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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Floating Bodies?

One day, during my attachment to the Accident and Emergency Dept, the medical officer whom I was shadowing was asked to see a case of "floater".

I excitedly asked, "wah floater, isit like those body float on Monkey River har?"

My MO gave me a knock in the head. "Floaters are those black specks you see floating in your eyes lah, you goondu!"

Chey, I thought what.

Floaters are actually tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous, the clear jelly-like fluid that fills the inside of your eye. They cast a shadow on the retina and are hence percieved as black objects FLOATING around. They are generally harmless and we do not usually notice them. Sometimes a kan cheong aunty having a lot of stress lately will turn up at the doctor's when they suddenly notice these black floating stuff.

Aunty: lokun ar, die liao! I see some dark dark thing float pass me wor! Mebbe is a ghost!
Lokun: I refer you to the temple medium, actually just next block only.

No huh, no huh! As floaters can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious eye problem, we always ask the ophthalmologist to take a look.

On a more serious note, Dengue Fever has reached an epidemic level in Singapore! To quote our favourite national paper "Public hospital are postponing non-urgent operations because their wards are clogged with dengue patients." Wah the last time such a thing happened was during SARS!

Eh, but what does floaters have to do with dengue fever huh? Let you in on a little secret! Dr Og used to be an expert in killing those bloody (literally, not swearing here) irritating mosquitoes. I dare say I am better than karate kid with his lousy pair of chopsticks!

But sadly, as Dr Og now old liao, those bloody (now I'm swearing) irritating floaters are getting more and more and have seriously impaired my ability to kill those pesty flying vampires. Imagine, moquitoe black black, fly pass you. Then the floaters also black black float pass you. Arrghhh! Cannot tell the difference!

Despite all these, Dr Og swears (again) by his honour to continue his unrelenting battle against the evil Aedes mosquitoes by switching on the aircon and shutting all the windows tight tight!

Floaters! NOT mosquitoes!!
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  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    wah lan doc, ur stomach so big ah

    like hippotamus..hippothamus..aiya wtf

  2. Wah lau! Damn good one! Took me a while before I got the link between floaters and dengue!

    Ha! :)

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    dr bl og, how old are you? guess you fourty something?

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Doc will the floater (not the mozzies) impar your judgement vision-wise? I have em and it's kinda distracting...


  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    i remember while in secondary school,teacher start scaring us on these floaters and retina detachment type of thing by mentioning his relatives who have all these.

  6. like those with sweaty palms are excused grenade, you will be excused mozzies killing. otherwise you are as normal as can be!

  7. Hmm.. why do you think I am that old? =P *wags finger*

    Dr. BL Og is actually still young and really quite hot..
    *...ignore the second part. That's the narcissistic part talking...*

  8. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Lokun, dengue is so wide spread now becoz by fogging we are chasing the mosquitoes around.From Yishun we chase them to AMK,then to Tampenis,then to....

    After spending so much money, we have created a bigger problem.Obviously the old method is not working,the mosquitoes have become resistant to whatever chemical we are using.
    Chase some more soon the whole of s'pore will have dengue.Don't believe wait and see. tang ku jiu wu.

    Aedes moskito.see name also change due to resistance.

  9. I've got patients asking me for steroid cream for mosquito bites.

    I tell them to buy mosquito repellent instead.

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM

    doc, how about red dot on the white of the eye???