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Friday, October 28, 2005

You can't win......

One serious problem I have is that this site is undisclaimerable. You guys ever pay attention to my disclaimers or not???

Being the suspicious and paranoid person that I am, Dr Og goes around peeking at sites that link me. Most of sites gave really positive reviews so much so it brings tears to my eyes (no lah, just exaggerating as usual). But there are inaccuracies that can kill man!

Someone commented that I am "from SGH" and that my accounts are "authentic". Then got someone link me as "Dr ONG" (its Dr Og can?). Worse of all, a medical student called me "infamous".

Can you imagine? A witch hunt for Dr Ong from SGH infamous for blogging authentic accounts of patients. Wah die man! Sorry ah, all the Dr Ongs out there.

To further prove the point that disclaimers fall to blind eyes, people have been sending me comments to correct grammar, spellings and stuff. I know my england really cannot make it. But then again, I'm not an English teacher. Cut me some slack can or not?

Last thing. Of course we are (very)happy and most flattered that people read our posts. But the boundaries are now clear. So we chose to stay within the boundaries. Why? Becoz people don't read disclaimers and will assume that the posts are authentic and then go after the ass of some innocent Dr Ong.

So boh bian loh. No more posts related to work. This site has contracted a terminal illness. Let it die peacefully. Can?


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM


  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    no dont die again
    everytime u do it i go into a reclusive state,my whole life becomes obssessed with ways to make u revive.the last tim i almost made an appeal on the favourite local newspaper u know, cos u read it.

  3. haiz....u know, a lot of singaporeans are educated blind ple one.....

    even blinkymummy kenna.

    anyway, just blog the good stuffs, i'll be here 4 u! the chatbox family also

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    leelac lah!
    who the fuck cares who u r?

  5. the 1st comment i wrtie de wor.. dunno why appear as anon..

  6. future aussie med student12:07 PM

    agRee with geno. continue blogging okie? dun make us miss u. we'll all be heRe for u :)

    btw i link u on my blog using the banana icon u have...hee hee

  7. Anonymous1:12 PM

    By the way, does singhealth/nhg really send out emails telling people what not to blog?

    I think that's really quite comical. I thought they only sent out emails telling people to wear ties...

  8. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Dr bl Og, Pls don't die again, love reading your blog, it refreshing and funny not so self-centered and attention seeking.

    keep on going...ok will support you always.

  9. Dr Oz bloke1:21 PM

    Dear Dr BL Og,

    Misunderstanding bro! The last comment I left at the over the rainbow post was really meant for Loveris lah. Not you!

    Relax. I think you are probably quite stressed and unhappy with the health cluster interfering with your decision to blog.

    Anyway docphobic was right in his comments. I was not insulting you. If anyone it was loveris.

  10. Most monkeys are morons doctor, and I'm very sure you know by now (since you see more monkeys then an average sales monkey a day)

    Type in code or create your own Ogisms, but please don't let other monkeys bring you down.

    Those monkeys are really the saddest monkeys in the world, who have fun at the expense of others and worst still, theres an agenda behind all the monkeying around they do.

    whatever happen to good clean fictatious fun?

    monkeys aren't suppose to be taken seriously.

    Maybe they are really humans disguised as monkeys.

    I never believed a single word you typed Dr Og. Thats because it doesn't matter so long as I enjoy what you wrote and knowing you enjoyed writing them, even none of them are true.

    my grammer sucks too. so does my sepllgin, but I don't give a flying fuck, because I'm a monkey (conveniently also born in the year of monkey).


  11. yoz! inex! long time no see!

    when see u here, u say the most meaningful stuffs!

    come chat at the box?

  12. wah lau you people want to make me cry isit???

    dr oz bloke, no hard feelings man!

  13. Aiyoh Dr OG, I just link you for the amusing revelations from 'the other side' and you are not going to tell us anymore tales? Don't care la, just keep writing. It is educational mah. Just like our drliew.net from Malaysia.

  14. I am very young ok.. and its not a sin to not have watch Wizard of Oz on screen, or never have heard the Over the Rainbow song. I just like the way the metaphors goes leaving melanchony in the air. Not insulted, just enlightened how sensitive some words may seems, if we can hear the tone (of the speaker) in 'em.


  15. 5xmom, paiseh lah. love your site though!

  16. Anonymous4:33 PM

    dr blog, do you mean no more mao mao episode 3?

  17. mao mao got lah. everything else must take a rest.

  18. passin by again..5:47 PM

    Haiyo!~ So sentimental entries today~ Find some ways to wriggle out from some loopholes or something!~ IF not, turn to private practice when it's time!~ =) will miss ur entries..

  19. Anonymous6:11 PM

    i love to read mao mao.

  20. Mad Med10:24 PM


    Mao Mao is very entertaining. Unfortunately, i think most of us in medical school are Meng Kees
    If not worse.

  21. Initially I find your blog to be very entertaining and most of the time enlightening.
    Since you have chose your direction of blogging, sad to say I'll have to remove you from my favourite list.
    You chose to fade into the ordinary, who am I to stop you.

    Your ex-fan

  22. water7:03 AM

    Please keep blogging !!! love your entries !!

  23. like all chronic illnesses, this will be a long drawn affair and relatives/caregivers will come to resent it. get well really soon!

  24. Anonymous11:22 AM

    argh! no no! dont die! i really like your entries... *goes into shock*

  25. relac...it's like that one lah...some readers dun actually catch bolas most of the time.