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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Introducing Whiny

Hello world, I'm Whiny the talking stethoscope.

Og: Eh.... you one of those rejected mascots?

Wah lau, I'm not rejected lah, but they neber use me only.
They preferred dancing veges.

Og: Sure or not?

Ok lah, tell you all the truth, they say I look like a snake..... wait scare little children...... haha!

Whoa! am I sexy or what!

My current altruistic mission is to continue the crusade against ill health! (England cheem or what, haha). Without all the cheesy jingles and TV ads of course!

Today, my topic will be on BMI.

A normal BMI is between 20-25. Beyond 25 you are a fat bastard!

Og: Eh, I think you outdated liao leh. This is the new guideline lah!

Oh really??

Neber mind! Then let me tell you about high blood pressure! Before I became a mascot, I was a BP set stethoscope, but I broke up with the sphygmomanometer when I found out she was seeing a Littman Classic! That bitch.....

Well, back to health education! Anything above 140/90mmHg is considered high blood pressure and you have to see doctor and start life style modifications! Means you gotta get your fat ass out of the couch and do some exercise!!!!

Og: Hmmmm, i think there is a new guideline for hypertension.

What???? Change again?? Wah biang! Ok, ok, don't think you can dent my passion for public education like that! Better go get more CME points and update myself.....

I'll be BACK!
Watch out for Whiny and his friends as they fumble in their feeble attempts at mascoting!
PS: A reader said that I insulted the place she/he is working in with this post. As A Doc's Life is a happy happy blog with no negative intentions of any kind (REALLY!), I edited the post. Hope everyone is happy :)


  1. Haha... Whiny is so cute!

  2. Dr Oz bloke4:54 PM

    Speaking of the new clinical practice guidelines for hypertension, I read this in the guideline :

    "In the recent NHS 2004 on hypertension it was found that the proportion of known hypertensives
    with good blood pressure control (BP <140/90 mmHg) was 49.5%,
    while the proportion among those on treatment was 52.9%. In
    addition, 38.5% of those found to have hypertension in the NHS had
    not been previously diagnosed."

    paragraph 5 of page 16


    Now it does not take a genius to see that the difference between treatment and non-treatment was about 3.4%!!!!

    Evidence to show that the medication/management of hypertension by doctors in Singapore is not that good. There has always been too much emphasis on pharmaceutical intervention rather than lifestyle modifications which are by far more important of the two.

    Clearly somethings are not ideal. Time spent per patient is one of them.

  3. 2BDoc4:55 PM

    Haha...maybe you should write some humour for SMA's news/journal. It would be a hit!

  4. australian med student10:20 PM

    that's funny. did all of you realise that whiny's right eyebrow is a nike sign?

  5. xiao ming2:42 AM

    wah si loctor

    Really si bei eng edit do story and EDIT PHOTO SOMEMORE



  6. loctor boh eng, neber sleep to ring you entertainment. loctor also want downgrade, who help me??? ahhahahah

  7. hahaha. you're in a quirky frame of mind. am looking forward to the adventures of Whinny and his friends!

  8. hahahhaa....*kow tow*

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    wah loctor i great fan of urs lei but now tt u insult the plc i work in... :<

  10. huh, where got insult anyone??

  11. australian med student9:12 PM

    I think that anonymous works in the health promotion board. maybe anonymous designed the HPB mascots, the dancing vegetables.

  12. Anonymous9:26 AM

    do u noe tt our survey tells us tt public finds the jumping veg n so on the most memorable?! it's supposed to be effective lei...so sad...
    n i like ur blog so much... :~<
    u noe i was so tempted to talk to u abt leading a healthier lifestyle when you blog abt not caring abt tt...but i thot i shd respect an individual's rite..esp more so tt of a doc tt stares at all the ugliest n deadliest of diseases n if he thinks tt he didn't mind these diseases afflicting him i shdn't impose or intrude into his belief system...but now u suan my work place.... :~<

  13. hmmm, dear anon. you sound upset. if u read the post about unhealthy lifestyle, that was a contribution from a certain colleague. I thot it was rather interesting to post something from a different perspective. personally I do not smoke or drink (too much). I love my veges and fibres too.

    I do sincerely feel quite bad about having upset you! can empathize with that because i also don't like my institution to get suaned. I hope you can continue with your comments and share with us the way to good health!

    anyway did you design the veges urself? :P

  14. Anonymous9:23 AM

    hi glad tt u have clarified things in here n in ur new blogs...
    no i don't design them, it's another dpt maybe i am v proud of my org's work tt's y... hehehe
    but do also share wif me comments on how to make it better n more convincing to share abt healthy lifestyle, it's really a difficult thing to do to convince pp to change their lifestyle altho it's for their own good...