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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good Clean Fun

Nurses at enema spas do not, i repeat, do not look like this.

What is good clean fun? Insulting your teachers on blogs apparently is not.
I agree that sometimes our young ones are really boh tua boh suay (no big no small). But other than punishing and suspending the students, will the school also educate them accordingly? Will the teachers who were insulted take some time to also reflect on why their rapport with the students were so poor?

What is good clean fun? Laughing about ouselves is sometimes not.
I started my blog so that I can laugh at myself and also my colleagues. I blog about things that amuses me. And sometimes it amuses others. The funny situations I blogged about though resembling real life events are largely fictional. But a joke and an insult is just one thin line apart. I do not mean to insult anyone or any organisation. When someone feels upset about my posts, the joke is no more because it doesn't amuse me anymore.

What is good clean fun? Visiting lup sup bar is not.
A non doctor good friend frequents lup sup bars. He declares it is "Good clean fun" as long as there is no sex. I am sure his wife would disagree.

What is good clean fun? Enema is definitely NOT.
Of all the patients I had ordered enema for, none had ever enjoyed it. So I find the idea of an enema spa bizzare and rather repulsive. Of course that is just me. But Blinkymummy (read this), there is one thing I can guarantee you, it is never clean.

Tube feeding for the man with a butt-face...


  1. heh heh, by virtue of being lablled a "lup sup" bar, it cannot already be "good clean fun" already mah, since 'lup sup"brings with it "dirty/tainted" connotation? :) Correct me if I'm wrong...

    you try convincing her otherwise lor...she's not the worst i tell you. the aaa who posted a comment in that entry apparently thinks doctors are NOT prescribing enuff enemas for their patients. i wonder if he/she is a regular at Kelantan...

  2. yup saw aaa's comments which were quite senseless. dunno what to make out of it.....

  3. australian med student4:25 PM

    dr blog, you are a blink 182 fan too? cos you took the sexy ang moh missy picture from their album: enema of the state. they are fantastic! I like them too. wow, you are quite cool.

  4. Ha... Dr. BL Og has all kinds of songs in his iPod...
    And yeah... Blink 182's songs are among those in the fave playlist.

  5. australian med student10:30 PM

    what blink 182 songs do you like? I think 'all the small things' and 'girl at the rock show' is really great.

    their live shows are totally fab too! Go and download them, i'm sure you will like them.

    too bad they haven't come up with new albums for the last 3 years eh?

    those new and upcoming alternative bands just can't compare to blink 182 lar. like simple plan, sum 41 etc, they are all just lousy copycats.

  6. My friend is 1 of the 5 girls mentioned on Straits Times for being suspended for blogging on their teachers and VP. I read her blog and ask her about it. Actually she blogged about some real incidents. 1 incident even involving the punishment for the whole school. She felt that there was some unfair treatment and punishment so she voiced it out. To think she even got punished for that..No wonder foreigners call us a nanny country. I'm wondering whether we have a freedom of speech? Or all the speakers corner and and things about free speech is a pack of lies?

  7. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Wha so anal retentive arh.....kekeke