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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Que Sera, Sera

Along the way, there were a couple of questions on what Dr Og would have been if he didn't become a doctor. Honestly, ever so often when I get burnt out, I ask myself the same question.

As someone without much ambition to begin with, I would have liked to do something like teach piano at home..... though I have to learn how to play the piano first. Or maybe becoming a full time tuition teacher would have been great! But I would prolly just end up playing Xbox with my students the whole day.....

I remember when I was in Primary school, we were often asked to write the obligatory essay on "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up" or "My Ambition" or something to that extend. You know the drill. While other kids would write about becoming astronauts, lawyers, doctors (haha stupid kids), the ever so honest me once answered the question this way:

" I will like to be a videoshop owner and do nothing but watch video and sleep."

Of course I did not mention that my dream videoshop will have a secret compartment for you know what. hehe.

Or that I will get a FT to man the shop while I go snozzZZZZZe!

I had it all planned!

Nevertheless, my essay pissed the 40-year-old-virgin-teacher off. She reprimanded me in front of the class for my lack of ambition though I seriously suspect that she was angry only because my 16 worded essay was too short. (Dammit, should have included the part about the secret compartment.) This childhood trauma of mine ultimately resulted in an unconscious desire for me to prove her wrong. Thus I ended up a doctor. I will never forgive her!

Anyway with all the piracy these days, the video rental industry prolly isn't thriving like before. Dr Og will have to think of other alternatives should I decide not to practice medicine anymore.

I will really like to be a Char Kway Teow hawker. My affinity with lard runs deep, its in my blood (as shown by my recent cholesterol blood test). Char Kway Teow without lard is really like a man who cannot stand (without viagra)!

If I ever become a hawker, rest assured the kway teow I char will be dripping with fats. And the more hum the merrier! Come to think of it, I really regretted doing my electives in Dermatology during my 4th year in Med School. Should've spent the time learning this great art from the store in Outram.

Like any little boy, there was a time I hated girls and swore to be a monk when I grow up after watching Jet Lee's Shaolin temple. That was of course before I discovered the secret compartment of an unethical videoshop. But these days it isn't easy being a monk either! You may have to immerse yourself in icy cold water or even repel down a building...... all in the name of charity.

Dr Og is too chicken hearted to ever try this!


  1. I read somewhere that that guy gets paid S$15,000 a month. What the heck does he need so much money for? Hairdresser?

  2. i think he donates all his money back to charity.

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM


  4. xiaoming10:45 PM

    eh loctor
    u can offer a service in hospital where u sell kway tiao wat.

    u know the food in hospital damn sucky one right T_T

    Then u get a nurse (male one hor) go around take order. Then u faster ninja away to your secret compartment to fried the kway tio. Then get ur secret nurse to deliver to the patient.

    I think each plate sell $5 people also will eat lor. Good money leh. Can use the money to prepare for your second career :D

    Anyway, can do a post about hospital food or not? That time my Dad went hosptialise, the i realise the bill for meal is like $7 or $10 per meal? Why so exp ah?

    loctor got comission one ah? :P

  5. Wa seein d char kway tiao makes my mouth water..2 bad havin exam nw..aft exam dan go 2 tt stall in outram..

  6. Anonymous11:06 PM

    haha boy i love ur blog. interesting and witty. =P

  7. This guy started up Renci okie. So the money will go back to the temple and the hospital...

    Met him before, he's very nice...
    My mum "worships" him... She buddhist la so she respek him more more!

  8. the australian med student11:28 PM

    hahaha. wah.....the char kway teow looks damn nice man....wish i can eat it too.

    Eh...loh kun arh, why you so hum sup one? whole day thinking about those kind of 'special' videos.

  9. Anonymous11:54 PM

    i can't stand the layman's view on pple in medical profession, esp us doctors or doctors to be. Must we always be the 'only do good, never bad boys' kinda person? i hate it when pple said 'wah lao, doctor cannot like this one...like that.' but how can we advocate things we ourselve would never do. i think docs puts on the most mask everyday esp when interacting with patients.

  10. Anonymous12:57 AM

    precisely. being in an ethical profession, you must be one hell of an ethical ass too. btw y go aussie do med ah? CMI ah?

  11. australian med student8:18 AM

    yar lor. CMI lar. ta ma de gahmen, pay so much tax, go thru o level, then a level then wah lau at interview CMI.

    si beh sian, somemore got all As somemore. well what to do right, suay zhen fu. or mabbe i am just not good enough lor.

    eh, dr blog, why gahmen every year so selective about med students? then only have like 200 plus places for medicine huh?

  12. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Doc I used to have a penpal when I was in primary school. She lived out in Queens NY. Her ambition was to be able to stay alive......she was living in a nasty hood plus she had cervical cancer.


  13. Anonymous9:26 AM

    All my primay schoolmates knew I wanted to own a video shop. I talked about selling char kway teow during a leadership camp too.
    Yup, I ended up being a doctor too... :P

    Excellent blog!

  14. dear anon, can get a nick or not? easier for everyone mah! anywayz, you were prolly deemed to clever to be a doctor lah. if all the 4 A triple science student go to medicine then the rest of singapore how??

    there is prolly a system in place whereby only a certain percentage of 4A students are accepted. the rest go to the 3A and below loh.

    too bad all they do is make ppl go overseas.....

  15. australian med student11:56 AM

    those comments by anon are not by me lar.

    stupid lar the gahmen, keep changing the criteria for med students. like now i heard that no need triple science also can go into med sch.

    alamak, waste my time take triple science.

    very crazy, singapore not enough doctors then they still want to make med student selection so stringent.

  16. Dr Oz bloke12:40 PM

    Haha then got doctors leaving Singapore to work in Australia also so make the "shortage" even worse!