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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My First Kill

Ok, this is a meme (whatever the hell that means) from the angry one (link is at sidebar). I suppose I should be talking about my first kill experience as a doctor?? I mean when I was 2 years old, I killed plenty of ants. That would technically be my very first kill, though which ant, I really cannot remember. Nevermind lah, they all look the same anyway.

As a doctor, hmmmm.... That IS an interesting story......

One night as a Houseman on call, Dr Og was given the mission to go buy dinner. I was a surgical HO and was too lazy to change out of the hospital baju (scrubs). So I wore that and went to the same place a few post back where I was digging in the dustbin. That place is always so crowded and everyone was of course staring at this weird person in hospital attire spreading germs around.

I decided to by-the-way, get myself a nice cup of coffee. Everyone knows Dr Og loves his cup of chino. In the coffee place (will not name the place since they are not paying me advertising fees, but you can guess lah) was this really hot chick!

Our eyes met. (And I confirm she was not my patient. Woohoo! Wah lau, patient so chio I sure remember can?)

She must be intrigued by my OT (operating theatre) attire. You know, girls get attracted to such stuff! I walked up to her and striked up a conversation (one month from completing housemanship, lots of confidence). She was from Malaysia, an Eurasian (explains the shape features)and was doing an elective program at the university next to my hospital. I entertained her with some of Dr Og's all time classics.

Just as we were warming up to each other, my pager beeped. Damn, my fellow HO must be hungry liao (or he is overwhelmed with cases covering me hahaha). I asked her for her number and she said," I don't think my boyfriend will be too happy about it. He is over there waiting for me in his car"

She pointed to a Porsche with an Ang Moh inside. And to add salt to wound, she told me giggling, " Oh yeah, do you know that your hospital pants is really translucent. Can see your underwear beneath it." Damn those cheapo hospital attire!

And she walked off.

My first kill....... almost.


  1. salute11:15 AM

    Dr arh Dr go buy food also want to hit on woman...unfortunately for you the Porsche with the ang mor horse beats your "horse" pants down .

    Better luck next time.

  2. future aussie med student11:20 AM

    kinda expected that she was attached. loLz. funny still though ;)

  3. salute11:24 AM

    how come the Ang Mor who drives a Porsche still bother to send her to get food from hospital canteen huh?

    Maybe he is a second hand car dealer.....working nearby

  4. I love og11:59 AM

    Doc ..你很勇敢 wor...

  5. Well, being an Ang Mo does not mean that the "horse" very big. Please. Have seen enough of horses to know that.

  6. Like that also count as first kill? Even if you qualified it as "almost". :P

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    whoa the horsepower is definitely dam big

  8. now we knows Dr Bl Og shines his horse this way.....


  9. Anonymous12:21 PM

    ang mo you also want. dr blog you desperate man.

  10. Anonymous12:23 PM

    admire your courage. me got interested in a dr, but not courage to approach. occasional communication occur due to work but does not develop.

    any suggestion?

  11. Interested in a doctor?
    Are you a guy interested in a female doctor?
    Are you a girl interested in a male doctor?
    Are you a guy interested in a male doctor?
    Are you a girl interested in a female doctor?

  12. Geno: Huh? What shine horses are you talking about?

  13. xiaoming12:38 PM

    "So I wore that and went to the same place a few post back where I was digging in the dustbin."


  14. future aussie med student12:44 PM

    lolz i think xm v funny

  15. I love og12:45 PM

    Doctors like to date doctors or nurses. That's my observation.


  16. future aussie med student12:54 PM

    erm i think is the circumstances that force them to. cos doctors spend most of their time in the hospitals...the pple they meet are doctors or nurses ma...so their social circle limited to doctors or nurses lor...

  17. I love og1:08 PM

    I think it's bec ....

    They can understand their Medical "language of love!"

    kekeke ...

    Non medical ppl don't

  18. love is a universal language man!

  19. I love og3:50 PM

    That;s what I thought initially ..


  20. I love og4:14 PM

    But Apparently not lor ...

    It's hard to love someone u don't understand..

    It's hard to understand someone that you can't connect with ..

    Haiya ...

  21. no chemistry, no connection equals no love, unfortunately.
    In any case, can one love another whom he/she cannot truly understand? Is that love?

  22. I love og4:21 PM

    Correct. Exactly my point.

    That's why maybe doctors can understand each other better...

    Hence, the spark of loves and chemistry .

    Hence , romance within medical circle?!


  23. We can understand one another, but that does not mean love.

    I have classmates who married engineers.
    I have colleagues who married accountants.
    They lived happily, likely ever after.
    I have colleagues whose got married to each other and then got divorced.
    I have classmates that got attached to one another. One after another actually. Still not together.

  24. Anonymous4:45 PM

    dr blog @12:31: i am a girl interested in a male dr

  25. Hmm.. how many times have you met him?

  26. I love og4:52 PM

    I shall not attempt to explain love.

    Too complicated don't u think?

    Those were little observations. And my own little perceptions..

    Maybe ... I am wrong altogether.

  27. wrong in whose eyes?

  28. I love og5:31 PM

    Wrong in my own perception of things.

    Me no expert in this crazy little thing call love.

    in any case, 你很勇敢。

    Go for more Kills!!

  29. salute7:34 PM

    I LUST after my female eye specialist. Does that count? She is drop dead gorgeous.

  30. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Yes, chemistry must be there first, then able to understand and enjoy each other company - then love will bloom .... but then it's not that simple sometimes for some people becos we are talking abt human feelings.

    I don't think you can love someone if you cannot connect or understand them, ie. call blind love, which i believe will not last, becos one party will be always be giving in but for how long ????? even if the giving party does not mind, is he/she really happy as compared with a loving, healthy relationship.

    So, keep both your eyes, ears wide open when looking for true love.

  31. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Dr bl og, if your doctor is specially nice to you - what does that means?

  32. Anonymous8:21 PM

    dr blog @4:48pm: talked to him a three four times without actually seeing him in person. just got a few chances to brush past him. he know of my identity just this monday.

  33. Anonymous8:23 PM

    dr blog@4:48pm: how to tell whether a dr is married or attached?

  34. Anonymous8:34 PM

    arrgh... you can't get involved with your doctor... it's not ethical I thought....

  35. Anonymous8:36 PM

    i am not a patient though. we worked in the same hospital.

  36. my first serial killing:
    primary school.
    went to back of canteen.
    used a brick to flatten all the earthworms i could find in the drain.
    lotsa red patches all over the drain in the end.
    till today, i dunno what made me do it.
    any psychiatrists here? :P

  37. Anonymous2:56 PM

    hmmz. but can u tok abt 'first kill' as mentioned by angry doc in their blog? hopefully e doc who started tis blog can hav his sae on tis. yahz. thanx!

  38. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I'm a guy interested in a male doctor. Why? Can recommend ah haha