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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Climate of Fear

After a seemingly mundane consultation in the specialist out patient clinic, a patient asked.....

Patient: Loctor, wat your name?
MO instinctively shifts his elbow abit to hide his name tag: Why you want to know?
Patient: No lah, wats your name.
MO (suspicious): Yah, why you want my name?
Patient: ????
MO (remembers his risk management lectures): You got any complaints or problems can tell me. I help you!
Patient: No lah, see you so many times liao, still don't know your name. Name tag so small cannot see.

Living in a climate of fear makes people paranoid.


  1. heheheh....wah lau..i think this kind of atmosphere very damaging to morale. On the one hand, whil I think docs are about the greatest beings on earth, there will always be black sheeps to pull the whole herd down. so there is paranoia both on the doc and on the patient side....but that was cute...hiding the tag, hahaha...

  2. a name is just a name right? and if one hasn't done anything to sully the name,why not give the name? no wonder everyone's all fearful and suspicious.

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    i have encountered an audacious staff with very bad service attitude, an on threatening to complain her to the authority, she even boldly tell me go ahead, and lifted up her name tag for me to record.

  4. haha, when patients ask us for our names, we readily give it. in fact my name is printed big big outside the door.
    the funny thing is sometimes those who complain are the ones who leave smiling and seemingly happy with the consultation. hence the paranoia.
    anon @ 11:26, i assume you did not complain in the end?

  5. muahahaha, that's what i did when some idiot threaten to complain.

    "Go ahead, my name tag is right here!"

  6. xiaoming1:24 PM

    loctor u post ur real name here.

    i complain u!

  7. my real name is Chen XiaoMing

  8. Anonymous said...
    i have encountered an audacious staff with very bad service attitude, an on threatening to complain her to the authority, she even boldly tell me go ahead, and lifted up her name tag for me to record.

    Hey Anon, that's some very rude personnel you have encountered. Even if she/he has not done anything wrong, her behaviour has reflected very badly on her.

  9. xiaoming2:27 PM

    how ur know my surname is chen :P

  10. anon @ 11:26, it takes 2 hands to clap. Before you dislike the another party's behaviour, consider your's first. You might be the one who's being the jerk, hence the lousy services. Nevertheless, next time, responses nicely with a "Thank you" before walking away. That will make the other party very uncomfortable. Trust me, it works.

  11. Chen Xiaoming2:35 PM

    Name: Dr Chen Xiaoming

    Qualifications: MD (Johns Hopkins) 1997
    Board Cert (Diagnostic Rad) 2002

    Registered on: 13/12/2004
    Registered Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology

    Practice Place: Diagnostic Radiology, SGH

    Tel: 62223322

  12. search sgh website and there really is a Dr Chen Xiaoming!

    my comment actually anyhow hantam one!

  13. I also want to tell my story. I remembered my son stayed in one of the 'famous' hospital few mths ago. The docs & nurses were really helpful & nice, so i decided to fill-in inpatient form (to give good comments & review). I took In-patient feedback form from customer service counter & asked 1 of the staff on names of 2 nurses on duty yesterday. She said she will check & disappear for quite sometimes... then their 'supervisor' came & asked me why i needed the nurses name ??? is it i want to complain or something i not happy with???

    I told her i want to give good review & compliment the 2 nurses on duty yesterday for being so helpful & nice, then she happily reveal the names.

  14. hahaha, the paranoia runs deep.

  15. oh yeah better clarify I am NOT Chen Xiaoming.

  16. xiaoming4:09 PM


  17. Dr Oz bloke4:41 PM

    How come you wear name tag?

    Can dun wear name tag?

    Anyway why get complaints? As long as you give the patient exactly what he wants, there will be no complaints.

    I usually ask the patient how can I help you, what do you want me to do for you. Sometimes the request is so stupid, I just tell them "Ok I will help you. I will write a letter for you to pass to the hospital who will help you"

    And the patients walk away with the note asking for something really stupid. But they very happy. I also happy. No stress. :)

  18. andrew heh long time no see

  19. i know that last time, my dad wanted to complain about the poor service in government hospitals but i think he didn't. the pharmacist actually forgotten to give a medicine to him and when he was about to reach home, they called him and told him that they had forgotten to give him the medicine and he had to go back and get the medicine. well, some patients do complain about the long waiting time they need to wait at the SOCs.

  20. Anonymous10:46 PM

    no used complaining verbally, write in strongly and threaten to complain to the forum..immediately , they will do service recovery..somemore nowadays got all sorta of certification to meet..

  21. I bet if its a pretty young patient he'll proudly show off his tag!

  22. believe me you, I prefer the nice pleasant ah mahs to our demanding, must be sayanged young pretty patient anytime!

  23. Salute10:27 AM

    He who does no evil fears no knock on his door in the dead of the night.......