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Friday, September 30, 2005

Can Vomit Blood

Never disturb a sleeping baby....

3 am.
Nurse: Doc, can you see this patient.
Doc: Why?
Nurse: He hasn't been able to go to sleep after I woke him up.
Doc: Why you wake him up for?
Nurse: To take his sleeping pills.

.... unless you got milk!


  1. lokun, did you edit all these pictures by yourself? doctors now-sa-days very high-tech siah!

  2. Dr Oz bloke3:39 PM


    Patient : Doctor how long will it take for you to pull out my decayed tooth?

    Dentist : A couple of minutes.

    Patient : How much will is cost?

    Dentist : about $35.

    Patient : $35!!! For just a couple of minutes? Isn't that daylight robbery?

    Dentist : Well if time is your main grouse, I could always take a bit longer and pull out your teeth out slowly.

  3. dear moon river, some graphics are edited but alot just ripped off the internet lah!

  4. xiaoming5:01 PM

    To moonriver > our loctor very free u dunno meh :P

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    xiaoming, u very boring. always say same thing

  6. australian med student7:26 PM

    Xiaoming is very cute lar. bet he is good-looking too. lol

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Who is this clownish nurse?!

  8. no, no, no, tis's not a clownish nurse. i feel it's a intellectually-challenged nurse! man, it'd cuss her if she does it to me.

    if i'm a doctor.....


    p/s: there're such nurses around? alive? god...my heart really goes out to all u doctors!

  9. Anonymous10:50 PM

    for every stupid nurse, there has to be an equally blur doctor...

  10. acherly finding the right pictures on the net do take time. aniway creds for the creativity on right spin on words. it's a laugh!

  11. How abt the one that pages you at eight pm because the patient can't sleep yet...

    OR, he scared he can't sleep later...

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  13. Anonymous8:47 AM

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  14. Dr Oz bloke9:55 AM

    I am quite sure this story is true because I have personally encountered it during my time as a HO.

    It is not as stupid as it sounds. I mean the nurse doesn't go "Wake up Mr Tan. You have to wake up to take your sleeping pills" THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS.

    What happens is that the nurses prepare all the medication for the patients in particular room. They put all the pills into little cups and then sort of distribute it to all the patients in the room. So after a while they forget what medicine exactly each patient is taking. Most times the patients have more than 1 medicine to take.

    So the nurse wakes all the patients up and tell them to take the medicine on their tables, most often forgetting exactly what medicine the patient is taking.

    It's more of a procedural flaw. It works for most cases.

    So please, nurses are not clowns. In fact they are very helpful and they have a very tough job. In Singapore nurses do a lot more than their western world counterparts and are underappreciated at times.

  15. Salute10:21 AM

    The Medical Food Chain


    Leaps over tall building in a single bound
    More powerful than a locomotive
    Faster than a speeding bullet
    Walks on water
    Gives policy to God


    Leaps over small building
    More powerful than a steam engine
    Fast as a speeding bullet
    Walks on water when sea is calm
    Talks to God

    Medical Officer

    Runs around small building
    Can spell locomotive
    Imitates a speeding bullet
    Is a world class ice skater
    Relies on God

    House Officer

    Runs into small building
    Recognizes a locomotive
    Jogs occasionally
    Learning to swim
    Prays often


    Lifts up tall building and walk under them
    Kick locomotives off tracks
    Catches speeding bullets in her teeth
    Freezes water with a single stare
    Is GOD!

    The Nurse always Act Blur One....

  16. Dr Oz bloke11:56 AM


    That was very good!

    No wonder the patients have been getting it all wrong. They should be nice to the nurses rather than the doctors!

    Just like you should be nice and pray to God.

  17. Anonymous8:05 PM

    dr blog, i caught an eye for some dr in the hospital. any hints on how to approach him? he is still an MO so thinks he is not married.
    i am not a medical staff though, so your previous article not very helpful.

  18. wah, you all really think i pimp isit?

  19. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Dr Bl Og, What will happen to the dr if he/she dates his/her patient?

  20. australian med student11:35 PM

    we cannot date our patients, it can lead to very horrible consequences. The hospital will do nasty things to us because it is unethical to date your patients. it is the same reason as why teachers cannot date their students.

  21. Nurses don't act blur. Probably the nurse mentioned is a novice.

    I also witnessed blur doctors at work. Instead of making fun of them, I helped them to the best of my ability.

    Doctors, nurses and allied health must all work hand in hand. We are all in a team.

  22. Babies can take pills meh? I mean, really?

  23. Anonymous10:17 AM

    my consultant told me that new doctors now adays have no future, so don't join medicine cos its oversaturated. what do you think about it dr blog?

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  25. hur hur....i hope not all nur-si like that....

  26. Anonymous1:01 PM

    dr blog you are definitely not a pimp. should say matchmaker. pro gahmen policies mah to create more married couples and hence more babies.

  27. Anonymous1:02 PM

    think they should organise those matchmaking sessions in the hospital or across hospitals, so that those single and lonely souls have a place to mix around

  28. Anonymous1:03 PM

    heard that singhealth is gonna to come with blogging guidelines. so better watch out hor dr blog. otherwise...

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