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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

小明的日记簿 Episode 1:

小明的日记簿 is an epic novel which will depict the life of a medical student. The characters of this epic novel are fictional. Any similarities with person(s) dead or alive is purely due to your own imagination.

Mao Mao as he was affectionately known by his family because he was hairy, successfully made it to medical school. He was the pride and joy of not only his family but his entire clan. His clan had never produced any doctors of any kind and if you traced his family history far enough, they originated from apes. Ok ok, no need that far...... they originated from southern China and were farmers.

Mao Mao's father was a hawker. He sold vegetables at the wet market just downstairs. Mao Mao used to follow his father around. At the age of 3, he could strike a decent bargain with those curly haired - tatooed eyebrow - aunties that frequented his father's store. He was formidable. A genius in the realms of selling veges.

Strangely, Mao Mao did well in his studies. While running around the market playing catching with his mates, he scored 280 for his PSLE. While kicking football with his kahkis in their favourite open field everyday, he scored 9 distinctions in 'O' levels. He decided to "take it easy, 漫漫来" for 'A' levels. After all, he was poised to take over his father's business which had by then expanded to a mini mart.

"No point waste time score so high marks, relac jack!" He thought. He scored nevertheless.

And as the cliché would have it, Mao Mao went along with his childhood friend Ah Seng for the medicine interview to support him. You know, like how those finalist in beauty pageants will also say they were only there with their friends and got lucky. And as the author of this story will have it, Mao Mao got into medicine and his friend Ah Seng got a one way ticket to Dentistry. The fact that Ah Seng will become the millionaire owner of a chain of dental clinic in the future provides the much needed dramatic irony any story will need.

Getting back to Mao Mao, his 40 year old left-on-the-shelve paternal aunty, Aunty Lily who was staying with him was really quite kaypoh. She opened the letter from the university to Mao Mao which stated:

"Dear Mr Tan Long Mao,

You have been accepted to the faculty of medicine. Please attend the matriculation on 15th July 19.........."

Aunty Lily was breathless!

"Our Mao Mao got into medicine! Our Mao Mao a doctor!!!"

Within the hour, Mao Mao became the designated doctor for the entire clan. There was no escape.

Next episode, find out how Mao Mao finds 小明的日记簿!


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  2. xiaoming is a star in lokun blog liao!


    P/S: how much $$ per episode ah, xiao ming?

  3. wah liew.. must like dat play me.. T_T

  4. future aussie med student7:48 PM

    loLz ;) xm famous liao wor!

  5. not adieu for me.:) love ur blog, drBLOg. :)

  6. Anonymous9:28 PM

    one of the drs in dr blog team must be this mao mao lah.

  7. i love mo9:28 PM

    aiya, why dr blog bluff me?

  8. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Is it possible that Ah Seng, if he ever existed, was born in 1972?

  9. Anonymous9:46 PM

    not to be picky but '漫漫' is wrong it should be 慢慢

  10. I love og11:37 AM

    Is XM really hairy???


    I know a hairy doc too !!!

  11. Wow! Sounds like a best seller wor...

  12. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Ooohh, u know wat dey say about hairy man hor....

  13. Anonymous10:08 PM

    u know Ng Chin Siau? he's the only millionaire owner of a chain of dental clinics in S'pore. dat means u grad in 1993? since med school 5 yrs and Chin Siau grad in 1992 if I am not wrong