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Monday, September 05, 2005

Where The Fingers Do The Talking

Recent research (Og et al 2006) showed that blogging has been linked to an expanding abdominal girth! Time to do some REAL exercises!

The most common comment I recieved is:

Doc, you so free meh?

Wah lau! I am not so free ok. Other than ward rounds, clinics, writing reports and preparing for presentations, I also have to do the laundry, vacuum my carpets, wash my car and eat/shit/sleep. So really! I am not so free, can?

I think the idea that I am very free comes from the reader's observation that I have been writing a lot of nonsense on the blog. I am a little surprise at how much I have written though some of them were really churned out by the million crazy monkeys of mine. But gimme a minute to explain here.

The Motivation
What really motivated me to blog? To be honest, I was looking for something to do with my broadband (which still has like one year contract) after the gahmen came down so hard on downloading and scared me shitless. I mean what else is there to do online? I don't need to xian Char bor over friendster and osteoathritis of my fingers is really preventing me from gettin any frags in Counterstrike.

A Hobby?
Not like blogging is a hobby or something. But I'm too old to go Zouk and too poor to go Lido Palace. So what to do on those Saturday nights if I'm not on call????? Orchard road is just too crowded and the weather is so alamak hot!

The Time Factor
But how do I find the time to write so much nonsense? Obviously my incessant rantings have irritated quite a few people. My wife will rather I kpkb on the blog then unload all my complains on her. hahahaha.

If you can understand, blogging is not like Primary school where your teacher give you a topic and you die die have to write about it. I write about things that I think about, feel for and see around me. So strictly speaking, I blog all the time. As long as I feel, think and see, I am blogging (in my head). The action of having to physically type these down takes merely minutes to at most an hour. Incidentally, my mind is the clearest when I defecate and hence all those posts about anus and shit.

So I hope I have clarified about my excessive verbal diarrhoea but sorry hor, more is to come......:P


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    ah?.. doctor salary cannot afford Lido Palace ah?..

    then i be lawyer instead ba..

  2. doctor's salary only enough for desker road transvetite!

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Great Blogg. Thanks for letting me visit. You might find this link helpful. If you do, could you please link to me. why are they spamming my blog?

  4. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I'm waching blogs all day long and I found yours which is really nice :)


  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    zhen da ma?

    share share leh, how much doctor earn in gahmen hospital..

    rought the range ? 4-5k?

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    i really enjoy your entries! such refreshingly candid views! hahaha. they are such good entertainment after a long day at sch! :) thanks!

  7. Anonymous11:40 PM

    keep that diarrhea coming doc. i enjoy every bit of that monkey work! hehs!

  8. Anonymous12:37 AM

    nice webbie you have. i love your entries so much. (:

  9. Hey man your entries are nice :) Been reading it every day. Helps me 2 "de-stress" esp now that exams are here..Keep it coming!

  10. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Wah lau the way you put it I don't understand why u don't choose to work in another country like say Australia.

    Got more things to do on weekends and free also. Weather is cool.

    Blogging? Sheesh.

    But I guess you are a highly patriotic individual.

  11. Wah Lau, abandon my country to go somewhere where there is free things to do and the weather is cooler???!!!!!

    Hey, I will gladly do that!

    Er But Australia don't really want doctors leh.

    guess i'm stuck here!

  12. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Eh bruther!!!

    You should go check again lah.

    In 2004 they changed the policies!!

    Australia now wants doctors! They will give you PR if you get full medical registration. (Prior to 2004 it was NOT the case)

    So things have changed!

    A lot of doctors from polyclinics have gone there to work already!

    I am in the midst of going over also.

    The "you are stuck here" myth is the government's ploy to keep you guys here :D

  13. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Hmm, how come pple so interested in our salary? if we say that we are earning a decent amt, then pple would say that we are cheating their money when we order tests for them (btw, these money do not come to us). But if we say that we are earning very little (which is the truth), they would either think that we are lying or that they would rather be lawyers who can sue doctors and earn more money. So how?? hmm... the ans remains a secret....

  14. Anonymous5:54 PM

    guess by being kay po human beings earning a meagre salary,there is nothing more interesting than knowing what other industry people earning irregardless of doctors or not. also different industry have different way of rewarding different ranking staff. since the doctor hierarchy is so complicated, it makes things more interesting.

  15. Love your blog! Keep it up! Though i find vaccuming the carpets a rather funny thing consuming your time. :D hehe

  16. Anonymous5:56 PM

    doctor i am so bored that i am reading your blog even at work. work very demoralising because too much favourism here.

  17. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Pay scales

    Houseman : monthly base of $2460

    file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Ryan%20Wong/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/4P2R0TE3/BriefingtoY5MedStudentsJan051%5B1%5D.ppt#352,16,Night Duty Allowance

    Medical Officers : start at $3500 to $6000 a month

    Registrars : $7000 a month


  18. Anonymous10:09 PM

    really enjoy reading your entries :) good form of destress. haha. could you give your opinions on the upcoming graduate entry medical sch? like how will you think their graduates will differ from the NUS 5yr batch (besides having a MD instead of a MBBS) and will it be wiser to go to a graduate entry med sch overseas say like uni of sydney instead of the spore one.. hope this doesn't take too much of your time! thanks :) -stuck in sci.

  19. Anonymous10:51 PM

    hmm, aiyah, seriously, given the choice avoid NUS med sch. it's a madhouse! suffering life. and lots to complain.. haha lucky my bf has a gd listening ear to listen to all my complains though he's also in med as me.. haha..

  20. Hmmm, they give you MD meh? as in MD can practice in US, don't think so leh. I still think between the two, NUS will be better coz you will be exposed to all hospitals where as the Dukes thing is restricted to SGH. Honestly, Singapore is really too small for two seperate medical fac lah, not enough resources to go around.....

  21. Anonymous9:11 PM

    sigh.. forget about all these bad press about you on the web. I liked to write your blog. It's funny. Some compared your blog to Rockson's. But I think Rockson's web entry is full of foul language! It's funny, in a way. But hey, I think both of you are great, in term of the humor content. Keep it up. Cheers..