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Friday, September 16, 2005

Mooncake Diagnostic Criteria

Mooncake (original)

Mooncake (with different shapes and colours)

Mooncake (snowskin, sibei highclass)


Og's Mooncake Diagnostic Criteria

A. Characteristic Features: Two (or more) of the following,
  1. Round (can be circular or oval, even eliptical, as long as curved).
  2. Fillings are made of lotus seed, tao sa (red bean paste) or black bean paste.
  3. Skin is baked into dark brown crust or made of bing pee snow skin.
  4. Palm-sized.
  5. Contain yellow egg yolk.
Note: Only one Criterion A feature is required if you find a note telling you to prepare for a rebellion against the Mongolians or if there is 4 egg yolks in the mooncake! What else in the world has 4 egg yolks, DOH!

B. Unhealthy Index: A real mooncake will be severely filling after one and cause you indigestion if you take one too many. It is extremely high in calories, do not take with energy drinks or you may spontaneuosly combust.

C. Exclusion criteria: Mooncakes made up of ice-cream are not mooncakes, they are ice-cream. Those made up of cheese, green tea or chocolate are also excluded. (they are just cake, can?) Those made of wasabi are just plain disgusting.


Please lah! Can respect culture abit or not?? Everything also call mooncake then I let your children play with this lantern you want?


  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

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  2. australian med student11:49 PM

    my goodness! did you make that lantern? and is that lantern in your garden? wait gahmen come arrest you for indecency or whatever.

    ice-cream mooncakes are strange, i think the lotus mooncakes with yolks by seasons is the best.

  3. Gosh the lantern looks like it's been electrified!!

  4. xiao tigo beng12:42 AM

    Daddy! Daddy!

    I don't care! I don't care!

    I want that lantern!

    Buy me that lantern!


  5. superb ending!
    But I thought those colourful mooncake are also snowskin mooncake, no?
    enlighten me please..

  6. Dr's wife1:16 AM

    Wonder who that was modeled on???hahaha

  7. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Wonder where dr.bl took that pic lol...wacky

  8. xiaoming2:07 AM



    i fu le you!

  9. xiaoming2:08 AM

    wah just realise mr bean also taking lantern

    loctor u very free hor! edit so many thing. those dengue fever patient no need take care ah? I COMPLAINT U AH! ahhaa


  10. what about durian mooncake? haha. with bing pi. nice leh! even if not (as defined by you) mooncake.

    there's some other type of mooncake actually, i think it's by some dialect group. pastry skin and yam filling.

  11. Wanna sian Aust med student3:41 AM

    Aust med student,

    where you stay? i buy for u.

  12. australian med student7:34 AM

    haha. ok give you a clue, i am either in sydney, perth or melbourne. and yes i have mooncakes over here, nice ones, lotus filling with two yolks.

    wanna sian aust med student, where are you in? and you better not be a year one or two student. muahaha

  13. australian med student7:38 AM

    and wanna sian australian med student, think you can give up hope as i am not in UWA....

  14. Doc ah, there are many kinds of mooncakes around leh. Like Teochew ones, Hokkien ones, fat ones, round ones, flat ones... different colors them all. The one we're familiar with is from just one part of China, I dunno where exactly. But all things evolve and change no? And who's to say any one kind of mooncake is THE mooncake?

  15. i guess there are all sorts of mooncake. But at least pretend be a bit round mah. Or not what so Moon about the cake???

  16. Anonymous12:31 PM

    you are too much a comedian to be a doctor. think you are better off taking a cheerer type of role in hospital....sorry

  17. Anonymous12:36 PM

    dr blog, guess doctors 's parents are rich leh. otherwise they wouldn't have money to finish their study.

  18. Wanna sian Aust med student12:43 PM


  19. Anonymous2:00 PM

    mm mr.bean holds up a lantern now?

  20. australian med student3:05 PM

    wanna sian australian med student, don't be sad lar. australia full of pretty ang moh char bor, sure that you have no shortage of gals. somemore now spring coming soon, can go to beach see the gals wearing their bikinis right or not? then can eat mooncake with them or something. haha

    by the way, your name very long leh, call yourself something shorter lar. maybe like australian yandao student. hahaha

  21. aust med student bf3:48 PM

    dear whats ur name? haha

  22. australian med student4:11 PM

    you take initiative tell me first lar.

    my name is...Dua Chio Bu. nickname is Babe. haha. eh u better not be some small fry first or second year med student . i don't go for younger guys ok? i only want yandao doctors ok?

    you ah...future doctor also so flirtatious.

    i bet Dr Blog think all his readers have some mental disorder, reading about doctor's life then end up flirting with each other. see earlier references about doctors and how sexy they look in masks.

  23. anon @ 12:31am: are you trying to say I'm too much a joker to be a doc? dunno whats "a cheerer" but sometimes a doctors job does include cheering people up. and there is really no need to apologize.

    anon @ 12:36am: yes, many med students have rich parents, no stats to show for it. but there are lots of us who are poor too. we get bank loans to pay thru med school and short of selling our backside looking sexy in masks, we are pretty much stuck in the system.

    anon @ 2pm: he is holding a lantern becoz tomolo is lantern festival???

    aus med student: i don't think my readers have mental disorder. Not so sure about you. Hope you don't need a mask to look sexy. :P

  24. Doc, if you don't mind, I'll use that pic on my blog. ok? Thanks.

  25. Freak lah.
    Moon cake Ho JIA.

    That's most important.

  26. aust med student bf11:44 PM

    i am not doing med lar... i am in final year liao. muacks!

  27. Australian med student12:31 AM

    oh so sad, i am most interested in doctors and med students. haha

  28. Anonymous3:05 PM

    dr blog, i said you are better a comedian because your blogs sometimes really makes me laugh till i peng...esp saw your photo of the lantern lady and the wording you put besides her.
    u know, if one day you do not want to be doctor, you got an alternative career liao.

  29. anon @ 305pm: i'm glad i made you laugh. think it is harder being a comedian than a doctor. nothing but respect for those guys.

  30. u are damn funny can...haha

  31. FWAHAHAhaahahaha!!!!
    Nice pic :D

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