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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Many fellow readers still seemed rather interested in dating doctors despite the many warnings I had dished out. Some asked me how to attract the attention of a doctor. You can try bending over your knees and kissing your buttocks. That attracts the attention of anyone.....

Dating doctors are not a good idea at all. really really really. For medical and paramedical staff, as mentioned previously, the simple factor of proximity sometimes sparks relationships. That one is boh bian. Why you want to purposely step on shit, I really dunno. But you want, ok loh.

First and most importantly, don't go pretend to be sick to see a cute doctor. Doctors are not allowed to go out with patients! Ethically forbidden. If you want an essay on boundary violations and why it is unethical to do so, email me, lets not bore the rest of the readers.

So how to meet doctors leh? I am in the process of starting the Og's registry of single doctors. The progress is slow as many had returned my survey form as "unspecified" or "I am in the process of breaking up". In the mean time I know some single doctors lurking around SDU and that gym I mentioned before.

To date a doctor, you have to tolerate certain idiosyncracies.

1. Like talking about gory things over dinner......
Doc: this drumstick really reminds me of the broken leg I fixed just now.
The Date: oh really? how so? (kay kay (pretend) interested)
Doc: here have some, can't finish (he breaks the drumstick from the spring chicken) you know, the leg was hanging loose like this drumstick loh (he swings the drumstick like a pendulum), wah I tell you, the blood splurt splurt splurt (he puts the drumstick on her plate and started pouring ketchup for her). Eat leh!
The Date abit nauseated but politely took a bite: how exciting..... heh heh.....
Doc: come to think of it, din wash my hands. you wait ar, I go wash room.

2. Like he is never sympathetic when you are sick.
The Date: I think I got dengue.
Doc: Fever?
The Date: Yes...
Doc: Muscle pain?
The Date: No.....
Doc: Headache?
The Date: No.....
Doc: Rashes?
The Date: No...
Doc: Not Dengue. Where we going for dinner? Lets go back to the same place, I saw another broken leg today!

3. Like he is also not sympathetic when your relatives are sick.
The Date: The doctor says my mum has Myasthenia Gravis.
Doc: Oh, that came out for my MBBS long case. Interesting case it was too.....

4. Like he is always walking so fast.
The Date: Can you walk slower abit. My feet got blisters already....
Doc: Sorry, walk so slow can never finish morning round one. I 'm used to this pace. You will get use to the blister one.

5. Like he is always too busy to go out with you.
HO: heh, what happened, you look so sad?
MO: my girlfriend just sms me to breakup.....
HO: what happened, quarrelled about something?
MO: where got quarrel? haven't seen her for one week.....


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Eh doc .. Yah lor , why are doctors not sympathetic towards their love ones when they are sick?? It 's weird. No matter what, still their love ones what?

  2. how about goin out with female docs?

  3. gasp! you gonna start a single doc's registry?

    let me be the first to preview their portfolios and drool over their cute faces

  4. aiyar..
    docs very exciting pple meh?

  5. you're truly hilarious! woot!

  6. xiaoming7:13 PM

    xiaoming stike again.. :P

    eh loctor so busy why u got time to blog!

  7. xiaoming be a good boy. go one corner and play!

  8. Anonymous9:20 PM

    lmao. its not called being not caring. its called DISMISSIVE.

  9. Anonymous11:09 PM

    You are taking abt those working in the hospitals, how about those GPs working in the clinics and polyclinics, they seems very ok. Maybe life not so hectic and crazy.

    Know a few doctors married with kids, wife don't have to work and live in landed property.

  10. gosh...11:16 PM

    oh dear, I'm trying to go out with a HO now...
    and she refused to prescribe Dalacin for my pimples... prolly figured it's a hopeless situation...

  11. Dr's wife12:36 AM

    hahaha soo true ..LOL
    Questions: Do pathologists have a hard time getting dates??

  12. australian med student1:11 AM

    why do so many girls want to date doctors?

    Frankly, i think lawyers and engineers are better.They work more regular hours and are less obssessed about their work.

    leave the guy doctors for the female doctors lar.

  13. Doctors make bad dates or bfs! They are usually so busy u hardly see them & when u do they are so tired they become boring speaking in monosyllabus replies!! Zzzzz......

  14. LOL! Your blog's hilarious. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    The idiosyncracies you mention, don't sound idiosyncratic. I should go date... no... MARRY a doctor. They are perfect for me! Why? Coz

    1. I'm intrigued by gore and medical stuff.
    2. I'm not as sympathetic as typical women.
    3. I walk rather quickly (too slow and I'll be bored).
    4. I'm independent enough to not care that much about not seeing bf for a week or weeks.


    Btw, I saw a cute HO at TTSH's A&E last night. Doubt he's attainable. Too bad... sigh! :)

  15. Anonymous10:10 AM

    aiya...actually i always go ga ga over docs dono y hahaha
    anyway my fren's hubby is a doc n she always complain tt her hubby thinks tt she's hypochondriac...i really pity her...
    not all docs are back lah...my org has some docs n one particular one is dam sweet n cute hahaha n v active social life prob bcos here is reg hours lah...
    i also met cute doc at TTSH A&E!!!hehehhehe so caring too i bought a card n wrote thank u messages to him hehehehehe
    *blush blush*

  16. Anonymous10:11 AM

    sorry it's me again, sorry for not checking sp i mean "not all docs are BAD" kekeke

  17. just a girl11:05 AM

    To poor traveller & anonymous @ 10.10am

    I work at TTSH... but i dun see any cute & eligible doctors leh...
    those i see are either married, too old, too young (med student)...

  18. haizs....Dr Og, pls dun dissauade ppl from dating docs leh...i'm trying so hard to shovel my single doc frens to meet girls, dun let these gals run away! my frens all have heart of gold, just no time....but still they deserved to be loved, heheehh :)

  19. stuck_to_a_doc11:28 AM

    point 2, 3 & 5 is so true. try tellin ur doc bf u got fever, headache, body ache this and that and he will say "aiyah, won't die one lah" if u continue to make it sound worse..he will most likely say "oh no, it might be cancer..better go hospital and check" *faintz*

    so better think twice if u r lookin for a CARING bf/husband

  20. no no no, Imust keep them for our own female colleagues! don't come and compete!!!!!

  21. Doctors' dates/spouses who are not in similar profession find it difficult to understand. It manifests itself in different ways. Like how my first serious date use to ask, "Why do doctors like to wear their pants high up on their waists?" What kind of question is that? DUH

    Jokes aside. It is difficult trying to get people outside of the field to empathise with lokuns

  22. Dr Oz bloke1:38 PM

    Just an off topic question :

    If you saw a doctor and he talked to you, examined you and then gave you advice but told you that medicine was not required, would you walk out to the counter and say, that's all right? No need to pay since no medicine.

  23. if a patient came to be for a problem which I cannot solve in my setting, eg seeking skin peel. I may dispense some advice like "wash your oily face" and waive the charges.

    but if he comes with a problem, you examine,educated him, then he should pay.

  24. Dr Oz bloke3:19 PM

    Little wonder why GPs are doing skin peels, microdermabrasion, IPL etc

    Most clinics would give some medicine. It seems like seeing a doctor without getting medicine is unacceptable!

  25. Oh dear ,I'm cracking up..! =p

  26. Anonymous3:31 PM

    dr blog, does sending anonymous emails help in starting the relationship? till one gets the other attention.

  27. Anonymous3:48 PM

    ang gu kueh, your dr friends handsome or not. you can provide your single doc lists for dr blog to list on his website what.

  28. australian med student11:39 PM

    just treat doctors like normal people. just go up to them and talk to them. Maybe you can try visiting medical conventions to get to know more doctors. Many doctors can be found in churches too. or if you know a friend who works in a hospital, go to the annual D&D for the hospital.

    If you are young, like 20 to 25 years old and you don't mind medical students, go to those road shows that the various health clusters are always having. HOs and med students can be found there.

  29. Did your wife complain those to you?

  30. oh, the pics got nothing to do with the prose. the patient in question is an adult

  31. Anonymous12:17 PM

    lol so true