    Another patient threatened to bash the MO if she didn't get it at the first poke.

  14. we were out on exercise.. i was attached to medical team..then this man came with sprained ankle..MO gave order to drip him, cos need to let medic practise..n use more iv bags, means carry less back..
    so the medic did..n did wrongly..MO fark him upside down..told him remove..then he blur blur never release the elastic band...then woohoo..fountain..blood spurted out all over his arm...all for a sprained ankle

  15. Dr Bl Og: ok, ok, u are the only one, u are the only one.....

    just keep on the good blogs

    we all know can already.

    *whistle* *whistle*

  16. aust med student bf10:07 PM

    to all healthy macho males like myself, donate if you can. you can help to save or prolong a precious life.

  17. curiousgal10:43 PM

    but i heard if ur blood is not used after 2 weeks, it is thrown away...?

    esp if u donate directly to e hospitals...?

  18. australian med student11:46 PM

    believe it or not, I'm terrified of needles. I get nervous even when my blood is drawn. And i have never donated blood.

  19. medstudent 10112:03 AM

    hey..yar man..just 10ml of blood..patients complain they are going to be anaemic..zzzz..i dunno what they think when we do blood culture for them

  20. curiousgal: there is hardly enuff blood in our blood bank, so don't worry about it being thrown away.
    australian med student: everyone goes thru that stage. desensitize yourself. we use to practice on one another.....
    medstudent101: what makes u think we usually take more than 10 mls for blood culture :P

  21. medstudent 1019:24 AM

    i dunno man..i thought we are supposed to fill those coke bottles to a certain level

  22. Dr Oz bloke10:12 AM

    Another irritating thing many patients always say when you take their blood is "Wah my blood colour look very dirty. Doctor my blood look very dirty how ar?"

    Then you tell them that the appearance of the blood has no reliable clinical significance and they tell you "No lah you all dunno one, my chinese sinseh or my grandfather told me that the blood colour dirty means no good"

    I've been thinking. Maybe I should write a book titles "How to be a doctor by looking at your blood colour"

    And really write a sorts of pseudo-medical jargon containing stuff about how to diagnose stuff using blood colour.

    You think it would be a best seller?

  23. stuck in sci10:53 AM

    You will not be eligible to donate blood indefinitely if you fall into ANY one of the following : You have visited or lived in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Island) from 1980 through 1996 for a cumulative period of 3 months or more. http://www.hsa.gov.sg/html/consumer/ctm_how_to_be_a_donor.html

    the one reason i can't donate blood.. do you know what's the reason for it? heh.. like mad cow's disease?? :P

  24. yup mad cow it is.

  25. i'm a regular donor. and ur rite, somehow ppl dun wan to do it. I dun preach that they do, but i hope ppl will change their minds and understand that blood really is Life in times of need.

  26. Anonymous2:10 PM

    medstudent101: No need to fill to particular level for most tests, except for PT/PTT (age group specific), which I think depend on fixed amount of reageants. U/E and FBC can get away with 1/2 - 1 mL actually. How do you think blood is taken from paeds patients? 10 mL can give transfusion to neonates!

    dr bl og: aiyah, practice (at least in the past) in this fictional setting differs from what should be done. one HO asked me once "how come you only take 5 mL of blood for blood culture?" years ago, where got HO even ask this question?