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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beggers ARE INDEED Choosers

Since so many female readers actually expressed their keen interests in Single and Available Doctors (SAD). I thought I might as well do some good and play the matchmaker. First, I surveyed the grounds.

I asked 10 SAD male doctors ranging from the age of 27-51 what characteristics they look for in a wife.

Doctor Hum Sup: Hmmmm, definitely not anything less than C cup. I like to grope.

Shortest Man in Medicine: Exactly, exactly...... Also cannot be taller than me. A pride thing.

Doctor Rons: True Love.

Doctor from Dean's List: Should be a professional in one way or the other. Preferably, someone who excels in her work, like myself.

Plastic Specialist arrogantly: Looks are not all that important, after all we can change it!

The doctors echoed in unison: Yes.... yes.....

Doctor in his fifties: In my younger days, being virgo intacta was important.

Again the doctors echoed in unison: Yes..... yes.....

Doctor Rons: True Love.

The other 4 doctors were too tired from their night calls to care about falling in love.


From the descriptions provide by these 10 doctors, I searched high and low and found a perfect match:

Short and ugly enough to need plastics. Looks like enough to pass for C cup. Prolly still a virgin since no man will want to bed her!
Source of picture
Totally fits their bill. And as for true love, Dr Rons, I know you truly truly love Ru Hua!
Don't be so choosy, CAN?


  1. Dr Oz bloke2:43 PM


    That was hilarious!

    More more!

  2. xiaoming2:56 PM

    evil loctor..

  3. I have this friend who is totally into doctors.

    so Dr BL Og, could you ( or your wife ) give us girls some insight as to how it is like to date a doctor?

    and where is a good place to find datable doctors (who preferably is as humourous as you)? with the exception of hospitals and clinics.....


  4. let you in on a secret lah, lots of SADs go to California gym.

  5. wahaha thanx. looking at me and frn, gym seems like the last thing we need, but for the experience of dating one (even if just one date) we'll brave california gym.


  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Just very curious why would C and friends like to date doctors?? They would not have enought time for their gf or family or would fall asleep during supper if they are still awake.. and etc etc etc for u to find out.. haa haa

  7. Hmm... i still prefer cute policemen in their blue uniforms anyday hehe... though white lab coats look incredibly sexy too haha

  8. sorry hor, in singapore dr dun wear lab coat. only medical students do that.

  9. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The only advantage of dating a doc is probably free medical advice and perhaps free Sleeping pills???

    Other than that .. what's so attractive abt them ? maybe C watch too much ER liao izit?

    All the docs I know are either ego maniac, nerd, or gay.

    So california gym ones are what kind? Steroid eating himbo???

  10. australian med student4:56 PM

    want to date doctors then enter medical school lar! male to female ratio also in favour of us gals. More guys to choose from.

    I always had the impression that doctors liked to marry teachers, nurses or fellow doctors.

    who says that doctors always go california gym? i think they spend whatever little time they have sleeping . Though some drs squeeze in the time to blog.

    hey dr blog, is your wife a pharmacist or nurse?

  11. It will be interesting, because they get to meet and see so many people from different walks of lives. How many careers allow people to do that?


  12. Haha funny entry you've got here :) Never fails to brighten up my day :) I'm having my last paper tomorrow than can come in and read more often..yeah..anyway doc ru hua seems like a good choice..at least she wouldn't have a tendency to stray during her marriage..hehe ;)

  13. belladona5:55 PM

    I think the california ones are the happy and gay ones...

    yes, they meet many people and thus my poor friend lost her bf of many years when the bf graduated from med school..too many choices and distractions i conclude.

  14. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Hehe... aboslutely agree with Anonymous 4:47 PM... :)
    The only main 'advantage' dating a dr is the access to a 24/7 walking medical encyclopedia...

    Can't think of anythg else... somemore they are walking depository of all kinds of viruses, etc from the patients they see ev.day.... *shudderz*

    California Gym got losta gays... hmmm...

  15. Dr Oz bloke6:04 PM

    Dear C,

    "because they get to meet and see so many people from different walks of lives"

    Well if the doctor works at say the A&E, yes he will do as you said but they would unfortunately be coming in with large frowns and scowls on their face, crying or screaming in pain, complaining, complaining and complaining.

    Somehow I don't think this is what you had in mind right?

    How many people are actually HAPPY to see the doctor? Answer : very few.

    Trust me when someone is not happy to see you, it is very hard to make them happy anyway. Thus it is more often an unhappy event/experience.

    We are not tour guides.

  16. Dr Oz bloke6:09 PM

    Dear anon 6:02PM :)

    24/7 walking medical encyclopedia?

    I think most doctors would agree that they'd rather be closed for consultation ie work when they meet friends and relatives at social gatherings.

    What really irritates me is when I end up "working" by having to answer all kinds of questions regarding both serious and minor ailments that everyone at the gathering may have. It is worst when I had just finished a long day at work.

    "Eh, doctor Oz bloke! I want to ask ask you for your professional opinion har, I got this friend who got this problem....."


  17. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Dear dr oz bloke,

    ... thot we r talking about "dating a Dr"... then of course he will be 24/7 on standby to answer MY Qns, lah.... i know coz this dr really patiently entertaining my ignorant medical Qns... ;-)

    anon 6:02PM

  18. dear dr oz and anon, i sense some tension here, possibly sexual in nature. i volunteer to be the chaperon should you decide to meet up!

  19. Dr Oz bloke6:44 PM

    24/7 sexual tension?

    Ok I think it's time for some release don't you think?

    Chaperone away! :D

  20. Anonymous6:48 PM

    No lah, where got "tension"... perfectly understand Dr Oz's complaint... one of the professional hazard, I'd say... just like lawyers also always kena such situations @ social gatherings.

    Hmmm... mebbe i should clarify... i don't ask medical Qns on ev. date, we do talk about other thgs.. [not all Drs r nerdy n boring, some r witty and damn flirt]. what prompted my "24/7 walking encyclopedia" comment is like in the middle of the nite got drug allergy, juz call and dr immediately zoom to your place... no need to pay housecall charges *sheepish grin* :P

    Anon 6:02pm

  21. anon how about you? rules are as follows:

    1)email me your REAL name, unphotoshopped photo of your face and contact number

    2)if neither of you look like RU HUA, I will arrange a venue.

    3)you both turn up and can do whatever hanky panky you wish; just pay for my dinner and beer.

  22. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Thanks for the offer to chaperone. :)

    1. Can't afford to reveal my name coz need to protect my identity.
    2. The benchmark u give is so low, definitely can pass with flyinf colors. :P
    3. Erm, one Flirty Dr is more than I can handle @ the moment... :)
    4. ...but no problem paying for meals + beer for the entertainment u & co provide from this Blog. :)

    Anon 6:02pm

  23. Anonymous7:05 PM

    wow, Dr Bl Og has upgraded from a doc to a matchmaker eh? wow... if there is extra revenue eg free dineer and beer, can i be your assistant? Still so poor despite doing so many calls......

  24. Dr Oz bloke7:09 PM

    Sorry I don't go out with lawyers.

    Too difficult lah. In the middle of a date kena ask medical queries also must worry whether saying the correct thing, make sure cover all bases, do full physical examination, PR, VE etc

    It just won't work lah

  25. That was a hilarious piece of entry. The comments you have received so far are very entertaining too :)

  26. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I agree. Date doc stress. Date lawyer lagi more stress.

    trust me .. california lots of gay.

    Dr Bl Og, must ensure quality hor ..

  27. Mr. Marn9:30 PM

    i think ru hua is probably the saddest creature to ever live...hm...

  28. OZ: Just for the experience, even if he spents the entire date complaining about his patients. For once I would like to hear man bitch instead of me.

    Og: no fair, what, no arranged dates for me? me sad.


  29. Accountants11:19 PM

    Lanjiao, accountants are the most sexy.

  30. auntie1:08 AM

    so, is Dr oz bloke meeting anon?

  31. Was visiting my doctor the other there and there was this medical student on some kinda attachment in the consultation room as well. And oh man!!! He's sooo darn cute!!! Didn't know they do their attachments in clinics as well...

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. CB. I am scarred for life.

  34. passionfruit8:32 AM

    so mean leh...poor ru hua...:-(

  35. c: if there are so many request, I will have to start charging. please note that there will be NO money back garauntee!!!!

    feel free to email me your photos and resume. NO PHOTOSHOPPING! you can put on make up if you like :P

  36. Dr's wife9:13 AM

    girls dont marry Drs. At least your husbands will be concerend when you're sick cos they wont know whats wrong with you and you can manja manja. But a DR... all they do is give a quick check-- and say "you're not gonna die"... bah!! and when they're sick , they're worse than their patients.

  37. Dr Oz bloke9:29 AM

    Haha well some doctors know how to stay healthy and well and not just treat illnesses.

    So you might get the benefit of that if you had a husband/father who was like that. Means less falling sick!

    Another advantage is that should yoru children fall down and get a bad laceration in the middle of the night, the daddy can take him/her to the clinic and stitch/tissue glue them himself. AND it's effectively FREE consult and surgery fee!

    Pros and cons I guess :)

  38. i guess it's all due to shows and ERs and those HK doctor/nurses shows that shove up these interests in doctors....

    in actual fact, i feel that respect for doctors nowadays are actually going downhill compared to years ago.....

  39. Anonymous11:40 AM

    dr do worry about saying the correct thing when dating girls lah.
    even if you say the wrong thing, girls don't care. if they love you they just pretend it is right lor.

  40. dr's wife: I guess it's just one of those thing. They see life/death cases in the hospital, after awhile a simple fever/tummy ache isn't going to get him all hyped up.

    The equivalent....hmm....a car mechanic's wife telling him that she has a flat battery?

  41. Dr Oz bloke2:32 PM

    Hmmm so dr's wife prefers to have a really jumpy hubby at home?

    "Darling I got fever.."

    "What you got fever? Wah lau wait you die how? Must quickly bring you to the A&E. Wait you get fit like boy boy did! Wah why must this happen to us? Why you must have fever? Die lah die lah die lah? You make me soooo worried you know. What if you got dengue? Then you die how? Then how will I cope with boy boy without you? Quick better go change. Then we must make sure the maid only cook bland porridge for you with steam fish and vegetable with no oil. Then cook chicken soup....."

    "I also got sore throat and ear pain"

    "WHAT!?! Wait got cancer how? Or go deaf how? Wah lau eh. Why must God be so cruel to us!!!!!"

    Is that what Dr's wife really wants? A kan cheong spider hubby?

    Just kidding by the way. Obviously not right? Hee hee

  42. australian med student2:34 PM

    hahaha. very funny leh you dr oz bloke. Eh, why call yourself oz bloke, you are working in australia is it?

  43. Dr Oz bloke2:53 PM

    What's so funny?

    To be honest I have heard those comments from husbands in Singapore. So Dr's wife may actually wish her husband was like normal Singaporean ones.

    Why do I call myself Oz bloke? Because I am the Australia dude. :P

  44. I guess it happens in all fields....not just doctors......

    as long as the wife's husband is specialised in something, she'd face similar problems of the husband downplaying her fears and anxiety.

    hmm.....i guess dr's wife must be those kind who wants the husband to keep sayanging her type....haha....

  45. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Dear "auntie",

    Nope, dr oz bloke NOT meeting with anon. Anon is content juz entertaining her dr fren... no need another one. Anyway, dr oz bloke sez he doesn't date lawyers... mebbe he can consider having dinner wif "C"... ;-)


  46. Dr's wife8:44 PM

    LOL no-lah Not a wife of Singaporean Dr.. Hubby is a specialist ( angmor) and I'm a CEO..no time for manja manja. I play DR for the family as hes too busy with calls etc. You need to be very independent. I was just letting others know some of the realities , if they expect Drs like those in soaps who seem to be so free as to accompany their wives, gf, children and always happen be therewhen they fall sick, pengsan or whatever HAHAHA. Here its the wives who run to ER when kids got hurt or sick cos hubby is busy with his long surgical lists. Its like the tailor whose family have no new clothes.
    Note to other: Unlike your Singaporean Drs wife.. most people here do not have maids lah. though some kinda help would be good.:).

  47. Dr's wife8:51 PM

    xj40: LOL If the husband is an accountant.. whats he going to say--- Dont worry-lah at least your portfolio is healthy
    if lawyer : Dont worry-lah.. if you die, we can always sue the Dr.

  48. Anonymous12:54 PM

    having worked in a hospital as a non medical staff, i do not personally feel doctors as attractive....but some of them do have sexy voice....a lot of handsome ones are all snatched up... and mostly they just mingle with the female doctors... so friends give up lah if you are doctors hunters, they will not even take a look at you even though you do them many facours

  49. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Know a very nice doctor don't know his age but he's graduated in l995
    in UK. Anyone can work out his age, pls let me know. thks